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Social Media Tools, Must Use For Creating Engaging Content In 2017



Social Media Tools

Creating Social Media content is time consuming and creating quality one is even more time consuming and requires a lot of work.These are the must use Social Media Tools  for creating engaging content.

As creating engaging visual content is the newest trend using these tools would definitely make a difference in your Social Media posting strategy plan. The main question that everyone wants to know the answer for is  how do you find time, the creativity, the energy to create all the different types of content for all your different Social Media accounts, well Social Media Tools are gonna fix that problem.

Here we gonna review some of the Social Media Tools that will make your job easier one step at a time, using these tools would definitely make you manage your projects better time wise and at the same time create amazing and stunning content that will wow your audience.

The difference in creating good and amazing content is the main reason for being successful and better than the competition.

Social Media Tools, Canva


Simple and efficient graphic design software

Description: The main reason why is one of the most and loved graphic designing tool on the internet it’s because of it’s amazing simplicity. You can with ease drag-and-drop what you like, select templates, colors, add professional images and logos and customize them to your willing.


The fonts that you can use for your text are amazing and the selection they offer is pretty impressive. Using Canva is free and use their whole array of images, fonts, templates and a lot of other things with no charge.

You can pick and choose and pay for the ones that are behind a paywall, they are not that costly like if you want one of the premium images, templates or other type of designs they start from one dollar.


Social Media Tools, Piktochart


A cloud-based application that allows its users to create infographics of their liking

Description: The reason why we chose as our second favorite from all the other Social Media Tools is the undeniably truth that infographics are engagement boosters and have been shown through dozen of analysis done.


Everyone who is aware of the power they hold they love infographics because they are compelling and attractive, easily viewed, scanned and understood, they boost traffic, SEO and finally they show an expert understanding of a subject, they are a serious deal. Avoiding using them is gonna definitely gonna be a bad decision.

Social Media Tools, Magisto


An online video editor that will make you a video generating super hero

Description: There are many other Social Media Tools online that are similar to but what makes Magisto different is that you can create amazing and stunning videos and movies with almost no effort. Magisto has over 80 million users worldwide which tells us and shows us that we are dealing with a top quality product.

More and more business are transitioning to the video format, over 85% marketers would invest more in video marketing in the years to come. Why? Video content increases brand awareness by 200%, lead generation by 300% video content improves email click-through rates, 80% sales video marketing improves conversion rates it closes more sales.

Magisto isn’t free to use but offers affordable customer plans starting at 2.99$.


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