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How You Should Be Storing Your Old Home Movies:



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Technology Has Changed The Game

Unless you can maintain equipment designed for physical film, you’re going to have to think about digital options for your old home movies. When it comes to 8mm film, videos, and betamax formats, most new technology can’t interface.

Digital tech incorporates new means of storing and playing moving images. Here we’ll cover a few storage strategies to help you retain your old footage into the future.

1. Solid State Drives And Hard Disk Drives

Most new computers use a Solid State Drive or SSD. Some computers still use a Hard Disk Drive or HDD, but these aren’t as efficient or reliable over the long term owing to an increase in moving parts.

HDDs have a little disk that actually spins, and is subject to physical disturbance. If you’ve got an HDD, and you drop it or bump it wrong, it may break. Here’s a closer look at the two hard drive options.

While you can similarly break an SSD, that’s less likely, as these drives are more like a USB thumb drive. Essentially, there aren’t moving parts involved in storage. This means SSDs work both faster and more reliably over the long term. So if you’ve transferred the video to HDD drives, you’ll likely want to transfer that footage to an SSD eventually.

While this isn’t immediately necessary, it’s something to think about. Footage stored on CD-ROM or floppy disks is footage you may not even be able to view for the same reason the analog film is hard to upkeep and view. Technological formats have changed. So once you’ve transferred footage, if it’s not on some sort of SSD, you’ll likely have to transfer it again.

2. Transferring Film To Digital Formats

Before you put the film on an SSD or an HDD, you’ll want to get it transferred to a digital format. There are a number of different ways to do this, one of the most popular beings is to put the footage on a Digital Video Disk, or DVD. From there, you can transfer it to an SSD or HDD for long-term storage.

Your computer may have an SSD or HDD built-in, but owing to the size of video files, it’s a good idea to have a hard drive external to your device for more secure long-term storage. That said, first, you’ve got to digitize the film, and there are a few ways to do that.

To convert “super 8” film to DVD requires a little bit of experience. The same is true of videotape footage, though it’s a bit easier to transfer footage from a VHS tape to a DVD with a simple conversion rig that features VHS and DVD slots. If you’re going the “super 8” route, you may need a projector or specialized equipment. It’s more cost-effective to use a service.

3. Keeping Data Alive In The Cloud

Another move beyond SSD, HDD, or DVD formats is uploading your video footage to the cloud. Now there are some benefits and drawbacks to this approach. On the one hand, you’ve got better security in storage owing to the onus of cloud providers to securely maintain the data on clients. On the other, you’re trusting private information with such public providers.

As a data backup, in the event, some catastrophe destroys physical copies of your 8mm film, or your DVDs, or your HDD or SDD drives, the cloud is a good safeguard as you can rest assured precious memories are preserved. Ostensibly, there’s no legal avenue for abuse of that data. However, there is the human nature component to consider.

Accordingly, though the cloud is an option for some private information, it may be wiser to transfer that information to a DVD, and then transfer such data from the DVD to an SSD you keep in a safe, dry, temperate environment somewhere—like a basement closet safe from the elements, or something of the kind.

Keeping Precious Memories Alive

Switching 8mm footage to DVD, putting such footage on SSD drives, and exploring cloud computing storage options represent three wise ways to assure old footage is retained into the future.

Certainly, keep the old 8mm reels and VHS tapes around as well; but media to read them is disappearing, and physical footage succumbs to decay easier than digital options. Since tech keeps marching on, and digital storage has superior aspects, it’s smart to at least store your footage in this way as well.

Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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Why Wedge Wire Filter is best among all other Filters?



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Wedge wire filters screen optimize the filtration and separation processes. This enables them to withstand corrosive and abrasive mineral processing applications. These are made up of stainless steel and available in different shapes and sizes.

Because of its availability, it makes it suitable for different applications and reliable too. They are made to withstand corrosive applications under acidic mineral processing. There are many features and benefits when it comes to wedge wire filter screens.

Wedge wire filters are used in many industries and other applications which makes it important to choose the best one to go with the reliable requirement. Many people are looking out to buy the best one but do not know much information about the filter.

Its benefits will make the product more popular and effective to use for different processes. One needs to check all the benefits and get the perfect filter accordingly as they got various options.

The product is available in various sizes and shapes. Consumers can precisely choose the one that is the most reliable one for their application.

Maximum open area

Open areas in the filters enable us to move out of the drainage parts without any trouble. While filtering, removing the dirt and wastage has always been a complex task. This open area will ease the process.

Release Angles

The various release angles allow the filtration process to proceed smoothly without any disturbance. Wedge wire filters will speed up the filtering processes and get the operations complete within no time.


It has higher durability that makes it work longer even during complex environments. There is no need to replace them sooner and have a longer lifetime.


As the product is made up of stainless steel will be protected from corrosion. There is no need to worry about the filter getting spoiled because of rust and all.


Nowadays getting a filter is easy, but choosing the right is a complex one. It needs to be within the budget and also work according to the labeled price. Few may be available at a lower price but not at all reasonable.


These filters are not restricted to one function but can be used for filtering and separating multiple elements. This eliminates the task of buying a filter for each processing. One is enough for a few processing.

These are some of the benefits of a wedge wire filter that make them special from any other filter. If you are looking for filters based on your requirements, try out this filter as it is known as the best one for usage.

The various shapes and sizes make it more appropriate to choose it among other filters. This is a custom-made option that makes it enable for various applications.

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The Uber Ultimate Bed With mind blowing features that you would want to try it yourself



Uber Ultimate Bed
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The Uber Ultimate Bed is an advanced modern bed that offers an installation carried out by highly qualified and professional engineers to the highest possible standard. The best ultimate smart bed is equipped with intelligent functions such as a bed monitor, reading lights, and a smartphone app. It is the bed that uses a variety of technologies for people who prefer to work from home. It contains progress, technology, and a foam nib. It can be a foam spring or a hybrid foam spring, or it can be both

The ability to repel microorganisms and progress from the rest of us is so strong that it goes beyond the purification structure and enlivens the room day and night.  Uber ultimate bed combine the incredible structure and quality storage with top-level improvements to ensure the highest level of improvement.

The deep bed frame surrounds the mattress and surrounds it with a light lip, which is incredibly good. The colorful elements, which consist of a series of panels, give the bed a unique look and a beautiful contrast to the walls of the residence. The main feature here is fantastically bedded, granted, in the headboard on top of this bed.

The ultimate bed, however, has a special balancing mechanism that allows the user to lie down effortlessly on the desk and reveal the hidden bed in a sliding motion. Designed specifically for film and television lovers, it can be controlled with remote control from any computer or tablet.

The bed is super functional and the ultimate bed is equipped with Bluetooth speakers and a massage chair. This is an incredible authentic bed that has evolved from the standard bed with sharp edges to the new animated bed.

There is a place for everything by lifting the wooden bed frame and hiding the linen under a built-in bench. In one area you will also find all your safes and valuables, and the side shelves are equipped with the perfect corner to spend your bedtime reading. While it looks cool and has all the technical features, the all in one multi functional ultimate bed comes with all kinds of storage space with a unique design. The bed is fully customization and has an endless amount of storage space.

The ultimate uber Bed frames are made of wood or metal and are attached to the headboard or footboard. Hinged fittings allow the easy dismantling of the bed for removal.  They are also available in large western styles that can be folded up to sit halfway, as well as in a variety of other styles. A speaker system is also integrated into the frame to provide surround sound for a high-quality audio experience with a wide range of sound quality.

This bed has a built-in – bookshelves, a built-in music system, and a built-in massage chair. This fold-up bed is so large that it can also be used as storage space. The authentic ultimate bed also has other features, including a pop-up desk that can be adjusted as you like when you want to work comfortably.

The bed Open-design interior cushions allow more airflow than other types of mattresses. If you sleep well, you will enjoy an innerspring and you will sleep better when your bed arrives at home.

You can have a speaker system installed directly into the side of the bed, along with bookshelves and even a safe. For those who prefer to work directly in bed on a laptop, this sliding-bottom folding desk has an extendable armrest with a full-size bed, an adjustable nightstand, and a side chair.

In one area you will also find a side shelf, and the side shelves are the perfect corner to store your valuables and bedtime readings. There is a place for everything by lifting the wooden bed frame and hiding the linen under a built-in bench.

Most people looking for a massage chair are looking for a relief of tense back and shoulder muscles. The strong lying position relieves the spine and lifts the feet and legs to the heart of the chair, which massages the entire body. This helps improve blood flow and can also reduce pain due to inflammation and arthritis. The weightlessness massage chair puts you in the same position that astronauts take at a bang, and you experience a weightless – like feeling. You can also use a heating pad on your neck, understand how heat can relieve muscle pain.

The Uber bed gives you wonderful comfort that meets all essential and expected standards.  At first glance, the desk bed looks like a desk that offers a spacious work area, but it is a bed. The TV bed appears as a high foot board – lying above the floor – which discreetly houses an LED screen inside. It combines incredible storage structure and quality with the highest level of improvement to ensure a user-friendly relaxation technology.

Television in bed is for those who love the idea of hiding under the duvet to catch up on shows, whether you’re a movie lover or just want to watch the news while enjoying breakfast on bed. The ultimate bed designs offer enough space to house a DVD player or game console in a neat, hidden place, so you don’t have to worry about loose cables.

Forget about choosing a bed that is fully equipped with a bling effect. This ultimate bed is rounded off with a bedside table, chair, and even a couch. Add warmth and style with luxuriously soft faux fur throws or go wild and enhance your favorite outfit with jewelry

Since the bed is modular, you can mix and match working components and move elements to the sides of the beds that meet your needs. This multi functional and versatile bed offers your guests a comfortable sleep and is of high quality. If you want to be satisfied with this bed, you have to try it yourself, but if it is modular, you can mix and match the components that work for you and move elements to the side of the bed that suit your needs.  This bed is widely used by some people and can be customized.

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Leak Detector / Waterproofing Integrity Tester for the packaging industry:




Leak Detector

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The integrity of the sealing of the products is of concern to all food manufacturers, especially in the case of products packaged in a protective atmosphere where this integrity is a key factor in not endangering the expiration of the product.

In most food production facilities packages leakage occurs mainly due to contamination of the seal by food or due to mechanical problems related to pressure, heat and duration of the sealing process. Both problems can be easily solved with a Flexpak Inc leak detector.

Leakage Indicators:

The oxygen and carbon dioxide indicators can be used to monitor the quality of the food. They can be used as leakage indicators or to verify the efficiency of, for example, an oxygen scavenger. Many of these indicators acquire a color change as a result of a chemical or enzymatic reaction (the most used dye for leakage indicators is methylene blue, whose color change is based on an oxidation-reduction reaction). In Japan, oxygen indicators are widely used with many fresh or prepared foods packed with an oxygen absorber in a transparent plastic or glass container. Carbon dioxide indicators are now starting to be commercial.

Freshness Indicators

An ideal indicator to control the quality of packaged foods would be one that indicated the deterioration or lack of freshness of the product, in addition to excessive temperatures or container leakage. Numerous patents exist in which mechanisms of indication of freshness are described based on the detection of volatile metabolites produced by the aging of foods such as carbon dioxide, diacetates, amines (of fish), ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Flexpack Leak Detector Machine:

Leak Detector / Device to test the integrity of waterproofing for the packaging industry Flexpack leak detector is a tester control quality of the integrity of the waterproofing, ideal for testing the integrity of the seal detection leaks for many types of packaging including: three-sided bags, self-supporting / rigid / standing bags, side gusseted bags, bottom sealing bags, rigid trays with lid material, packing filled with modified atmosphere (MAP ) / protective atmosphere (EAP) and many other applications for food packaging or medical packaging.

The flex-pack leak detector offers manufacturers of food packaging machines, and the food industry in general, a unique solution to detect leaks in protective atmosphere food packages. Whether it is a large leak or a small one, undetectable to the naked eye or by the water bath method, the unique flex-pack technology can detect any leakage without tracer gas and without damaging the container.

Consistent quality control and Process Monitoring:

Flexpack leak detector is simple, reliable, repeatable, and provide consistent quality control and process monitoring…

  • Test the minimum point of success
  • Test the point of failure
  • Perform an altitude simulation

With this tester, you can adjust the settings of the machine to test the integrity of the impermeabilization, such as the rest interval, the temperature and the pressure to correct possible problems of the integrity of the seal that are found during the test.

The flex-pack leak detector is a sealing quality control device consisting of a transparent vacuum reservoir, a vacuum system, a control valve and the gauge that indicates the level of vacuum. The vacuum tank is mounted on a stainless steel support. During the test the package is submerged in the tank, the lid is closed, and the vacuum valve is activated. At that time if there is a leak, the quality control inspector can easily see the air in the form of bubbles escaping from the package. By increasing the vacuum level, the breaking point can be tested until a seal failure occurs. A complete test can be done quickly and easily!

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How to choose the right USB charger cable?




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This is a fast-moving world. You can find innovations now and then.  It is very difficult to find the right kind of accessories for devices nowadays.  One such big problem is charger cable. A charger cable worsens the situation if it does not suit your device properly. So, a right kind of USB charger cable has to be purchased.   A USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the common connectivity which enables and simplifies the communication between different devices with a host controller. For instance- nowadays our mobile charges come along with interacting USB charging cable through which you can charge your mobile phone, share data with other devices such as other mobile phone, laptops or desktop personal computer.  Initially, the USB cable was meant for only charging of the mobile phones, but the development in technology has enabled to transfer even data between the devices.


@ getty image

Types of “USB cables”: Based on the design, functionality,and speed, we can classify the USB cables into three categories:

  • USB cable: This was the initial USB cable that was innovated. In these types of the USB cable, the interaction is from the host to the peripheral.  Normally the cable configuration is designed in such a way that it is from type A to type B.
  • USB 2 Cable: This is a development of the earlier USB cable.  The speed of functions it does increases from the initial one.  Even here the communication goes from host to the peripheral devices with the same cable configuration type A to Type B.
  • USB 3 Cable: This is the latest version of the USB cables. The speed of functioning increases from megabytes to gigabytes with the same specification,e., communication passes from host to peripheral devices with cable configuration Type A to Type B.,But the latest version has a special facility.  The cable can be used from both the ends or the plug can be reversed.  This facility has made the usage simpler.

Different types of USB cables

The size and shape are the main factors that differentiate the USB cables.  Initially, USB cables used to be manufactured with a round tip.  But now a flatly shaped pin is being manufactured.  Even the devices also have a point specifically designed to allow the USB charger to be used to charge the device.  It depends on the device how many pins are there.  So accordingly, even the charger cable is being designed.  But if you want to buy a new charger cable, you will have checked the charger point and ensure whether it has a round pin or flat pin.  Nowadays, you get USB charger cable under various brands such as Apple charger cable which will suit any of your mobile smart phones.

So, when you are planning to buy a charger cable always check for the same brand USB charger cable which is similar to your phone else buy a USB charger cable which is best suitable for your mobile.

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