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9 Gorgeous Architectural Design Trends to Explore



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Last Updated on April 1, 2022 by Sukhen Tanchangya

Before, architectural trends used to evolve really slowly, but since we’ve just lived through a majorly disruptive period of time due to COVID-19, we can expect architecture to pick up the pace and show us new design influences emerging in 2021. However, the architecture of today is not only affected by what is popular and recurrent but also what is relevant and substantial, so we can expect a colorful mix of aesthetically pleasing trends that are green, sustainable, practical and human-centric. Want to stay in the loop with what’s going on in the world of architecture? Here are the most prominent trends to explore:

Humans have an innate understanding and love of nature, so we have already developed a biophilic trend that connects our indoor spaces with the outside world. Large expanses of glass allow us to connect with nature, especially since we still need to be confined to our internal spaces. Planters on building facades provide greenery to all levels of a building, not just the ground level. Also, internal gardens (no matter if in the shape of a courtyard or green walls) additionally support this green construction trend.

Green homes evolve

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Eco-friendliness is more important today than ever before. Architects, investors, buyers and renters are all more than willing to adopt new building technologies and passive methods to make the world a little more sustainable. Green buildings are getting sustainable material palettes (mainly local materials that reduce transportation pollution) and green roofs. Green roofs with plantation space have the potential to become the biggest trend in the upcoming years.


Passive design principles are also becoming more mainstream and are being adopted by more and more homeowners who appreciate the low-cost living and environmental benefits this type of design offers. Passive buildings have many factors you should consider from strategic site selection to proper building orientation that will maximize illumination and ventilation and minimize energy waste. Practical materials and construction techniques also play a role in passive design, especially when it comes to reduction of heat/cool waste and comfort (the latter is extra important since we’re forced to spend so much time at home lately).

Better interior planning

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One of the biggest changes the COVID-19 pandemic brought to architecture concerns the layout of our homes. Some places in our homes were designed to be used only a few times a week, and suddenly, we’re using them every day, so some changes to the design will need to be invented.

Also, multipurpose spaces will steal the spotlight. Since we need indoor space to take care of certain functions that we used to do at work or outside, additional areas will also be required.

Modular building

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Today, we need new buildings fast. With COVID-19, we realized that there’s no time for wasting on complicated building processes. In some cases (like with hospitals or testing centers) we need new buildings in a matter of months, even weeks. Luckily, the construction of a modular building can cut your overall project time by 40%. And don’t think reduced construction time is achieved by cutting corners! Most modular buildings are designed by experts and need to pass rigorous quality controls before they welcome users.

Innovative facades


With many new dynamic and modular forms becoming more popular, and thanks to software technology that makes them easy to manage on the construction scale, we can see a new series of façade development. While modular panels aren’t anything new in interior design, they are now breaking into the exterior design, and we can expect to see them in many upcoming projects. Thanks to the approachable technology and easy installation methods, every building can have a completely customizable look.


Smart homes

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Both new buildings and rehabilitated ones are getting fitted with smart tech. In the past, smart technology was only used to reduce chores or improve the quality of living by monitoring indoor parameters. However, today, touchless technology is being integrated into more and more components so we have audio-controlled devices, sensors for fixtures, smart safety features, etc. Domotic architecture is also a reflection of our social awareness, care for the environment and the effort to consume smarter and cleaner.

New materials

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Steel has always been one of the most efficient design materials, but it was not often used in residential architecture, especially not where it can be visible. However, steel constructions will take the limelight in the upcoming years. This material is efficient and sustainable, and its speedy construction technology allows it to stand out as a cost-effective material. So we can expect to see many small/medium-scale projects in this palette. Keep an eye on exposed steel structures in 2021.

City redevelopment

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City redevelopment is one of those trends that make us stop and think about what we’re doing with our development patterns. Since the industry is redeveloping cities and buildings left and right, it’s one of the biggest trends for 2021. However, this trend should make us all reconsider the losses we’re going to experience. If exploited (aiming for profits at the expense of residents and communities) this trend can change city living as we know it, and not in a good way.

Small social spaces

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Smart cities and city redevelopment are on the rise, so many public spaces are getting a makeover since they make a huge impact on city livability and an overall development aspect of urban settlements. Well-designed and rectified public areas allow residents to connect, interact and relax in a peaceful and relaxing environment. More and more concrete areas, parking lots and other unused spaces are being turned into small parks, rest stops and playgrounds for kids. While this trend is not working well during the pandemic when we’re all supposed to stay inside and avoid public spaces, in the long run, it offers great benefits to residents, developers and investors.

COVID-19 was horrible for most industries, but architecture managed to turn something negative into a positive and bless us with many new trends. Keep an eye on these aforementioned ones, and you will soon start seeing them wherever you turn.


Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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How to Learn Spanish and Become Fluent as an Adult



How to Learn Spanish
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Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Shishir Del Rio

So you want to learn Spanish. Or maybe you’ve been studying it for a while but still can’t shake that feeling of inadequacy. Well, look no more—we’ve got the perfect solution for your not-so-little dilemma.

A lot of people come to me, asking for a tip on conquering the art of learning a foreign language. And honestly, I feel bad for them because the answer isn’t so simple. Yes, it is possible to go from day one with zero understanding of Spanish and be fluent in just a few months. But it isn’t that easy either.

The fact of the matter is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And in a layman’s opinion, I believe that my book is the best short-term solution for those who wish to learn Spanish for adults quickly.


How can I be so sure? Well, let me explain…

When you learn any language (whether it’s French, German or even Dutch), you have to unlearn an incredible amount of things. Your lessons might be structured the same way, but words and the way you speak them will differ from one language to another.

If you’re serious about becoming fluent in Spanish and you’re planning to settle down in a Spanish-speaking country, you’ll have to start learning as soon as possible. And why not get a head start? That’s why I wrote this book. My main goal was to compose a resource that would guide Spanish learners on how they can become better and more efficient in their studies.

Change Your Devices to Spanish

One of the best ways to improve your pronunciation and listening skills is to install software that translates everything in your native language into Spanish. You just have to change the settings on your PC, Laptop, or any other device that you commonly use for work purposes.
It seems like a small thing, but it does wonders.

I’ve been using it for a while now and I must say that I’m impressed by how quickly my skills improved. I have a laptop, which I used for work. But now I’ve switched it to Spanish without having to touch the settings on it.


I also have a smartphone, but I don’t use it as much as I should. This is another good way of adding some new vocabulary and gaining better listening skills.

These days, many websites offer free apps that can be easily downloaded onto your device. And with almost all smartphones now having a translation feature, using these apps in everyday life isn’t a problem.

Join a Language Exchange

A language exchange is an online community of people who are willing to practice speaking their foreign language with each other. In order to meet people and practice your language skills, you’ll usually have to sign up for one of these sites and create a profile. Then you can start setting up conversation groups by yourself or with other users.

There are many language exchanges out there. For example, the one I use is called Fluent Forever. It requires you to pay a small monthly fee, but it has a pretty active community of users and is definitely worth it.

If you’re not in a rush to learn Spanish and you have no problem practicing your language skills at home or in the office environment, then this might not be the best option for you.


Immerse Yourself in Spanish

The best way to gain new vocabulary is actually getting out and talking to people. But you can’t do that if you have no one to talk to.

To overcome this problem, use the following trick – spend some time on Spanish speaking websites and social media. It might be a good idea to start with a site like SchooLingo – it’s free so you won’t have to spend too much money on it.

After that, you can go to Facebook groups or even use any of the apps that you can find out there.

If this method doesn’t make it possible for you to talk with people about your language, then there’s still a way for you to do it. The real challenge is making sure that your Spanish level is high enough so you can join a conversation without feeling pressured or embarrassed.

Listen to Spanish Podcasts

Podcasts are really helpful for those of you who have a long commute to and from work. When you’re driving, you might get bored with listening to the same songs over and over again. Why not change that habit with a podcast?


Another good thing about podcasts is that they can introduce you to topics (like politics or economics) that interest you. These days, there are many Spanish-language versions of popular English podcast shows. Just find the ones that you like and check if they have a Spanish version.

If you’re worried about the fact that what you hear might be too hard for you to understand, then don’t panic. Podcasts are great because they help you practice your listening skills, even before understanding what people are saying. Being able to listen to a podcast will also allow you to learn new words and expressions by just listening.

Consume Spanish Newspapers, TV, and Movies

Apart from learning through instruction, the best way to absorb new vocabulary is by watching the news and TV shows in Spanish. Even better, there are many Spanish-language news channels and shows that you can watch online or even on your mobile device.

The best way to find out if a show is available with subtitles in Spanish is by searching on Google. But you don’t have to rely solely on internet search results – I always do my research before I jump into something new, rather than just following what other people tell me to do.

After you’ve watched some of your favorite shows, use a free app on your smartphone to check how difficult it was for you to understand.


If this is your first-time reading and trying out Spanish subtitles, then I can assure you that the learning curve for this method is very steep.

The best way to tackle it would be by stopping the movie at one point and writing down everything you understood from what was being said on screen. The more you do this, the better results you will get in the end.

Find a Spanish Language Partner

If you’re living in an area where Spanish is widely spoken, then finding a Spanish language partner shouldn’t be too hard. You just have to ask around and see if there are many people who would be willing to help you out. If they can’t do it, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Remember that your partner should be someone who speaks Spanish fluently enough so they don’t bore you with their longer sentences or complicated grammar lessons. Also, make sure that they are genuinely interested in helping you improve your Spanish skills.

If this is your first time trying to find help from others, then it might be difficult for you to know if the person you’re talking to is telling you the truth.


Ask them questions about their current situation so they can show off their Spanish speaking skills and you’ll immediately be able to tell where they are on the language learning curve or how patient they are with new learners.

Befriend Technology: Apps and Online Courses

When you’re trying to learn a new language, technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
Searching for apps and other Free resources online is highly encouraged because there are many programs out there that will help you improve your Spanish skills. But if you don’t use these tools correctly, then you might end up wasting time rather than saving it.

Remember that any program or app can only give you a small boost in learning Spanish – the rest is up to yourself.

The most important thing about an app is that it should give you a good reason to use it every day. If you have no reason to use it, then it will do you no good.

I’ve talked about this many times, but I cannot stress enough how important online courses are for those of you who want to get into the habit of learning some Spanish on their own.
The good thing about online courses is that you can start at any time, and there are no excuses for not doing anything.


There are tons of websites out there that offer online Spanish classes for free, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on your language learning journey.
There is no secret code or hidden key to learning other languages.

Final Thought

One thing that I keep learning every day is that you’re never done learning– you might be fluent in one language and think you know it all, but the moment you start traveling to a new country or meet someone who speaks another language, your journey to learn Spanish will become an even more interesting experience.
So now it’s your turn – don’t just take my word for it. Try these methods out and see for yourself what works best for you.

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10 Best Places To Teach English Abroad And Save Money



Best Places to Teach English Abroad and Save Money
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Last Updated on June 11, 2022 by Shishir Del Rio

There are many reasons to want to teach English abroad, but one of the best is that you can often save money while doing it. Here are 10 of the best places to teach English abroad and save money:

1. China – With its large population and growing economy, China is a great place to teach English and save money.

Salaries are typically high, and there are many opportunities to find work.

2. Japan – Although salaries in Japan are not as high as in China, the cost of living is also lower. This makes it a great place to save money while teaching English.

3. South Korea – Like Japan, salaries in South Korea are lower than in China but the cost of living is also lower. This makes it a great place to save money while teaching English.


4. Taiwan – Taiwan is a great place to live cheaply while teaching English. You can also find plenty of work opportunities here.

Where can teachers save the most money?

When it comes to saving money, teachers have a lot of options. Here are a few places where teachers can save the most money.

1. On classroom supplies. By shopping online or at discount stores, teachers can save a lot of money on classroom supplies.

2. On professional development. There are many ways to get professional development for free or at a discount. For example, many conferences offer discounts for teachers.

3. On textbooks. Teachers can save money on textbooks by using online resources or renting textbooks instead of buying them.

4. On travel. Teachers can save money on travel by planning ahead and taking advantage of discounts. For example, many airlines offer discounts for teachers.

5. On food. Teachers can save money on food by cooking at home and packing their own lunches. By taking advantage of these savings opportunities, teachers can save a lot of money.


Which country is best for teaching English?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as your teaching experience, qualifications, and personal preferences. However, there are a few countries that are generally considered to be good places to teach English, such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. These countries typically offer good salaries and benefits and have a high demand for English teachers.

How much can you save teaching English abroad?

When it comes to saving money, teaching English abroad can be a great option. With a lower cost of living in many countries and a good salary, you can often save a good chunk of money each month. Of course, how much you can save will depend on a number of factors, including your salary, the cost of living in your chosen country, and your spending habits.

Generally speaking, you can expect to save around $500-$1000 USD per month teaching English abroad. This can be a great way to boost your savings account, pay off debt, or travel the world. If you’re looking to save even more money, there are a few things you can do.

First, try to find a job that provides housing or offers a housing allowance. This can be a big saving, as rent can often be one of the biggest expenses. Secondly, cook at home as much as possible.

Which country has the highest demand for English teachers?

There is a great demand for English teachers around the world. The highest demand is in Asia, specifically in China, Japan, and South Korea. These countries have a growing economy and a need for English in order to communicate with the rest of the world.

Other countries with a high demand for English teachers include Brazil, Russia, and Spain.

Best countries to teach English and save money

There are many reasons why people choose to teach English abroad. Some people want to travel and see the world, while others want to immerse themselves in a new culture. And of course, there are those who want to save money.

If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of countries where you can both teach English and save money. Here are a few of the best countries to consider:

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a great place to live and work. The cost of living is relatively low, and you can easily save a good chunk of your salary. In addition, there is a growing demand for English teachers, so you should be able to find a job relatively easily.

2. Thailand Like Vietnam, the cost of living in Thailand is relatively low.


Countries with high demand for English teachers

There are many countries around the world that have a high demand for English teachers. This is often because English is considered to be the language of business and international communication, and as such, many people want to learn it in order to further their careers. Some of the countries with the highest demand for English teachers include China, Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

These countries often have government-sponsored programs to attract native English speakers to come and teach in their schools and universities. There are many reasons why teaching English in another country can be a great experience. It can be a great way to see the world, meet new people, and learn about new cultures.

It can also be a great way to save money, as many countries offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. If you’re a native English speaker and are interested in teaching English in another country, there are many resources available to help you find the right opportunity.

Best countries to teach English 2022

With the growing popularity of English as a second language, there are more opportunities than ever to teach English abroad. But with so many countries to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start your search. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the best countries to teach English in 2022.

These countries offer a variety of benefits for English teachers, including competitive salaries, low cost of living, and a wealth of teaching opportunities.

1. China China is one of the most popular destinations for English teachers, and it’s not hard to see why.

Salaries in China are some of the highest in the world, and the cost of living is relatively low. There are also a huge number of teaching opportunities available, making it easy to find a job that’s a good fit for your skills and interests.

2. Japan: Japan is another popular destination for English teachers.

Teaching jobs abroad without experience

Teaching jobs abroad without experience is not as difficult to come by as one might think. There are many programs and organizations that offer teaching opportunities for those who are interested in working abroad but don’t have any previous teaching experience. One option for those interested in teaching jobs abroad without experience is to look into volunteer teaching programs.

These programs typically involve teaching English or other subjects in a classroom setting for a few hours each day. While volunteer teaching programs don’t typically provide a salary, they can be a great way to gain teaching experience and learn about different cultures. Another option for those interested in teaching jobs abroad without experience is to apply for teaching assistant positions.

These positions typically involve working alongside a teacher in a classroom setting and can be a great way to learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of a teacher. Teaching assistant positions are often available in a variety of countries and can be a great way to gain international experience.


Best countries to be a teacher

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best country to be a teacher. Some factors include the quality of the education system, the pay and benefits, the cost of living, the quality of life, and the work-life balance. The education system is the most important factor to consider when choosing the best country to be a teacher.

The education system in the United States is ranked as one of the best in the world. The United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia also have excellent education systems. The pay and benefits for teachers vary widely from country to country.

In the United States, teachers are paid relatively well. Teachers in the United Kingdom and Canada also receive good salaries. However, teachers in Australia are paid less than their counterparts in other developed countries.

The cost of living is another important factor to consider. The cost of living in the United States is high, but it is still lower than in many other developed countries.

Teaching abroad organizations

If you’re considering a teaching abroad program, there are a few things you should know about the different organizations that offer these opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular teaching abroad organizations to help you decide which one is right for you. The Fulbright Program is the largest international educational exchange program in the world, offering opportunities for students and professionals to study, teach, and conduct research in over 140 countries.

The Peace Corps is a US government program that sends American volunteers to work on development projects in countries around the world. Volunteers typically work in education, health, community development, or the environment. Teach for America is a nonprofit organization that places recent college graduates in teaching positions in low-income communities across the United States.

The JET Program is a Japanese government initiative that brings young professionals from around the world to teach English in Japanese schools and companies. These are just a few of the many organizations that offer teaching abroad programs.

Best countries to teach math abroad

When it comes to finding the best countries to teach math abroad, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the educational system in the country you’re interested in. Is it well-developed and well-respected?

What kind of resources and support will you have access to as a teacher? Next, think about the students you’ll be teaching. Are they motivated and excited to learn?

Do they have a good foundation in math already? In some countries, students may not have as much exposure to math as you’re used to, so it’s important to be prepared to adapt your teaching methods. Finally, consider your own skills and experience.

Are you confident in your ability to teach math effectively to students from another culture? Do you have the patience and flexibility to deal with different learning styles?


1) EPIK Program in South Korea: The EPIK program in South Korea is one of the most popular programs for those looking to teach English abroad. The program provides successful applicants with a one-year contract to teach English in a public school in South Korea, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. The program also offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including airfare to and from South Korea, housing, and medical insurance.

2) JET Program in Japan: The JET Program is another popular option for those looking to teach English abroad. The program places successful applicants in public schools or government offices in Japan for a one-year contract, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. The JET Program also offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including airfare to and from Japan, housing, and medical insurance.

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Kathy Hilton Net Worth



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Last Updated on June 10, 2022 by Shishir Del Rio

Kathy Hilton is an American actress, socialite, and fashion designer. She has an estimated net worth of $300 million. Hilton is the mother of socialite Paris Hilton and fashion designer Nicky Hilton.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Paris Whitney Hilton
Popular Name:Paris Hilton
Birth Date:February 17, 1981
Parents:Rickard ‘Rick’ Hilton and Kathy Hilton
Siblings:Nicki Hilton Rothschild, Barron Hilton II, and Conrad Hughes Hilton
Birth Place:New York City, United States
Ethnicity:English, German, Norwegian, Italian, Irish, and Scottish
Education:Buckley School, St. Paul the Apostle School, Marywood-Palm Valley School, Professional Children’s School, Provo Canyon School, and Dwight School
Marital Status:Unmarried
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Net Worth:USD 300 million
Source of Wealth:Media, Modeling, Acting, Singing, Deejaying, Endorsement Deals, and Entrepreneurship
Height:5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Weight:55 kg; In pounds: 121 lbs.

She has appeared in several reality television shows, including The Simple Life and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! . Hilton has also released a line of jewelry and fragrances.

Kathy Hilton Net Worth


How much is Kathy & Rick Hilton worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kathy & Rick Hilton are worth $300 million. The couple has made their fortune through a variety of businesses, including real estate, hospitality, and entertainment. Kathy and Rick Hilton met while attending the University of Arizona.

They married in 1979 and have three children together: Paris, Nicky, and Barron. The Hiltons began their careers in the real estate industry. In the early 1980s, they founded the Hilton & Hyland real estate brokerage firm in Beverly Hills.

They have since sold properties all over the world, including the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. The Hiltons have also been involved in the hospitality industry. In 1994, they opened the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort in Mexico.

They also own several nightclubs, including the popular 1 OAK Los Angeles.


What is the Hilton family net worth?

The Hilton family is one of the richest and most successful families in the world, with a net worth of billions of dollars. The family’s wealth comes from a variety of sources, including their successful hotel business, real estate holdings, and investments. The Hiltons are also known for their extravagant lifestyle, which includes lavish homes, expensive cars, and private jets.

The family’s net worth began to grow in the early 1900s when Conrad Hilton, the family’s patriarch, founded the Hilton hotel chain. Since then, the Hilton hotels have expanded to become one of the largest hotel chains in the world, with properties in major cities all over the globe. The Hilton family’s real estate portfolio is also quite impressive, with properties in New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities.

In addition to their real estate and hotel holdings, the Hilton family also has a number of other businesses and investments.

How did Kathy Hilton get rich?

Kathy Hilton’s career began as a model and actress, but she is best known as a socialite and reality television star. She has appeared on several reality shows, including “The Simple Life” with her daughter Paris Hilton, and “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” In addition to her reality television work, Kathy has also launched her own fashion line and has written several books.

Kathy’s husband, Rick Hilton, is a successful businessman and the heir to the Hilton hotel fortune. Together, the couple has an estimated net worth of $300 million. Much of their wealth comes from Rick’s business ventures, but Kathy has also earned a significant amount of money through her work in television and fashion.

What does Kathy Hilton do for a living?

Kathy Hilton is best known for her role as socialite Paris Hilton’s mother. However, Kathy has several other business ventures. She is a fashion designer, actress, author, and philanthropist.

Kathy’s fashion line is called KLH by Kathy Hilton. The line is available at major department stores and online retailers. Kathy has also written a book called Confessions of a Mother-in-Law, which is a collection of essays about her life as a mother-in-law.

Kathy is also involved in several philanthropic endeavors. She is a supporter ofAIDS research and is a board member of amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. She is also on the board of directors for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


Kathy Hilton is an American actress, socialite, and fashion designer. She has a net worth of $300 million. Hilton is a member of the Hilton family, which owns the international chain of hotels.

She has appeared on several reality television shows, including The Simple Life and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! .

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Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Rich Is The Boxer Actually?



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Last Updated on June 11, 2022 by Shishir Del Rio

As of 2021, Ryan Garcia’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. The 24-year-old American boxer has earned his wealth from his successful career in the ring. Garcia made his professional debut in 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks, winning multiple titles along the way.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Ryan García
Popular Name:Ryan García
Birth Date:August 8, 1998
Parents:Henry García and Lisa García
Siblings:Demi García, Sasha García, Kayla García, and Sean García
Birth Place:Victorville, California
Education:Adelanto High School, then later homeschooled
Marital Status:In a relationship
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Children:Bela García
Dating:Drea Célina
Net Worth:USD 10 million
Source of Wealth:Professional Boxing, Endorsement Deals, and Other Ventures
Height:5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Weight:61 kg; In pounds: 135 lbs.

He has fought some of the biggest names in boxing, including Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez. While Garcia is still relatively young, he has already established himself as one of the top boxers in the world. He is currently ranked as the #1 lightweight in the world by The Ring magazine.

Garcia’s success in the ring has led to him becoming one of the highest-paid boxers in the world. He reportedly earned $1.25 million for his fight against Pacquiao in 2020.

How much money has Ryan Garcia made from boxing?

As of September 2020, Ryan Garcia has a recorded career total of $5.2 million in boxing earnings. Of this total, Garcia has made $4 million from fighting purses and $1.2 million from endorsements. Garcia’s first major purse came from his fight against Jayson Velez in 2017, which he earned $300,000 for.

His highest-earning fight to date was against Romero Duno in 2020, for which he was paid $1.25 million. Garcia has fought a total of 21 times as a professional boxer, with a current record of 21 wins and 0 losses.


How much does Ryan Garcia gets paid?

As of 2020, Ryan Garcia is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. His career earnings are unknown, but his fights typically earn him tens of thousands of dollars. For example, his fight against Francisco Fonseca in 2019 earned him a reported $350,000.

Is Ryan Garcia mentally ill?

No, Ryan Garcia is not mentally ill.

How rich is Canelo?

Canelo Alvarez is a Mexican professional boxer. He is currently ranked as the world’s best pound for pound boxer by BoxRec, and as the world’s third best active boxer, pound for pound, by The Ring magazine. As of May 2020, Alvarez’s estimated net worth is $140 million, making him one of the richest boxers in the world.

Alvarez’s professional career began when he was just 15 years old, and he has since gone on to fight 52 times, winning 49 of those fights. In 2013, he signed a multi-million dollar contract with American television network HBO, which helped to boost his net worth significantly. In 2015, he signed an even bigger contract with streaming service DAZN, worth a reported $365 million.

This made him the highest paid athlete in the world at the time. Alvarez has earned the vast majority of his wealth through his successful boxing career.


Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer with a net worth of $5 million. Garcia has competed in 22 fights, winning 21 of them. His most notable victory was against WBC Lightweight Champion Dejan Zlaticanin, which earned him the title of interim WBC Lightweight Champion.

Garcia is currently signed with Golden Boy Promotions and fights in the lightweight division.

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Ben Askren Net Worth: How Rich Is The Retired Mma Fighter?



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Last Updated on June 10, 2022 by Shishir Del Rio

Ben Askren is a retired MMA fighter who has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He made his fortune by fighting in some of the biggest MMA organizations in the world, including the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship. In his prime, Askren was one of the most dominant fighters in the sport, winning multiple championships and setting several records.

However, he retired from fighting in 2019 after suffering a series of injuries.

How much did Ben Askren worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ben Askren is worth an estimated $8 million. The 34-year-old American mixed martial artist has competed in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship. Askren began his MMA career in 2009, and quickly made a name for himself as one of the sport’s top welterweights.

He won the Bellator Welterweight Championship in 2010 and defended it twice before moving to the UFC in 2014. In the UFC, Askren had mixed results, winning four of his seven fights. He retired from MMA in 2019 after suffering a devastating knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal.

Despite his relatively short MMA career, Askren has amassed a sizable fortune thanks to his successful stints in Bellator and ONE Championship. In addition to his fighting earnings, he also has endorsement deals with Reebok, Bud Light, and Monster Energy.

What is Jorge master balls net worth?

Jorge Master balls net worth is an impressive $10 million. He has made his money through a variety of businesses, including real estate, investments, and a successful career as a professional athlete. Jorge was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and started playing soccer at a young age.

He quickly developed into a star player, and was signed by River Plate, one of the most popular soccer clubs in Argentina, at the age of 16. He played for River Plate for four years, before being transferred to the Spanish club Barcelona in 2000. At Barcelona, Jorge quickly established himself as one of the best players in the world.

He helped the team win the Spanish League title in 2005, and was named the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2006. He remained with Barcelona until 2007, when he was transferred to the English club Chelsea. At Chelsea, Jorge helped the team win the English Premier League title in 2010, and the UEFA Champions League in 2012.


How much did Ben Askren get paid for the Masvidal fight?

On July 6th, 2019, Ben Askren fought Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239. Askren was paid $500,000 for the fight, while Masvidal took home $200,000.


Ben Askren is a retired MMA fighter who is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. He made his fortune through his successful fighting career and by appearing in various reality TV shows. Askren is currently enjoying his retirement by spending time with his family and friends.

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