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Irresistible Haircuts for Thin Hair That Make You Feel Good and Look Trendy



French Braid without Symmetry
French Braid without Symmetry © Hairfinder
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Women dream of haircuts for thin hair that’ll make them feel stylish and glamorous while wearing their favorite clothes. However, in many cases, their thin hair doesn’t grant them this wish. Why? Because it all depends on the hairstyle. And they just can’t get it right.

Despite the lack of density and thickness, there are a lot of styles that can be tried. They give the volume and grace your hair needs in order to look the way you want it to. This is no matter the length or color. To give you an idea of what you can do, here are some of the best haircuts for women with thin hair. Enjoy!

Short and Layered Bob

Short and Layered Bob

Short and Layered Bob © Weheartit

Color and texture are two of the most efficient ways to make thin hair look appealing. Moreover, when women keep their roots dark and the locks in a lighter color, their hair appears denser. Of course, this is an illusion, but it truly works.

To enrich the look, you can add layers for increasing the volume. These things blended together in a bob enables you to get closer to the look you desire.

Here is the top short haircuts for women

Attractive Cinnamon

Attractive Cinnamon

Attractive Cinnamon © The Right Hairstyles

There’s something really special and attractive about reddish shades in your hair. People consider them as very interesting, increasing their popularity. They go well, especially with thin hair.

Thanks to the richness of the cinnamon color and its depth, your hair receives the wanted shape and volume without the need of applying contrasting colors on the scalp. In case, you prefer to have locks in lighter tones, try to keep them only as an element for framing the face.

Take a look for fancy hairstyles for women.

Bangs and a Half-Updo

Bangs and a Half-Updo

Bangs and a Half-Updo © Beauty Riot

Dense bangs also do the trick. And when they’re enriched with a half-updo, people don’t even suspect that the woman has thin hair.

Have in mind that this hairstyle works best with long hair that’s wavy and can be teased in the direction of the crown.

Ponytail with a Teased Hair

Ponytail with a Teased Hair

Ponytail with a Teased Hair © YouTube

Ponytails do wonders when it comes to thin hair. They are voluminous thus making the locks appear thicker. The only trick is in the making of the ponytail.

More precisely you should make sure your hair is dry before starting. Then, it’s preferable to tease it a bit. This can be done by brushing it in the opposite direction. Just hold the brush under your hair and brush toward the scalp. After the hair has the needed volume tie it in a ponytail and you’ll get a dense hairstyle.

Side Part

Side Part

Side Part © Hairstyles Weekly

If you’re tired or want a faster haircut that looks elegant and dense, the side part is for you. All you should do is stand before the mirror and flip a bigger part of your hair to one side.

Try to make it a deeper side part for creating the ‘wow’ effect more efficiently. A lot of actresses and other celebrities have tried it and excelled at wearing it.

Read More: Strawberry blonde hair color

French Braid without Symmetry

French Braid without Symmetry

French Braid without Symmetry © Hairfinder

The asymmetrical French braid allows women with thin hair to get a plumper look of their hair in no time. It sticks above the scalp, presenting an organized yet glamorous appearance.

To gain the full attention, focus on braiding only one side.

Look more about curly hairstyles

Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut © Pinterest

There are a lot of ways you can make your short thin hair look denser. The pixie hairstyle is one of them. The style itself gives some space for experimenting, offering women a chance to try different pixie styles.

One of the trendiest ones is the side-swept pixie. Not only that it brings back the vibe of the 1920s, but it naturally goes with thin hair. To make it, you should just flatten your hair and sweep it a bit to the side.

Brown Shag

Brown Shag

Brown Shag © Pinterest

The things that make the shag hairstyle modern and nice-looking are the voluminous ends. Since the layers stick out at the ends, the whole hair appears dense.

Actually, this hairstyle is one of the rare ones that provide thick locks without side-sweeps. They fall from the middle of the crown without looking lifeless and sad. Also, the layered ends reach your shoulders, giving you a chic appearance.

Check out more about short haircuts for women

Did you get an idea of what you can do with your thin hair? Which of these hairstyles are you planning to try? We like to hear it all. For more, stay tuned on Flix Expo.

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Hair Care

Hibiscus Oil: The Holy Grail for Hair




hibiscus oil for hair
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The vivid flower hibiscus flower does a lot more than just adding allure to your garden. It is a powerhouse of hair boosting nutrients which makes it one of the key ingredients in ancient Ayurveda for treating hair related issues. Now with the power of science and technology, we have figured out what makes this beauty a holy grail for hair. So, here are some of the benefits of hibiscus oil for hair.

  1. Mucilage magic for tangle free hair

Hibiscus flower has a rich content of a thick gluey substance made up of large polysaccharides molecules. This slimy secretion is an excellent natural emollient which not only moisturizes the skin of your scalp but also helps it from retaining moisture so you can bid adieu to a flaky, itchy and dry scalp. The same mucilage also coats each strand of your hair with its moisturizing and slippery properties which make detangling your hair a cake walk.

  1. Vitamin C to say no to thinning hair

100 grams of this super flower has as much as 18.4 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an essential role in the production of collagen in our bodies. Collagen helps the body in renewing cells which help build the hair structure thereby improving the growth of hair. It also adds elasticity to the hair shaft which makes it less prone to breakage.

  1. Anti-oxidants to fight the bad guys

One of the major reasons for people to lose hair every second these days is oxidative stress which refers to a condition when the body is out of balance with far more free radicals than antioxidants. Free radicals are a huge culprit to our overall health and cause tissue damage which eventually leads to the breakage of hair. Hibiscus has a rich store of antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin A along with anthocyanins and malic acid which helps the body to fight free radicals and keep hair fall at bay. These antioxidants also delay premature graying of hair by restoring the pigment called melanin in hair shafts.

  1. Acids for gentle exfoliation

You probably cannot keep count of the times you are told to exfoliate your skin to remove the nasty layer of dead cells and reveal the fresh skin from underneath. However, how many times have you actually exfoliated your scalp which has a lot more product build up than your skin along with dead cells? Well, the wealth of acids in this tropical flower makes it a perfect exfoliant for your scalp and boosts its health. They gently take away the layer of dead cells and products giving it a deep clean which render you with a flake-free scalp.

  1. Amino Acid for silky, shiny and strong hair

The amino acid is the key component which forms the protein keratin in our body. Now, by now you must have seen hair salons offering keratin treatments for thousands. That’s because keratin forms the very structure of hair and fills in the porous shaft to render it smooth and shiny. A good hibiscus oil treatment a few times a week will give you better results without side effects on a budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your potion bottle of hibiscus oil for hair online and treat your mane with the love it deserves.

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Hair Care

Benefits Of Amla Juice For Healthy Smooth & Shining Hair (Updated Info)



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Are you conscious of the beautiful advantages of Amla to get a healthy skin?

Well, there isn’t any need to spend more income on the attractiveness solutions.

The option is – Amla or Indian gooseberry that’s popular because of its benefits for hair, skin, and health.

Scientific title of Amla is Phyllanthus emblica, and it is also called as Myrobalan or Emblic myrobalan. It’s an edible fruit with flavor, and another thing about this particular fruit is it can be consumed as a pickles, chutneys, murabbas and delicious jams.

The health benefits are offered by Amla especially. Amla also provides a variety of health benefits, particularly for skin health.

Amla is a plentiful supply of antioxidants which lessens the oxidative stress within the human body and also slows down the degradation of hydration.

Amla packed with vitamin c also functions as a magical remedy for the epidermis. Amla helps to keep skin’s elasticity.

Below are some of the advantages of Amla juice for skin and wonderful natural home tips:

Advantages of Amla Juice for Skin:

Anti-aging possessions:

Amla juice is quite helpful to keep youthful skin because of a plentiful supply of antioxidants.

Vitamin C will help to keep skin young. So the ingestion of Amla juice guarantees the symptoms of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and spots. You can read great lakes collagen reviews on supplementsfix for your hair and skin care.

Lightens Complexion:

Being rich in the antioxidants and vitamin C Amla can help to whiten skin and provides a natural glow to the skin.

Employing it or ingesting the Amla juice along with honey, is effective for lighter and brighter complexion. Additionally, also, it can help to maintain skin free from pimples.

Great for pimples and acne:

Amla juice is most suitable for treating pimple and acne scars. Application of glue on the face is powerful in treating acne and pimples. It has struggles and the actions against the skin ailments.

Amla juice acts as a blood purifier so drinking the Amla juice on a daily basis will help to keep a young and perfect skin.

Pigmentation Loss:

To keep a flawless and glowing skin, daily ingestion of Amla juice is also known to be somewhat dominant. Amla juice exfoliates your skin and lessens the pigmentation.

An individual can use Amla juice using a piece of cotton in your face and should wash off after a couple of minutes.

While performing this process, however, keep your eyes closed. Repeating it is effective to lighten marks and the pigmentation.

Exfoliates Your SkinCare:

Amla juice is exfoliant so will help to get rid of dead skin tissues. The two outside and Ingestion program are great to wash out the epidermis. However, prior to application, dilute the Amla juice for sensitive skin.

Tightens SkinCare:

Amla juice can help you tighten and tone the skin. Since Amla juice is rich in the vitamin c which enhances collagen cell production, it will help to make the skin soft, supple and youthful, additionally; it tones and moisturizes skin too.

Heal oily skin:

Utilization of Amla is quite great for oily skin. Application of a facial mask prepared by blending amla powder and rose water is very good for oily skin. This facial mask will supply you healthier, brighter and lighter skin.

Connective tissue fix:

Amla juice is stuffed with the therapeutic properties because of the existence of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Therefore it’s rather helpful in treating damaged cells and supplies a healthy and clear skin.  Amla is fantastic to solve the issue of skin that is dry and scaly.

Advantages of Amla for Baldness:

Post Hair:

Amla juice is thought to be a hair tonic as it helps to keep up the hair healthy and powerful. It strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair development. It’s also proven to be effective in reducing hair fall.

Instructions to utilize:

Employ a mix of Amla and lemon juice in your scalp for 25-30 minutes.  Rinse it off. This home remedy strengthens the roots of the hair and makes the hair shinier.

Prevents Premature Graying of hair:

Being wealthy in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, also Amla is very best to stop premature graying of the hair. It is good to enhance the pigmentation and color of hair and leaves hair thicker and darker

Dandruff remedy:

Daily ingestion of Amla juice is also very useful to solve the issue of dandruff. Drinking Amla juice also helps to protect against dandruff’s deposition.

Good Resource:

Amla juice is an excellent conditioner for dry skin and coarse hair.  It helps to make the hair healthier and smoother.

Instructions to utilize:

  • Mix 2 tbsp of Amla juice together with henna.
  • Employ it on bath for a minimum of one hour.
  • Instead, you can use it as a hair wash for additional shine.

Scalp Cleanser: Amla can be fantastic to nourish and wash out the scalp.

Instructions to utilize:

  • Mix Amla juice using an egg, then beat it.
  • Scrub hair using this mix.
  • Amla juice may conceal the odor of eggs and supply you with glistening, glossy and squeaky clean, healthy scalp.

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Balayage Hair Types and Colors That Are Absolute Trends Right Now




Silver Balayage
Silver Balayage © Love Ambie
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Currently, balayage hair is everywhere around us. After the celebrities started wearing it, a lot of people got attracted by the trend and started dying their hair like this, as well.

The big question is ‘why?’ For starters, balayage is revolutionary because it saves women from spending hours and days with foils in their hair just to get a stripy look afterward. Also, it’s modern, giving the locks a creamy shade that people easily fall in love with.

So, if you’re one of those people eager to try this technique or simply learn something more about it, here you’ll find the basics of the term and the hairstyles it looks the best on.

Balayage Basics

Balayage is originally a word with a French origin. It means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. However, in terms of hair, it’s used to describe a technique for obtaining a color that’s natural-looking and shiny. Actually, it pronounces the parts that’ll shine when exposed to the sun nonetheless.

While many people mistake balayage for highlighting and ombré, these three are different. Yes, balayage highlights certain parts of the hair, but in a softer and less noticeable way than the traditional highlighting that requires foils. Add to this, it goes from softer to thicker starting at the roots.

Trendy Balayage Colors and Hairstyles

There are multiple hairstyles that look good when this technique is applied. And most of them are tried by everyone’s favorite celebrities.

Dark Bottom Layers

Dark Bottom Layers

Dark Bottom Layers © Pinterest

An edgy look is very chic, as well. And it can be easily achieved with balayage. The colorist should only apply warm tones on the upper layers and make the bottom ones darker.

That way, the contrast and the highlights will be more noticeable.

Caramel Shades

Caramel Shades

Caramel Shades © Pinterest

This is a style comprised of various medium brown shades. They aren’t too pronounced, making the hair look naturally shiny. But to achieve the full effect, many people mix it with the color-melting technique that’s applied after the balayage.

This color looks modern on every type of hair, no matter if it’s short or long. Yet, most people try the caramel balayage on long, curly, and brown locks.

Brightening Blonde

Brightening Blonde

Brightening Blonde © PopSugar UK

Women that have blonde hair can make it even blonder by using the balayage gradually. Of course, it doesn’t have to be done all at once.

You can lighten the locks up slowly and create the impression that your whole head is brighter. A lot of actresses, among which is Claire Danes, have worn their hair like this on the red carpet.

Multi-Colored Locks

Multi-Colored Locks

Multi-Colored Locks © Latest Hairstyles

Thanks to the options that the balayage provides, every lock of your hair can appear different. And the overall look can be a real artistic blend of colors and dimensions.

There are multiple shades and tones, but they work fine in this hairstyle. Those that are more devoted to this look are encouraged to complete it with a wavy finish.

Silver Balayage

Silver Balayage

Silver Balayage © Love Ambie

Gray and silver are still in style with many people wearing them on their heads in various styles. Moreover, the silver balayage on dark hair (preferably black) is the real deal.

The two shades are totally in contrast, but if done by skillful hands they can turn out to be a perfect blend. Not to mention that this style makes your hair trendy and is suitable for all occasions.

Do you like to have balayage hair? Have you tried it yet? Share your thoughts on this with us! And if you want to discover more modern hairstyles, stay on Flix Expo!

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Tips to Find Best Barbers in Your Neighborhood



barber shop
© Getty Image -/barber shop
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Barbershops that have been doing business from a long while can possibly give you the satisfaction of service and an accuracy of hair style. When you choose the barber for your hair style, you need to check few things such as their customer reviews, specializations, experience and cleanliness. You can find some old barber shops in your nearest locality where barbers cannot maintain a hygienic process and they are usually reusing their towers, blade and other accessories for more people. It is suggested to avoid such barber and choose a decent barber shop which is hygienic.

barber shop

© Getty Image -/barber shop

Useful Tip for Customers: Barbers and customers usually appear as though they are talking diverse languages, yet a photograph is definitely clear way to show your requirement. If you have a specific style of your choice, it is best to take a photo with you to ensure your hair stylist or barber knows precisely what you need.

7 Tips to Find Best Barbers

Hair should be perfect. They should not be difficult to style. At the first time, when you cut and trim your hair, you cannot find any issue with it. But after few weeks, you will find some uneven hair growth and you can easily detect the unprofessional haircut which you have done last time. So, avoid such inexperienced hair dressers and choose the best one for your hair cutting.

  1. Accuracy Analysis: Hairdressers should properly clean the gaps between trim. Their accuracy ratio in their work should be significant. It should be clean and well organized.
  2. Questioning Process: A good hair stylist usually puts some effort to understand your expectations from the final result of your hair cut before he ever grabs the scissors. He ought to ask what you like and don’t like about your hair. He should do an analysis about how you style your hair and what products you are currently utilizing. Experts inquire whether you have problematic areas like cowlicks or balding.
  3. Know Your Hair: A good barber asks you questions about your hair. He contemplates the thickness and surface of your hair. He considers the shape and size of your head and face, also any facial hair, to make an alluring and individualized style.
  4. No Limitation in Process: Expert stylists don’t depend entirely on a clipper or scissors guard sizes. Master hair stylists make testing inquiries and ask questions about whether you are satisfied with your present hair style and length.
  5. Asking Availability of Time: Ask how busy the barber is. Best barbers or hairdressers have a full queue of regular and loyal customers. If others are satisfied with his work, you will be as well.
  6. Well-Groomed Barber: It is necessary to see how well groomed and well prepared the barber is? If he doesn’t keep his own particular look maintained, he might be similarly as reckless in cutting and styling his customers.
  7. New Barber May Be Good: Think about amateurs of this field. Experience definitely matters however don’t markdown new hairdresser with less priority just because they came out of stylist school. Sometimes new hairdressers have a superior and trendy styles as well as procedures in comparison of their accomplished partners.

© Getty Image

It’s possible to discover an extraordinary and best barber shop or hair stylist in each area. There is definitely a big hope that you can find a good hair stylist in your neighborhood. Begin your search by requesting referrals and checking internet reviews. So now you can search them online and hire them accordingly. But before that, you need to check their customer reviews and compare their price with some other barber shops, and then choose the most affordable one for your hair stylist. Stay connect with us on Flix Expo for more hairstyles tips.

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Hairstyles for Christmas That’ll Make You the Queen of the Holidays




Sparkling Locks hairstyles
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Christmas is the time when people want to shine and feel good about themselves. They make feasts for dinner, cook their favorite meals, create the trendiest holiday nail designs, dress in their favorite clothes, and of course, pay special attention to their hair. This is especially the case with women.

No matter how busy they are, they tend to make something with their hair. It’s their way of showing off their elegance to their family, friends, and guests. If you’re one of them, you’re on the right place. Here we’ll explore the best hairstyles for Christmas and help you win the holiday.

Half-Up Hairdo

Half-Up Hairdo Hairstyles

© The Right Hairstyles

This is a simple yet modern hairstyle that’s perfect for those rushing to get things done during the holiday. Mostly on Christmas morning when people are eager to open the presets with their loved ones, it’s handy to make a quick and easy hairstyle like this one.

All you should do is tie two pieces of your hair from both sides into a double knot at the back of your head. Then simply pin them and you’re good to go.

Take a look for nails design in Christmas if you want to make happy holidays.

Bun with a Dutch Braid

Bun with a Dutch Braid hairstyles

© Missy Sue

Another fancy ad laid-back haircut is the bun with a Dutch braid. It freshens up the whole look giving away an elegant impression. It’s great for women that want to experiment with their hair in a bohemian style.

The first thing you should make is the Dutch braid passing along the hairline and reaching the ear. After this, make another braid at the nape and pull the primary braid into a bun that looks a bit messy. As a final touch, make sure you wrap the remaining braid around the other one and pin them. Check out for renewed hairstyles short haircuts for women that will make you very smart.



© Pinterest

Christmas reminds that the New Year is around the corner. So, it’s an original idea to try something unique and mix your haircut with a fringe.This will show everyone that you’re ready for the new trends in the upcoming year.

What’s special about the bangs is that they fit all types and lengths of hair, giving women their freedom to style their hair the way they want. Just look fancy hairstyles for women which really exciting for over 50 aged.

Sparkling Locks

Sparkling Locks hairstyles

© Astroawani

Add to the glitz and the glam surrounding the holidays with this shiny hairstyle. It’s the perfect look if you want to be remembered and praised during the festivities. And it’s not tough to make at all.

You only need a few jewels attached to a certain side of your head. Try to get them big enough so that they can be spotted. Then curl the locks a bit and you have your shiny appearance. And a inspiring curly hairstyles for women very trendy for every season like shag haircut styles.

Free Style

Free Style hairstyles

© The Right Hairstyles

While styled hair looks nice,there’s something equally special about natural hair. So, you can make Christmas appearance even more beautiful by letting your hair take its natural course.

Don’t overdo it by twirling or pinning it too much. Just create a laid-back hairstyle with strands falling loosely all around. A relaxing bun surrounded by the free-falling strands is a plus, as well. Watch more about prom hairstyles for beautiful girls that really exciting for every girls.

Twisted Low Ponytail

Twisted Low Ponytail hairstyles

© Pinterest

Why stick with the traditional low ponytail when you can add a little festive twist to it. Literally, women tend to twist their hairstyle like this.

More precisely, you should first separate your hair into three parts and twist the section in the middle to the back of your head. Do this with the left part of your hair, as well. Once you’re done, you should twist the right part and wrap it around the other two. Eventually, pin them together.

Only note that this works best with longer hair. You can add strawberry blonde hair color for looking more gorgeous.

Have a Tastiest Christmas Dinner for Holidays Special. For more Christmas-related content stay on Flix Expo!

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