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How To Get Rid Of Laugh Lines and Give You a Younger Look



Natural Treatments

Looking younger is a priority for many people, especially those going through the middle ages of their life. They’re mostly focused on freshening up their faces so that they don’t give up their age and stay good-looking for a longer period of time. While women are obsessed with this more than men, the outside appearance matters to everyone.

Therefore, wrinkles and laugh lines are first on the list of things that should vanish from the face. After years of smiling, it’s natural that lines and creases start to frame your mouth or eyes. But in no way should this mean that they can’t be treated. There are a lot of safe and healthy ways to do that without going to the doctor or undergoing medical treatments.

# Now we’ll go how to get rid of laugh lines with the best ways

Strengthen the Muscles in the Cheeks

Strengthen the Muscles in the Cheeks

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When it comes to making the skin tighter, the muscles in the cheeks have a big influence. Not only that they help you lift the skin up a bit, but if properly strengthened they chase away the laugh lines, as well.

So, to toughen them up, all you should do is follow this simple exercise:

  • With the tips of your index fingers press the laugh lines framing your mouth.
  • After you apply a certain pressure on them, separate your lips as wide as you can and smile.
  • Make your smile last for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Relax the muscles for a bit and then do it all again 15 to 30 times.

Target the Orbicularis oris muscles

Target the Orbicularis Oris Muscles

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The Orbicularis oris muscle are one of the muscles on our face that don’t get used a lot. Their main functions are assisting in closing the mouth and controlling the puckering. They also, prevent the skin from sagging.

So, it’s time to target them if you want to get rid of the laugh lines around your mouth. To do this you should:

  • With your index fingers hook the sides of your mouth and pull gently.
  • Just make sure you don’t stretch your mouth too much. A quarter inches will suffice.
  • Maintain this position for no more than 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Start with the opposite side.
  • With your index fingers apply some pressure and tighten the corners of your mouth toward each other with the mouth muscles.
  • Relax for a while and repeat the whole exercise 10 to 25 times.

Use the Thumbs near Your Eyes

Use the Thumbs near Your Eyes

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Carolyn’s Facial Fitness considers this exercise as one of the most efficient ones for removing the lines. It provokes your eyes’ corners to go outward to prevent the skin around them from wrinkling and the cheeks from pushing it up.

Everyone can easily perform it as it consists only of:

  • Putting your thumbs close to the corners of your eyes while at the same time placing your fingers on the top of your head.
  • Shutting your eyes and slowly moving your thumbs from the corners to your temples.
  • Doing this for approximately 5 seconds and repeating it no more than 10 times.

Natural Treatments

Natural Treatments


There are multiple remedies for laugh lines, which are natural and some of them can be even prepared at home. It’s best to try a couple of them before you finally settle on one that works for you. Note that it’s individual whether one treatment is effective or not.

  • Coconut oil and other oils – Apply them cautiously on the lines. Some people put a bit of brown sugar in the coconut blend as well.
  • Lemon juice – Use this one with special care, especially be careful to evade the eyes. Rub the lemon juice on the lines and it just might work.
  • Water – Believe it or not, water can seriously make you look younger. Water is known to keep the skin hydrated, with some experts advising that eight to ten glasses daily will do the magic.
  • Stay away from the sun
  • Antioxidants – They are huge enemies to all kinds of diseases, including wrinkles and lines. They stop the aging and keep the skin in a top shape.

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