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Best practices for improving the website uptime



web hosting

A website plays an important role for the website owner as it represents the company on behalf of the owner globally. It is a key to your business ROI and success of your brand. Whenever we talk about the website performance next question raises that what is the uptime of the website? Uptime of the website plays an essential role to stand out in the competition. In a fast-moving world, a website with no downtime is given top priority. Single minute downtime will lead to loss of potential customers and it can also affect your brand.  Therefore, it’s essential to keep good uptime of the website for better performance.  In this article, below mentioned is the handpick list of best practices that are easy to follow and this will help to improve your website uptime.

web hosting

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1) Perfect web hosting platform:-

Website uptime depends upon the web hosting platform which you have selected to host on. If you notice frequent downtime then check with your hosting provider to know whether it is offering your website with the necessary resources. If your current plan is not meeting your requirement, then you can opt for a new plan. At the initial stage, you can opt for shared hosting plan, if you notice a good amount of traffic on your website then you can opt for Cheap VPS Server for faster website performance.

Even though other hosting solutions are meeting the requirements of all types of business website. But if we talk about cloud hosting or pay per use hosting solution, then it is the most preferred type of hosting solutions. Additionally, it is the best solution for small, mid and big sized businesses. You can host your website on public cloud as you will get benefited from user friendly interface which will allow you to scale your website as per your requirement. However, hosting on cloud platform is all time a better option to ensure that your website is consuming required amount of resources and this leads to save money.

2) Decrease the size of images:-

It is essential to optimize the front end of your website for better performance and user experience. After adding images on your site, it may take time to load due to increase in space consumption. However, optimizing the image size will increase the loading speed of the website. Use appropriate size of images and you can adopt a new image format to decrease the size of images.

3) Opt for CDN:-

A content delivery network performs well in tracking the static files of your website like image, CSS and Java scripts. A CDN delivers these files through web servers whenever users from the nearest location searched for a query in the search engine. However, shorter proximity ensures good performance of the site.

4) Compress Java Scripts:-

If you compress the Javascript files, it will help you to remove the extra spaces and this will result to lower down the speed. Another option is to load the third party Java scripts systematically. Nowadays, every business depends upon the third party service content such as social media, live chat, commenting and more. On the other hand, if you load Java scripts systematically then it will help you when third party services gets crashes and this will not affect your loading speed.

5) Website security:-

Due to heavy competition, data breaches and hacking have increased and this has made crucial to protect the website. If you are using a CMS platform, then it is necessary to take a safety measure by updating the CMS regularly. Update the passwords regularly and monitor the website file permissions to know whether they are defined properly or not. Additionally, web hosting providers also play an important role in protecting your website against spam and different attacks by offering SpamExpert in their plans.

6) Enable website caching:-

A website gets access multiple times in a month. All the time browser request a web page and server has to undertake some complex and time consuming calculations. These calculations consist of latest updates, produce headers and footers, searching the website sidebar and widgets, etc. With the help of caching, you help the server to remember the final result and this leads to load the page easily. Even though you update the website on the regular basis, it will not affect your content which is viewed by the users. On the other hand, you can set particular terms in the caching system where it will empties the cached files and reproduce the new ones as per your requirement. However, website caching affects your website performance and reduces the chances of downtime.

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Bluehost Black Friday 2017 Deals, Grab Your Dream on the Day



Bluehost Black Friday Deal

A faster web hosting is one of the big dream with my blogging journey, as well as BlueHost Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals very excited for me to get every product with very cheap prices up to 60%.

The Day is a special day for everyone looking to land great deals on some of their favorite products both offline and online. The same as people, who go to department stores and end up buying loads of stuff at discounted prices, bloggers, digital marketers and other people whose work is based online have a lot of benefits on this day. They can get plugins, online courses, hosting accounts and more similar products used in the online world.

But this Black Friday, one of the biggest surprises comes from Bluehost. It offers the most attractive deal of the year that everyone is eager to get their hands on. So, to brief you in, here we’ll discuss what it is all about.

Bluehost Black Friday Sale # Web Hosting

What You Get With the Black Friday Deal

Bluehost Black Friday DealAs a renowned company focused on web hosting, Bluehost has risen as one of the top 20 biggest web hosts. It hosts more than 2 million functional domains that are run by blog and website owners from around the globe.

Because of this, the Bluehost Black Friday deal that they offer this year is so meaningful and exciting. In more detail, the company provides discounts on some of their most used features together with more than 60% discount on their hosting.

With this deal, all users receive:

  • Monthly rates as low as $2.65 for the Basic Plan and up to $4.45 for the Plus and Premium Plans
  • One domain for free after every purchase
  • Free website builders
  • Domain names at a discounted price of only $2.99 for one year. These include domains ending in .com, .net, .info, .org, .us, and .biz
  • The finest web hosting with 24/7 support
  • Discount of 20% on SiteLock
  • $29 MOJO Bundlethat’s originally worth more than $500

And just on Monday, there will be $50 discount on site migration. Here are the discount details for Bluehost black Friday specialty:

This Bluehost Black Friday offer will start on the 24th November and last until the 27th November, giving you plenty of time to make your final call and accept it. You aren’t required to use coupon codes or anything similar. To avail this discount simply go to Bluehost’s website and click on the green button ‘Get started now’.

# 60% off Shared Hosting
# 50% off VPS Hosting
# 40% off Cloud Hosting

Bluehost Cyber Monday offer # The greater deals

Top Features Offered by Bluehost

The deal grants users many useful features, as well. Bluehost makes them available with their discounted package. Mainly, they’re aimed at the performance of your website, the web hosting, WordPress as well as online protection and email marketing.

Moreover, everyone can install WordPress in one click and receive a continuous support until they set up everything they need. Adding to this, by accepting the Bluehost Cyber Monday offer, you also get the opportunity to manage multiple WordPress sites and increase the storage memory with every higher plan.

Aside from this, Bluehost helps users keep the files from their websites safe thanks to the option for backups, which can be implemented monthly, weekly, and daily. The files are emailed to you so that you can access them whenever you want.

The Plus and Prime plans even have a marketing financial support of $200 included, one free domain, can add unlimited websites, spam experts and positive SSL free for main domain also free for addon domains too.

Bluehost Black Friday SaleHowever, in case you change your mind for some reason, with this deal you’re granted a money back guarantee anytime.

All users that intend to run their own blog or website can take advantage of the beneficial Black Friday deal offered by Bluehost. Since it’s one of the largest companies specializing in web hosting, you have a chance to grab some of the most attractive domains and use the features to manage them.

The discounts are massive, consisting of only $2.95 paid monthly for a whole year to use the hosting accompanied by loads of other features that come at low prices or for free. All of this makes this Black Friday offer an irresistible one for people working online.

Do you plan to try it out? What are your thoughts on it? Share everything with us and keep watching on Flix Expo for more offers.

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