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9 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows and Mac You Didn’t Know You Needed



Free PDF Readers

PDF is the most wide-spread file format in the world, bringing the necessity to find and install the best free PDF readers for Windows and Mac. Many users tend to do this in order to be able to open their children’s school newsletters, bank statements, books, and other documents they need.

Free PDF Readers

Although many smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets nowadays incorporate features for reading PDF files, a PDF reader has many more options and advantages over the built-in readers. If you want to see which they are and discover the top free PDF readers, then this list contains all the details. So, make sure you check out all of these readers and decide which one suits your preferences.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

© Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

The creators of PDF files offer this program to the public entirely for free. And it consists of a lot of features like connecting to the Adobe Document Cloud for working across more devices, taking snapshots of images and text, having the text read out loud by the software, commenting on the documents and many more.

Downloading this reader is very easy. You should just go to the respective page, select your operating system, a language, and the version of the reader that you wish to download. After that, simply follow the installing instructions.

Have in mind that if you’re asked to install another program during the installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC you can deselect that option.

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Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader

© Expert PDF Reader

What’s different about this free reader is that it allows users to modify the PDF documents by adding signatures or additional text. Also, it has a clear index on the side that enables people to see the bookmarks and pages in the document.

To download it, simply visit the official page and press one of the download buttons at the bottom of the page depending on your operating system.

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© SumatraPDF

The helpful thing about SumatraPDF is that it can be customized until it fits your needs. You can download it for free on your Windows device and install it either as a regular program or a portable one.

The program features a selection of viewing modes such as Single Page, Book View, Facing, and Presentation. Also, you can implement a lot of shortcuts on your keyboard for easier navigation around the file.




MuPDF can be installed on both Windows and Android. It’s a special program that allows full preview of the PDF document without even displaying the options. After you open it, you should select the PDF you want to open and then the whole screen is covered by the file’s pages.

If you want to see how you can move around the program, press the icon on the top left corner and choose ‘About MuPDF’ in order to see all the shortcuts for zooming in and out, flipping the pages and similar navigation options.

Nuance PDF Reader


© Nuance

Nuance PDF Reader is a program with a contemporary interface that includes all its features. When you’ve installed it on your device, you can load the PDF documents either through the ‘drag and drop’ option or through the file browser. Then, the opened documents can be viewed in full screen and spellchecked. Adding notes, highlighting specific parts, and searching are also made possible.

This free reader supports Windows XP, Vista to Windows 10.




© Evince

As a reader with a simple interface and a lot of space for customizing the toolbar, Evince is one of the most helpful ones on this list. Not only that it gives people a chance to add the tools they require such as the searching option and multiple modes for viewing the documents, it introduces auto scroll, as well.

This is a unique feature for scrolling through the file automatically by placing the mouse in a certain part of the screen and adjusting the scrolling speed.

You can download Evince and install it on devices that run on Windows and Linux.

Sorax Reader

Sorax PDF Reader

© Sorax PDF Reader

Offering similar options to the rest of the readers, Sorax is another free reader that’s worth checking out mainly because of its simplicity.Users are able to take advantage of all basic options like searching through the text, zooming, adjusting the viewing mode, and copying text from within the PDF files

However, these are accompanied by the feature for sending the files over email. The Email button in the toolbar serves for this purpose.

All those interested in this program can visit the download page and pick whether they want to download the portable version or the regular one. Note that this reader supports only Windows.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF XChange Editor

© PDF XChange Editor

This reader is rich with many useful tools and features that don’t occupy a big portion of your disk space. Among the top ones you’ll encounter the option to include notes in the PDF documents, highlight parts of the text or all of it, attach audio files as well as more possibilities for opening a certain document. Moreover, you can open the PDF file from your local device or through a URL.

Although the interface is a bit cluttered with buttons, panels, and toolbars, it has everything you need. But if they cause you trouble, you can disable them at any time and get a clearer interface.


It can be downloaded on computers with Windows XP and more recent versions of it.

Javelin PDF Reader

Javelin PDF Reader

© Javelin PDF Reader

This program has no extra features, contributing to the less-crowded interface. Containing the basic, but very useful tools it’s clean and simple to use. Not to mention that the download size for Windows is 2 MB, making it one of the lightest free readers.

While users won’t find converting and editing features, Javelin enables them to see the document in full-screen mode and explore the pages with just one click. Another great thing is that it supports many operating systems and devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. It can be download from here.

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