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Using the Kodi 18 Builds for Live Sports and Movies Streaming




What is known as ‘Builds’ are the add-on collections which can be installed on to Kodi, which in turn can save a lot of time and effort compared to the step by the step installation procedure? Each of these builds will add many addons by its own, so it very important to choose the apt ones only to avoid any malfunctions.


Always use VPN with the Builds


Kodi is fully legal to use and also secured, many of the third-party Builds may have features which aren’t legal. This is where a VPN will help you. Using a good VPN, you can encrypt your traffic and hide your online activities. VPN will also help to bypass the bandwidth throttling and geo-restrictions in terms of internet contents. The best choices of VPNs to use for Kodi 18 Builds include, but not limited to IPVanish, Nebula, Collusion, Nightshade, Slamious, etc.


Installing Kodi 18 Builds


Follow the below installation steps:


  • Go to Settings
  • Choose System Settings and Add-ons.
  • Enable ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Download Kodi
  • Open the settings and choose the File Manager
  • Choose Add source.
  • Click on none field and enter Kodi build repository URL and click OK.
  • Get back to home screen and then open add-ons
  • Click on package installer and choose the option to ‘install from zip.’
  • Click on the repository you added.
  • Select the repo and click on special ‘Program Add-ons.’
  • Set your preferences on the next window for customization.
  • Choose Build Menu in the popup.
  • Search for Kodi build, click to open.
  • Choose between standard install and a fresh install.
  • Click Continue at the next pop to start with installation.
  • Select the option of ’Force Close’ after installation.


Relaunch the Kodi app, and you can start enjoying the Build.


Best free VPN for routers


There are many reasons why one should try and install VPN for routers. Doing, so you can collect many devices to it on a single subscription. Also, you can protect your devices including those who don’t support the VPN installations like smart TV at home.


Here are some top recommended best free VPN for routers:


  • ExpressVPN


It features many preconfigured routers, and it also features the custom firmware to flash to any routers compatible for VPN. With access to more than 2000 servers, ExpressVPN ensures amazing speed and unlimited bandwidth.


  • IPVanish


It is a world-class VPN which offers both optimum security and privacy. Unlike the first one, IPVanish doesn’t have any custom application for routers, but it is compatible with many offers with the DD-WRT firmware. IPVanish offers lightning speeds and unlimited bandwidth as well as P2P traffic, which makes streaming and torrents access easier.


  • NordVPN


It features extensive tutorials to configure this VPN at most of the compatible routers, including those with DD-WRT firmware. In order to make sure the security of your routers, you can use the protocols of OpenVPN like PPTP and L2TP, etc. Another advantage of NordVPN is that it has the biggest network of servers with about 5000+ servers in 62 countries.


VPN for the router is essential to make sure that your devices are secured while accessing the internet.

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Search Engine Optimization

How to increase the domain and page authority of your website?



How to increase the domain and page authority


It is important for every new setup to be looked after continuously. Even if it is a flower, it becomes necessary to give water regularly to make it grow healthier and faster. Same is the case with your page. There are certain important things that should be taken into notice when you start a page. It is not a piece of cake to handle so many things like contents and links. It has to be made sure that your page is doing good in search engines and it is at a good reach of people.

How to increase the domain and page authority

© Google

How can we make that possible?

There are a few important key points according to which if we run our page so it will definitely be a good success. Increasing the domain authority of your page is not as difficult as you think but yes it hard to make it a routine; it is a task to carry it. Following are the points you should understand in order to gain fruitful results:


Good presentation can make anything look attractive. Therefore, you must have proper headings on your website. It should have vocabulary to attract people towards it. The context should be referring to the product you are talking about.


Keep your content short and meaningful. Do not elongate it that the surfer finds it boring to read the same thing again and again. Make it short and to the point.


It has been recorded from a research that 40% people do not spend more than 3 seconds for their page to load. You should make sure that your page has a good loading speed else this is a big turn off.


Nowadays, laptops and computers are less used than mobile phones. Make sure your web link is mobile friendly so more people could access it easily.


Relate your words to the thing you are pointing to. Try to give links to other websites that links to your product instead of providing irrelevant information that does not go with your context. Provide them options that connect to your words.

Other than domain, it is also required to know basic page authority idea to boost up your page and keep it up in the search engines of Google. For this purpose, view the points below:


Add images that reflect your words to make it catchier for the people. They will prefer to view images and understand instead of reading and investing more time.


It is very important to keep your page updated and checked out daily. There should be new things uploaded on a regular base to attract the viewers and let them know that we take out time for them.


Try to build links with the known pages and provide their links. This will attract the reader that you have not only your own information but also have access to different websites that could be helpful for the customer.

Therefore, it should be taken into account for making your page successful that you work according to what the audience wants and not what makes your more comfortable. If you ever wonder for the best tool to check the Domain authority and page authority of multiple website than use bulk authority checker tool freely available on

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Internet Marketing

The Best SEO Tools of 2018 That Success Your Online Journey



Best SEO Tools


Here you’ll come across the best SEO tools of 2018. We gathered all notable features and effects of their usage in this list including how successfully they implement the SEO tactics like keyword research, link building, web crawling and all the others necessary for reaching a higher ranking on the search engine and leading a fruitful strategy related to digital marketing.

But before we get to that, we’ll look into the basics of the term search engine optimization (SEO) and the tools’ aims.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

In its base, search engine optimization consists of free tactics and techniques that help businesses gain a high ranking on the search engines. All blogs and websites, no matter how big or small they are, long for wide audiences that will be willing to buy their products or services and participate in their ideas.

What is SEO

The fight between the site owners for these high spots is eternal with the aim to be better than the competitors and appear among the first results when people type in the specific keywords connected to the owners’ business. For this reason, the content posted on the sites and blogs is made suitable for the target audiences and enriched with the trending and accurate keywords and links. However, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing make this fight even tougher by changing the rules all the time, forcing people to find ways to stay informed and updated in order to succeed. Find out one of my written SEO link building strategies.

This is when the SEO tools enter the picture.

The Main Aims of the SEO Tools

It’s very hard to make your website appear among the top results organically. That’s why the SEO tools are so popular among owners. Their ability to effectively construct a strategy for you and assist you in tracking your own and your competitors’ progress contribute to the building of valuable and trustworthy relationships between you and your clients.

SEO Tools

Basically, all features that the tools offer can be broken down into three categories – keyword research, monitoring of the site’s position on the search engines, and crawling. So, we’ll see how all of these tools fare in those areas.

Here are the best SEO tools of 2017



© SpyFu

With its rich collection of options for tracking the competitors’ steps and the way they use their keywords, SpyFu earns its place as one of the best SEO tools. It makes it easy for users to discover the most used keywords in their industry and implement them in their own texts to surpass the competitors’ content.

All features are easily accessible through the user-friendly interface, offering owners a peek into the metrics connected to paid advertising, sales as well as online marketing. More specifically, you can get interactive reports containing the results of the tracking so that you can make your decision regarding the keywords you will use and the backlinking strategy. However, since there are many advertising metrics at first they can be confusing to new users that are only starting with SEO and there isn’t a possibility for web crawling.

SpyFu is affordable, costing $33 per month billed annually and the numerous features add up to its value.

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Moz Pro

Moz Pro

© Moz Pro

Moz’s product Moz Pro is a suite that unites some of the most notable SEO features. It has everything owners need to lead a successful strategy and eventually end up with quality content on their pages and a high ranking on the search engines.

Advanced keyword research, monitoring of the search position, web crawling, and reports that can be understood and analyzed by everyone are only some of the features that make this tool so special and popular among users.

Aside from this, there’s an extension suitable for all browsers, which you’re advised to install as it enables you to be constantly updated on the status of your ranking as well as receive recommendations and tips on what to do next.

Understandable, all of this comes at a higher price of $79 a month, but for a lot of people it’s worth it considering the effect it has on your overall SEO.

Here are the best social media management tools that you can use



© KWFinder

While this tool has fewer features than the rest, it’s very affordable. You can get it for only $12 per month. It’s focused on the important SEO aspects like keywords, giving you a chance to lead a targeted strategy.

When it comes to researching which keywords work best for a specific field of expertise and analyzing the details connected to their implementation including the preferred density, this tool is one of the top ones out there. It also offers detailed suggestions about the most popular keywords, taking advantage of Google’s keyword tool that’s SERP-specific.

Even though it misses some of the advanced SEO options it’s a great addition to any business looking for higher rankings.



© Ahrefs

The main aim of Ahrefs is to keep users ahead of their competition, showing them the reasons why they rank so high and the useful ways to outrank them.

It does this with the help of the advanced features like SERP (search engine result page) analysis that dives deep into search engines’ formula, crawling of the whole site and all its pages, monitoring of the domain and comparing it to the others in the industry as well as a satisfying keyword research. The user experience is slightly worse than some of the other tools, but that doesn’t cause serious issues.

The basic plan starts at $82 a month.



© DeepCrawl

In many aspects, DeepCrawl proves itself as an efficient tool for making businesses visible to customers worldwide. Incorporating a lot of options connected to crawling and auditing your site, it does a full scan and provides recommendations about your on-site SEO.

The contemporary interface brings all features closer to the users, allowing them to learn how to operate this tool quickly. It integrates Google’s Analytics and Search Console and tracks backlinks, but there’s nothing more than that.

Because its main purpose is web crawling, it should be usually combined with some of the other tools that have more features.

It can be enabled for $72 a month.

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