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Drugs And How They Can Negatively Affect Your Work Performance




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Every company should have policies against alcohol and drug abuse, and every employee must adhere to said policies. Every employee must be aware of the company’s policies when it comes to abusing illegal substances while at work. Sadly, there are still employees who abuse drugs and alcohol while they are employed. If you are an employer, you may face legal issues when your employee is caught doing drugs in the workplace. If you are an employee, you may face drug-related charges when you are caught doing drugs at work.

How Drugs Affect Your Work Performance

Employees need to be aware of the effect of drugs on their work performance. They need to realize that feeding their addiction isn’t worth trading their career for. If you have a problem with drug addiction, you may want to consider its adverse effects on your work:

  • Productivity. Working while under the influence of drugs can hurt your overall work productivity. Drugs can cloud your vision and your memory, which makes it difficult for you to complete tasks and remember important details of your work. You may be prone to procrastinating, and this results to a delay in even the simple tasks that are assigned to you. Therefore, you won’t be as productive as the time when you are sober.
  • Concentration. When you are under the influence of illegal substances, you may have trouble concentrating on your current duties and responsibilities. You may also have trouble thinking cohesively. Your decision-making skills may also be faulty because the alcohol or drugs may cause you to think irrationally.
  • Relationship with colleagues. People who abuse drugs and other illegal substances, they may feel agitated or angry. You won’t be able to have control over your feelings even if you’re at work. You may be prone to taking out your anger on your colleagues and even your supervisor or your boss. As a result, your relationship with them may be damaged or strained.

If you are a company owner, you need to be mindful of your employees. You need to ensure that your workplace is free from any drugs and illegal substances. Otherwise, you may be subject to legal issues including premises liability. You need to know your legal duties as an employer and you have to be aware if any of your employees are working under the influence of drugs and other dangerous substances.

What Can You Do?

Detecting employees who are under drug influence can be tricky. The only thing that employers can do is to implement strict policies when it comes to employee drug use. Employers should work together with supervisors or team leaders to ensure that each employee is free from any illegal substances.

If you are an employee, you need to seek medical help and undergo rehabilitation process if your addiction is too much to bear. A medical professional can assist you on your path to recovery. You need to get your life back on track because it is not worth it to throw away your stable job in exchange for your addiction.

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