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Living a Prosperous Life – What You Need and How to Reach It



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Do you know who your real enemy is? As much as it may seem like it, it’s not your angry boss or the people on the streets. It’s you. Yes, the limitations you set for yourself, the doubts, issues with self-confidence prevent you from unleashing your real self and living a prosperous life.

Even though the true meaning of prosperity is a very complex topic, we will attempt to break it down for you here at least a bit and show you which actions to undertake in order to live with purpose. Are you ready? Let’s go!


The Base of Prosperity

The question ‘what is prosperity’ is addressed through various disciplines and approaches. But all of them revolve around shaking off your fears and being brave to start anew. Only with a mind freed of obstacles will you be able to embrace who you are and do the things that really make you joyful and fulfilled.

In this regard, the base of prosperity consists of practicing the likes of kriya yoga or dharma or both. Kriya yoga leads to the awakening of your spirit and starting to see everything more clearly than before. With it, you learn that body, mind, spirit, and soul are one and they are in unison with the whole universe. That way you overcome the feeling that you are separated from the meaningful life and focus on achieving the prosperity you are after.


On the other hand, dharma leads you on the road to righteousness, showing you how to discover the reason for your existence. The truth is that those that practice dharma can see the bigger picture and be supportive of everyone and everything without judgments.

Reaching Prosperity

When we look around us, there are many examples of people that are living a prosperous and meaningful life. They managed to overcome the things that were holding them back and aim at divinity and higher purpose.

You can be one of these people, as well, if you are courageous and diligent enough. Start by loving yourself and your life and dismissing things and people that make you unhappy. To assist you in reaching the highest level of prosperity, though, you have training and courses at hand.

In case you think that kriya yoga is right for you, you should consider reading the lessons of famous gurus that share how they found the light inside themselves and utilized it to turn their life into one that’s worth living. And if you are more into dharma, know that you can enroll in online courses, which last for a longer time and provide you with the needed details, inspirational lessons, and guidance. Note that the more committed you are, the more successful the courses will be for you.

Final Words

Now it’s your turn! Have you found prosperity and the meaning of your life yet? Do you practice kriya yoga or dharma? Share your experiences and thoughts with us.


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6 Muscle Building Exercises You Can Do While Sitting at Your Desk



Muscle Building
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One of the concerns of people who have a regular eight hour job is the impossibility of choosing the best time to exercise. Most of the time, an overtime is required for you to finish the job before the set deadline. But you do not have to worry anymore because you can now exercise even while you are sitting in front of your desk. Yes, you read it right. You can stay fit and maintain flexibility without going out of the office.

muscle building

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Here is a list of the exercises that you can do.

Single-arm lateral raise

For this exercise, you just need to place your chair on the side of your cubicle or the nearest wall to your table. First, sit up straight with your spine in perfect upright position. Now, extend your right arm straight on the side. Maintain a shoulder height in extending. Make sure that your palm is reaching the wall of the cubicle. Now, push your palm against the surface. Push for 10 seconds and do it on the other side. You can do 6 repetitions for every side.

Biceps curl

All you need to do is to position your chair closer to the desk. The perfect position is when you can comfortably push up without feeling like you are not in control of your balance. Now, sit up straight, put both arms on the table. Close your fist and make sure that your elbow is at a 90 degrees angle. And finally, push against your desk. You can adjust the height of your chair to get to the most comfortable position. Ten seconds will be enough for a push. You can repeat this six times.

Triceps pushdown

The steps are almost the same with the biceps curl though the focus is the triceps. Move closer to your desk and adjust the height of your chair in a more comfortable position where you can easily rest your arm as you maintain a 90 degrees angle for your elbow. Put both arms on the table. Clench your fist and turn as if you are turning a hammer. Now, push up and focus on raising your triceps. Do this six times and that would be enough for the day.

Abdominal Crunches

Move your chair and leave enough space for a leg workout. If you can do it even with your desk in front of you, it would be better. But if you think it is easier within an open space, you can move away from the table. Sit properly; you can rest your hands on the sides of the chair where you can get control and support later on. Your focus should be on raising your feet but putting the pressure on your abdomen. You can do 4 sets of sixteen counts for this.


Neck extensors

This can be done even when you are resting your eyes and your mind for a very long period of reading. Just place both of your hands behind your head. Now, retract or try to push your head against your hands. Count for 10 seconds and stop. Rest and do it again. You can repeat this whenever you feel like you are already feeling tired of the position of your neck and your head.

Calf lifts

Lifting your calf is perfect if you have been sitting for few hours and you feel like the muscles in your feet are no longer as flexible as they are. If you are wearing stiff and sturdy shoes, you can loosen it up.  Just stand straight and gently raise your heel. Remember that this should be done gently. You can raise your heel as high as your flexibility can allow. Put it down gently and repeat for 6 times.

Muscle Building

Muscle Building © Getty Image

Your flexibility and your body condition changes when you do not pay attention to exercise. Keep in mind that the condition of your body is not only dependent on the food you eat but also on other factors such as your activities. Exercises should be added to every diet plan. This way, you will be able to achieve a holistic change in your body and even your emotional health. Always remember that a healthy body is a start to a healthier overall being of a person. Consider the different tips provided above and you do not have to worry about your health condition as you work full time in front of a lot of documents and your computer.

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How Yoga Helps in Reducing Stress



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Stress is a part of human life and we just cannot avoid it. Also, let’s face the fact that a little bit stress is quite helpful in realizing the comfortable and happy moments of life. However, when the stress goes far beyond a limit, that is when the real issue begins and it certainly sucks. Prolonged stress can affect you in a lot of ways that can be emotionally, physically or mentally and you might even start facing health issues that are chronic and dangerous for you.

Now, we all have been reading for a while now that exercise is the way out of every situation specially when it comes to health and stress, well obviously exercise is the way out of it but when it specifically comes to stress then trust me the one outlet of releasing stress through the body is yoga. A massive yoga can be a life saver for you and it can benefit you in ways that you can never even imagine.

The reason that you are reading this article is probably because you are someone who wants to study and dig deep to find out how stress can be reduced by yoga. Take a look the 5 yoga poses for beginners.

Well, here we are to help you as always and today in this article we are going to tell you 5 basic reasons that connect yoga and stress release.


So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you!

1- It relaxes the body


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When you are in stress, your muscles and all your body tissues start to get tensed and stiffened, it’s normal and this is the reaction of your body to prolonged stress and yoga is the ultimate way out of relaxing your body. Certain postures of yoga can have a very deep effect on your body and it can make you feel calm and relaxed like nothing else. Particularly the child pose and other bends and inversions can help you in it the most and you will definitely feel the difference for yourself.

2- Relaxation of your mind


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Often in stressful conditions, one fails to focus on one single thing and the mind starts working and over-thinking to a point of frantic and this is where you need something that can help you maintain your focus and concentration.

You also need some sort of of tool that can help you relax the nerves of your brain and provide it enough oxygen that you can stay calm and cool. Well, there is no other better option than meditation to do that because the one life saver for relaxing your mind is yoga. The best part about yoga is that if you continue to practice it every day, there will come a point that you will feel calmer and cooler internally.

3- Release of the emotional energy


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There are a lot of factors that add up to the stress that you are going through and it is not only the stressful condition, in fact the negative thoughts, fear, anger, guilt and over-thinking is what add a lot to your stress.

We mostly bring out our emotional pressure by shouting at people, fighting with them and getting angry at small things but you the best way to release that emotional energy if through yoga. Yoga can help you in the best possible ways to calm you down and make you feel relaxed, you might not know but hips and shoulders are known to be those points that release the emotional tension. Practicing yoga can be the best thing that you can do to yourself.

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There are a lot more ways to calm yourself down, bring patience within yourself and lessen the stress of daily life, you just have to make some research and you will find out plenty of stuff that will put your life on the track of comfort and ease. If you genuinely want to improve your health then we suggest you read the benefits of red tea and trust me you will know how beneficial it is for someone who really wants to stay healthy and improve his or her life standards.


This is it for now. Stays connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more tools to release your stress.

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Discover the 5 Best Yoga Poses for Beginners That can Bring You Success




Yoga Poses for Beginners
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If you are discovering yoga poses for beginners, it is essential that you begin to learn the 5 yoga poses you are about to see, so you will be able to have a very good foundation and to feel comfortable when you decide to do more advanced poses.

It is highly recommended that you do these poses every day. Also remember: it is always best to listen to your body. This principle comes first. So don’t be shy to modify a bit the poses you are about to learn, if you need it to feel better.

Here are the 5 Yoga Poses for beginners :

1# The Downward Dog

Yoga Poses - The Downward Dog

This pose will stretch your entire body.

When you do it, it is important to keep your knees a little bent and to walk your hands forward, to stretch yourself even more.


Keep yourself in this position for 30 sec and then take a rest.

2# The Tree

Yoga Poses - The Tree

The Tree is a great standing posture to work your balance. The more you do it, the more you will obtain a clarity of vision and a peaceful mind.

Just put your left foot on your inner right upper thigh, and press your hands together in prayer position. Do not lean forward and keep your abs under tension to have a better balance.

3# Child’s pose

Yoga Poses - Child’s pose

Every time you feel tension, do this special pose

To do it, it is very easy: bring your feet and knees as you see on the picture and stretch your arms forward. Lower your head and let your body release all tensions. Take a look the article about how to lose weight fast -> David Michigan thoughts.


4# Triangle

Yoga Poses - Triangle

The Triangle is a standing posture designed this time to stretch the sides of your waist, while toning your entire body.

The keys to do it are to put down your right hand as close as possible to your ankle, while imagining you are touching the ceiling or the sky with your other hand. This will allow you a very good stretch. Take a look if you want to improve your health.

5# Plank

Yoga Poses - Plank

Now comes a physical pose: the Plank. It is a good way to strengthen your body and to develop your balance.

Slide your heels backward and have your arms well raised.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths and to contract your abs


Remember with these 5 yoga poses that you have to do these every day if you want to have fast results.

It will only take you 2m30 if you do each pose for 30 sec!

What are you waiting for? Connect with us on Flix Expo for more Yoga poses tips.

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