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Digital Marketing and 5 Types You Should Implement Now



Digital Marketing

Even though it’s practically everyone around us, very few people can precisely define or capture the essence of digital marketing and its numerous forms. From the ads that pop up while you’re browsing the internet to the promotional videos posted by celebrities and influencers on social media, all of that represents digital marketing. It’s safe to say that, historically, it’s been around for a while besides being omnipresent.

So, it’s a branch of marketing for products, as well as services, with the use of any electronic device, gadget or invention.

Now that you have this definition in your mind, we can move onto the various forms that digital marketing takes.

Email Marketing

Thanks to the techniques of email marketing, an individual or an organization/business can more closely get in touch with the supporters and both potential and actual customers.

Email Marketing

Once they subscribe to your emails, you can use the opportunity to update them on news and deals that are relevant to you.


In return, this provides a very personal connection that can easily translate into a close and, eventually, cash. Plus, it builds loyalty and reliability.

Some entities opt for buying fake email subscribers. Make sure you don’t make that mistake as that act won’t lead anywhere in the long run. Instead, you need real people that can buy what you offer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This type is associated with the search engines, among which Google is still dominant and looks like it will maintain that status. By SEO we mean your or your website’s visibility on the results pages of a search engine that is obtained organically.

search engine optimization

Based on a plethora of factors like certain keywords, location, as well as the previous browsing history of the searcher, the algorithm of the search engines determine which results pop up on the first, second, third page, and so on.

Naturally, the goal is to reach the top spots on the first page. That’s because very few users go to the other pages to look for what they need. So, the chances are higher that they’ll buy from you than from the competition. Getting to the top spots takes a lot of work, but it’s still achievable.


The basic thing everyone should know regarding this is that the algorithms of the search engines change together with the needs and preferences of the users. So if you made your site SEO-friendly once, that doesn’t mean you’re done. The updates and changes don’t and shouldn’t stop.

Going Offline

Is digital marketing practiced only online? If you answered ‘no’, then you’re correct. The word ‘digital’ encompasses both online and offline marketing activities despite what many think.

This form improves the pleasure and the whole experience of the user. And when you pair it together with the online ones, you get a winning marketing partnership.

offline marketing

With that being said, some examples of offline digital marketing channels include marketing on TV, the radio, and even marketing on the phone.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media has slowly but surely climbed on the priority list in people’s lives. Most of them can’t imagine their day without checking what’s new on their profiles on different social media platforms. Therefore, now more than ever is time to focus on promotion there in order to increase your visibility and presence before a larger number of people.


Social Media Marketing

This is done through efficient social media marketing. Firstly, it all comes down to the content brands and individuals’ posts. It should be worthy of reading and contain relevant information. Moreover, this type of marketing requires those that implement it to be vigilant of all the news that is relevant to their business so that they can share the details timely. This will attract more users interested in the matter and encourage them to engage with it.

Aside from this, people should determine their target audience. This way they can know how to write the content and who to address. A clear call to action (CTA) is vital here since it asks all those visiting the profile to do something to support it.

However, SMM isn’t a one-way process. To see what people in your target audience like, you should engage more with them. That’s why profile owners tend to visit other profiles and pages in the same field of expertise and read through the comments to learn the interests of the public. It doesn’t do harm to talk to the users and ask them what they want in a more personal manner. This usually turns out to be rewarding.

Luckily, nowadays, there are other online means to help with all of this, as well. After the first reseller panel appeared, the services in this field were revolutionized. Furthermore, people can visit this so-called online panels and browse through everything they offer. In general, there are likes, followers, comments, and other types of engagement to be bought. The more of these they purchase, the greater the number shown on the profile will be. And in many cases, this increases its popularity and reach. Not to mention that legit panels deliver the bought services at once and the people that make the engagements are real profiles rather than bots.

Influencer Marketing

Connected to the previous one, another popular type of digital marketing is influencer marketing. In fact, it turns out that many, especially young users, look up to these individuals known as influencers to show them something interesting. Usually, they are experts in what they do and have large following bases.


Influence Marketing

So, when a brand gives them a product to promote on their profiles, more users discover it and want to try it. Understandably, this is because they trust this individual and want to see what’s special about the product they chose to promote.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s your turn. After exploring some of the top digital marketing types, what do you think about them? Have you tried any of them? Or do you still plan to do so? Share your experiences and opinions in the comments section.

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