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9 Places to Get Free Music Downloads You Didn’t Know You Could Use



Free Music Downloads
9 Places to Get Free Music Downloads You Didn’t Know You Could Use
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The ability to listen to their favorite songs wherever and whenever they want makes people constantly look for the best places to get free music downloads. Luckily, the Internet is full of them, allowing you to explore a wide variety of artists and their songs.

Free Music Downloads

Since they are so many, it may be tough to find the right ones, though. That’s why we’ve created this list to help you out. It contains completely legal sites with files that fall under the public domain or are approved for downloading by the artists, so you can listen to all of them freely. Also, you’ll get a chance to discover some entirely new pieces that you haven’t heard of before. You can try if you like to sing free classical music.

Have in mind that all files can be downloaded in the MP3 format and played on all of your devices including computers, phones, and tablets in a high quality.



© NoiseTrade

On NoiseTrade there are thousands of artists offering their music for free and legally. You can choose to leave them a tip or promote them if you want to do something positive in return.

For easier searching, users will encounter categories on the homepage containing all the songs. They present what’s new and trending for you to see what the others like to listen to. Aside from this, there’s a search bar for exploring the site even further.

After making your decision, you can download the whole albums as ZIP files with the songs inside of them in MP3 format. You’ll only be asked to give your email address and ZIP code.



© Amazon

One of the most popular sites that incorporate free music downloads is Amazon. As with everything else, it has a vast library of songs from multiple artists available for taking.

On the specific page, you’ll see a table containing the title of the song, artist, album, and duration. Before saving a file, though, you have the opportunity to listen to it and decide if you like to keep it on your device. If you do, then you should press the ‘Free’ button and add the chosen songs to your cart. The same as when you’re buying something click on ‘Place Order’ during checkout and you’ll get the link for downloading the free files.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

© Free Music Archive

Users don’t need an account to download music from FMA. But in case you create one you’ll have a chance to craft your collections and communicate with the other users.

The site features songs that are either from the public domain library or Creative Commons indicating that they are lawful and can be freely taken and used.

Led by the radio station WFMU, it has pieces in almost all genres located in charts and categories that you can comb through Aside from this, there’s a blog that suggests great artists and songs that can be downloaded at once.



© Jamendo

Streaming and downloading are both options on Jamendo. So, if you’re more into listening songs over and over again and having them on your device, then you should go for the free downloading feature.

All songs are willingly given by the artists with the intention to share them with the world, enabling you to download whichever you like without any legal issues. They can be explored in the categories ‘Best of’, ‘Trending’, and ‘Latest’ as well as through the search bar. If you don’t find the right music for you there, though, you can tune in to the radio and pick something from there. All songs can be instantly downloaded by pressing the respective button next to each song.

Note that there are Jamendo apps that you can use on your Smartphone or tablet, too.

Audio Library of the Internet Archive

Internet Archive

© Internet Archive

This library has millions of free audio results accompanied by artists in multiple genres. They include everything from songs and podcasts to radio programs and the Live Music Archive, which attracts the most attention.

Everyone in search of downloads is able to sort the results by the title, artist, the date when they were uploaded, and the most viewed ones. They can be downloaded in MP3 and OGG format.



© SoundCloud

SoundCloud is focused mainly on artists that are new in the music industry. However, some of the already established ones upload their songs there, as well. This widens your selection of files to download.

While not all songs can be downloaded due to being published on the site for streaming, there are many that you can get. They have a button for downloading beside them and some may ask you to like a certain Facebook page before showing the downloading option.



© PureVolume

Artists upload their works directly on this site making them available to all the users. All of the songs are grouped into featured songs, top downloads, top songs, most popular and new albums as well as artists.

The files can be taken in MP3 with no need to make an account.



© SoundClick

What’s special about this site is that it allows users to download music from the respective websites of the artists. They give this opportunity by themselves.

To decide which songs you want to download you can dive into the genres and charts, discovering them all. Aside from this, you can listen to the radio, create your own radio stations, and interact with the other listeners.

Only mind that even though a lot of the songs are free, some artists require a payment before downloading their tracks while others offer only streaming options.



© CCTrax

Downloading or listening to the songs on CCTrax without paying for anything can be done without an account. The site offers a lot of tracks that are a part of the Creative Commons license in categories such as jazz, dub, down tempo, techno, electronic, and ambient to everyone. There’s even an option for getting a whole album at once.

After pressing on a specific title, users are redirected to a page where they can download the tracks in MP3 or FLAC format and find out more details about them like when they were released, in which country, their label as well as genre. Keep watching on Flix Expo for more stuffs.

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How to choose the right USB charger cable?



How to choose the right USB charger cable?
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This is a fast-moving world. You can find innovations now and then.  It is very difficult to find the right kind of accessories for devices nowadays.  One such big problem is charger cable. A charger cable worsens the situation if it does not suit your device properly. So, a right kind of USB charger cable has to be purchased.   A USB (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the common connectivity which enables and simplifies the communication between different devices with a host controller. For instance- nowadays our mobile charges come along with interacting USB charging cable through which you can charge your mobile phone, share data with other devices such as other mobile phone, laptops or desktop personal computer.  Initially, the USB cable was meant for only charging of the mobile phones, but the development in technology has enabled to transfer even data between the devices.


@ getty image

Types of “USB cables”: Based on the design, functionality,and speed, we can classify the USB cables into three categories:

  • USB cable: This was the initial USB cable that was innovated. In these types of the USB cable, the interaction is from the host to the peripheral.  Normally the cable configuration is designed in such a way that it is from type A to type B.
  • USB 2 Cable: This is a development of the earlier USB cable.  The speed of functions it does increases from the initial one.  Even here the communication goes from host to the peripheral devices with the same cable configuration type A to Type B.
  • USB 3 Cable: This is the latest version of the USB cables. The speed of functioning increases from megabytes to gigabytes with the same specification,e., communication passes from host to peripheral devices with cable configuration Type A to Type B.,But the latest version has a special facility.  The cable can be used from both the ends or the plug can be reversed.  This facility has made the usage simpler.

Different types of USB cables

The size and shape are the main factors that differentiate the USB cables.  Initially, USB cables used to be manufactured with a round tip.  But now a flatly shaped pin is being manufactured.  Even the devices also have a point specifically designed to allow the USB charger to be used to charge the device.  It depends on the device how many pins are there.  So accordingly, even the charger cable is being designed.  But if you want to buy a new charger cable, you will have checked the charger point and ensure whether it has a round pin or flat pin.  Nowadays, you get USB charger cable under various brands such as Apple charger cable which will suit any of your mobile smart phones.

So, when you are planning to buy a charger cable always check for the same brand USB charger cable which is similar to your phone else buy a USB charger cable which is best suitable for your mobile.

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Best Instagram WordPress Widget Plugins You Should Try




Instagram WordPress Widget Plugins
Best Instagram WordPress Widget Plugins You Should Try
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In order to make things easy for utility and access, WordPress has provided the users with numerous possibilities, along with various functionalities. The generation of today is influenced largely by the social media, and WordPress has not left any stone unturned. It is 2018 and a number of social media sites are present that you can join for socializing with your customers. It does not matter if you are wishing to share all the personal moments or you are looking forward to building a portfolio, the social media applications are considered to be the primary elements in the entire process. Instagram has almost one billion users who are active on a monthly basis and brands are using Instagram for growing their business.

Why you should consider displaying your Instagram feed on the WordPress site

Most of the people keep wondering as to why they should link their Instagram with their business website. Facebook owns Instagram currently and this is what has ended up in making Instagram more effective than what it used to be in the previous years. You can gain more followers as well as attract traffic to your website by sharing all your contents, which will help you to improve the interactions that you have on a regular basis with your users.

Another important thing that you need to know is that you will get the opportunity of branding yourself or your company as you start getting more viewers. A simple logic that you cannot miss is that more the number of followers that you have, the better it is going to be for your website. When more people start viewing and recognizing your company, it is going to be great for your business.

There are a number of ways of integrating Instagram with the WordPress website that you have. However, an easy and efficient manner of doing this is by making use of the WordPress Instagram widgets or plugins.

Given below is a list of the reputed WordPress Instagram widgets that you can try if you are interested in integrating Instagram with the WordPress site that you own.

WP Instagram Widget

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites for a number of people right now. It is an easy and simple task to add your Instagram profile to the WordPress site. This widget is probably one of the best ones that are available for free. It can be used in an easy and hassle-free manner and it is extremely beginner friendly when you add the Instagram feed for the first time on the site. There is no need to go through all the long details or the process of signing up for using this widget. The nice thing about this widget is that you can enjoy a number of functionalities for free.

Key features of this widget include:

  • The option of stylizing and customizing the widget for matching the theme that you have.
  • Makes use simple and sensible mark-ups.
  • Comes with a number of filters for adjusting the cache timings.
  • Easy process of installation and activation.
  • Proper customer support.

You can visit the reputed website of Gramblast if you are interested in gaining more likes on your Instagram posts


If you are interested in paying a certain amount of money for adding an Instagram widget to the WordPress site, you can be assured that this is going to be the perfect one. Along with the responsive design and gallery that this widget has, it is an extremely helpful tool that helps in adding your Instagram feed to the WordPress site. In order to keep it proper and clean, this is undoubtedly an amazing plug-in that you can make use of. Since the design is extremely responsive, you have the option of displaying your latest feed from your Instagram account. You will also have the option of being creative and select the manner in which your posts are to be displayed.

Key features of this widget are:

  • Responsive as well as clean design.
  • Translation ready along with a number of language options.
  • An easy setup and installation process.
  • Options of choosing hashtags and usernames for showing posts.
  • Responsive galleries.

You have to pay only 14 dollars for this widget.

Instagram Feed

It does not matter if you have a non-private or a private WordPress site. You have the option of adding your Instagram feed to your site irrespective of the kind of account that you have. This is another amazing plug-in, which you can either use for free or you can update it to the premium version if that is what you want. The premium version has a number of additional and useful features. This plug-in will permit displaying more than just a single Instagram feed throughout the entire website or on the same page. You will also have the option of using inbuilt shortcodes for customizing feeds completely.

Key features of this plug-in include:

  • A mobile-friendly and extremely responsive design.
  • Can be set up in a simple and easy manner.
  • The installation process is hassle-free.
  • You will get a beautiful and mesmerizing header on the top of your Instagram feed.
  • You will get the option of choosing the size of your Instagram feed.

You only have to pay $39 if you are switching to the premium version. However, you can also select the free version if that is what you require.

Instagram Journal

A powerful and versatile plug-in, which will meet all your requirements is undoubtedly Instagram Journal. This plug-in responds in an elegant manner and it has a flexible and superb design. This plug-in is known to offer a robust experience, by displaying posts as well as photos from your Instagram account.

The key features of this plug-in include:

  • Clean and responsive design.
  • Options of choosing from a wide range of different color schemes.
  • Professional and beautiful galleries.
  • 100 options of customizing.
  • Powerful options along with a message display.

The price of this plug-in is only 19 dollars.


Businesses can benefit in a number of ways if they integrate their Instagram accounts with their WordPress business websites. Pick the plug-in that suits your requirements and enhances the appeal of your website.

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What Is the Best Musical Instrument to Learn Easily and Quickly



drum set
What Is the Best Musical Instrument to Learn Easily and Quickly
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It’s always nice to learn how to play an instrument. Not only does it help you forget about your everyday routine and troubles, but it gives you the freedom to be creative and express yourself in a different light. That’s why people are constantly searching for the best musical instrument out there.

Of course, since there are so many of them, it can be tougher to make the final choice and start learning. Luckily, some instruments fare better with both young and older learners, which is pretty handy in a situation like this. Not to mention that they aren’t over complicated and tough to play and produce all sorts of exciting sounds that listeners love.

One of them is the drum sets instrument, which sounds complex, but in truth can be easily handled. We’ll talk about it and some other great instruments here. So, follow suit!

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Drum Sets Instrument

Drum Set instruments

@ Getty image

Not all people know what they are looking for when they first go to buy a drum set. With so many of them in the stores, it can get quite overwhelming when it comes to making your final decision about which one to get.

For this reason, you should have a few details in mind. Just don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the small things and focus on the main points that truly impact your experience with this instrument. We’ll go through them now.

Complete Sets vs. Shell Packs

You may not know it just yet, but when you encounter drum sets they can be fully equipped with hardware, drums, and cymbals or have just drums without the other two. The latter are known as shell packs and in most cases offer a higher quality than the whole package.

drum set

@ getty image

This is due to the fact that drummers with more experience want to get the shell packs and mix them with the other additions by themselves based on their preferences. On the other side, the beginners are strongly encouraged to consider getting the whole package because it’s more affordable and with it, you don’t need to make any more hard decisions.

Drum with Single or Double Bass

Many people that take playing the drums seriously decide to go for double bass drums. However, they may not always be suitable for you if you are just starting out with this.

Moreover, learning to control the drums with only one foot can be difficult enough, so including your other foot can turn into a nightmare for you. To evade this, stick with the single bass in the beginning and then as you progress you can advance to the double bass drums.

Sizes of the Shells

Another thing to have in mind is the size of the shells. Many people think that the bigger they are the better. But the truth is that the size is actually connected to the style you want to play.

Therefore, especially if you are new in this, you should choose between the jazz/fusion sized sets that produce lighter music and are smaller and the larger rock/standard sized sets, with which you can play heavier tunes.

Why Drum Sets Are Good for Children to Learn

Even though a lot of parents prefer quieter and gentler instruments for their children, this isn’t always the right thing. Why? Especially kids in their teenage years can face angst and a need to direct their feelings towards something positive. This is where the drums come in very handy.

They not only help children understand rhythm as the base of all music pieces, but they also allow them to play music without worrying too much about harmonies and other aspects that can be difficult for kids to learn. Instead, drums let them explore their talent to the fullest while letting go of everything that’s bothering them. This way parents can be certain that their anger is diverted to somewhere safe and productive.

Aside from this, the good news is that nowadays, thanks to the technological advancements, there are electronic drum sets. These sets make the whole space where the children are playing quieter because they get to listen to the music on their earphones without creating additional noise.

Other Musical Instruments

Despite the drum set as one of the easiest musical instrument to learn, some of the other instruments that fall in that category are:

  • Guitar – It’s simple and yet so intimate and powerful. Learning to play the strings of this instrument will help you learn songs in an easier way. Maybe because the songs made for the guitar are often acoustic and have fewer notes. This matures your manual dexterity, which is a skill of a great synchronization of your hands and fingers.
  • Ukulele – When you take a look at it, it’s very similar to the guitar – just smaller. The ukulele is extremely easy to learn, especially for newbies and even children. The popular songs you can play on the ukulele are fairly easy and fun. Note that it’s a bit quieter.
  • Saxophone – This instrument belongs in the woodwind category. If you’re wondering why beginners like it, it’s because of the versatility. What’s more, you can play songs from multiple genres like jazz, R&B, blues, and even rock! It’s great for crossing over with other instruments, too. A pro tip is to pick the size that perfectly fits your needs as the saxophone comes in different sizes, which can sometimes be confusing.
  • Piano (or other keyboard instruments) –Very popular in the past and still is. Parents all over the world sign their kids up for piano classes. The reason is that the piano music offers a foundation for music in general. All of the elements of music like rhythm, melody, dynamics, and such are found in the piano. Beginners can start their learning by just pressing one key, too. Although it’s not the easiest instrument you can learn out there, it can be worthwhile.

A Final Word

Is playing the drums your thing? Then we hope we helped you out pick the right drum sets for you. If you are a different type of person, there’s always the option to try some of the other instruments that can be easily learned.

No matter what you decide, share your experience with us here!

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Angular JS: A Powerful JavaScript Framework for front end



Pros of Angular JS Framework
Angular JS: A Powerful JavaScript Framework for front end
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Angular JS framework is the most chosen for creating interactive components of a website. It provides the design with full-features to enhance simplicity and efficiency. The Angular Js developers choose it as it is very effective notably in designing dynamic, single page apps and supporting MVC programming structure. The business environment is becoming highly competitive, Angular JS has emerged as the star hero because of its intuitiveness and rich features.

If you are still not using Angular JS framework, then you are losing great profitable deals in the industry. Many developers are showing their satisfaction with the framework. Today, Angular Js framework is one of the best that does not make the MVC model look skewed and mutually along with NodeJS, it simply works great with both the technologies understanding the same systems. Some of the frameworks just bundle the current tools which make the app development a bit difficult. Nevertheless, Angular JS  was carefully managed to assure that every tool works optimally and delivers the results.

Why Angular JS is Popular?

If you have not started using AngularJS, the chances are that you are missing a great profitable deal in the industry. Many developers are expressing their pleasure with the framework. Today, AngularJS is one of the frontend frameworks that do not make the Model View Controller look skewed and together along with NodeJS, it simply works great with both the technology understanding same notations. Some frameworks bundle together with the existing tools which make the development of the app very difficult. But Angular JS particularly engineered to ensure that every tool works optimally and delivers great results. Angular JS popularity has grown steadily and no sign of slowing down.

Pros of Angular JS Framework

Pros of Angular JS Framework

Key Features of Angular JS Framework

The major reason that Angular Js has gained a lot of fame is its novel features. The features that help to develop a mobile app easier and very intuitive. Here are the features:

  • Two-way data binding: Data bindingis the one best feature to notable in Angular JS. It provides the developer with less code. In most of the apps, the maximum code is dedicated to manipulating, traversing and listening to DOM. However, data-binding in Angular JS will help to reduce the work so that the developer can focus on the app.
  • Ready to use templates:Angular JS Framework is a simple plain HTML. The browser parses these templates into DOM and transfers it to Angular JS compiler. Then the Angular JS Framework traverses the template to get rendering instructions called directives. These templates make the easy even for noncoders with basic skills can come up with great apps.Dependency Injection: Using this the developer is able to go for dependency as opposed to make them on his own. Think of this feature as a way saying like I NEED Y and NOT STARTING TO MAKE Y.
  • Testing Feature:Testing for Angular Js app will be very easy as the developers will be focused on the testability.

Why you should use Angular JS for your Business

When Angular JS was originated in 2009 bt Google, many developers had gone to use Jquery. But eventually, JQuery got tired and a new framework which could handle the emerging complexities came to necessary. Only the business can assure of faster progress, winning raving clients and growing development. Below are the reasons why the business needs Angular JS.

  • When a framework is backed by a large open community, you can guarantee that every feature will be progressively improved for the enhanced performanceand also assure of regular updates and support from the large open community.
  • As a business, it is helpful to follow and use appsthat are legally premised. Some of the frameworks whose licenses are shrouded, Angular JS uses the MIT license which is very permissive for all developers and businesses.
  • Technology continues to advance and equally, consumers want to associate with sophisticated UX. Angular JS allows the businesses to make single-page appsfor a great experience.

Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development

Angular Js has become the most essential in the front-end development of web applications. It is one of the safest technologies for building the data-driven, CRUD single page apps. Angular JS  javascript framework used for front-end development of the app. It has got popularity due to its conducive features like declarative programming, modular and highly scalable code. Let’s get down to know some of the frameworks for AngularJS.


It has the full-fledged library of optimized HMTL, CSS and JS as it is built in Angular JS and SASS. Any Angular JS App developed using Ionic can be uploaded to both app and play store. The component of this framework is magnified for the mobile experience which is focused on touch and gestures. It is very useful in developing a responsive app at a low cost.


Lumx is based on Google material design. Developers will develop the app based on the Google guidelines. It is most suited for the web appsand also for customized apps. The files will get optimized and the app functionalities can be improved accordingly.

Supersonic UI

Supersonic UI is the first HYBRID APP UI Framework. It is used to build data-driven hybrid mobile applications with real native performanceand highly interactive interface. Multiple native APIs helps to integrate with backend data interaction. In order to develop an app with iOS and Android API then we need to use the supersonic framework.

Angular UI Grid

This framework is the best way to work on a grid or tables with Angular. Because of its rich features helps to display simple, complex and large data sets on grids. These uses of a plugins architecture of the angular framework that uses the features required by the project. There are a lot of customizable templates to choose from and the user can personalize them as according to their requirement. There are a lot of frameworks that can be done through this framework like sorting, filtering grouping virtualization and column pinning etc.

Suave UI

Suave UI framework is good for web application development with Angular JS. In order to build a variety of web-based UIs’, Angular JS and Suave UI have CSS definitions, directives and services which are capable to handle the work.

Angular UI Bootstrap

It is robust and front-end framework that holds different components. Building native Angular directives are done simply by using HTML5 and CSS. The developers need not use JQuery or bootstrap’s javascript instead use this framework. The new directives are smaller than the original javascript code size.

Angular Foundation

It has a large number of directives that are based on foundation markup and CSS elements. Its uses highly semantic HTML components.


It consists of constitute technologies like MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS that are a full stack. Using this you can build a powerful web application as it has pages dynamic functions.


It is an HTML5 video for Angular JS. It doesn’t support for flash which makes the code easy for the maintenance. No need to maintain JSON object and config files because one can write their own plain CSS for creating themes. This is mostly used for building video apps and hence supports multiple media files inside a video player and has the ability to manipulate all of them.


There is a continual development in the Angular JS framework. Currently, there is a new version Angular JS is Angular 6 announced by Google. Likewise, there are a lot of improvements in the frameworks. The fast evolving business environment demands that the investors and managers take a better approach to meet the market needs. Because of the crucial role in linking the business, services, and products to the target market, apps are the ultimate tools to help to succeed in the market.

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10 Best Places To Watch Free Movies Online (March 18, 2018)



Watch Free Movies Online
Young girls watching TV in dark/ Free Photo © Freepik
10 Best Places To Watch Free Movies Online (March 18, 2018)
4.7 (94.55%) 11 votes

When it comes to living frugally, one way to do so is to watch free movies online. Watching free movies online is a great way to get good entertainment while saving money. There are many great websites that offer a way to watch movies online free. You need two or three things in order to be able to watch these movies online for free. You will need the Internet, a computer or an Internet connected TV, or you can even watch them on your mobile device. These aren’t just TV clips or trailers where you just get a sneak peak of your favorite TV shows or movies, these are full length, two-hour long movies you and your whole family can sit down and enjoy.  It is so easy to sit down and enjoy these free full length movies online since all you need is a computer or an Internet connected TV or your mobile device such as your cell phone or your tablet.

Not only can you watch free movies online with the following 10 sites, but you can also subscribe to a streaming device like Netflix or Hulu, or even YouTube. The only difference between these streaming devices is that Netflix and Hulu need to be paid for while YouTube is free.

If you prefer to watch your movies later, you can also use certain websites to download free movies. They are legal so don’t worry about getting into trouble and don’t think you are stealing because you are not stealing these movies. They fall under a public domain so they are legal to download to your computer or mobile device and enjoy them later by yourself or with your family and friends.

Not only all of this, but you can also find out how to rent free DVDs from Redbox and other places. These are all great places to watch free movies online.

The list of 10 best websites to watch free movies online

Get connected with your computer or TV and start to watch free movies online. This is great entertainment that costs less or nothing at all for you and your friends and your family to enjoy together! Don’t get stuck paying too much or anything at all when you can get it for free.




With Putlockers, you can watch free top movies, new movies, featured movies, and much more. You can enjoy movies with your family including comedy, drama, family type movies for everyone to enjoy and much more. There are so many movies on this website that you and your whole family can enjoy watching together. You can choose from any genre you want such as country, kids entertainment, and even TV shows. Whichever episode you want to watch of your favorite TV show, it is available on Putlockers.

Learn how to avoid ads while watching movies online:

Pluto TV


© plutotv

You can enjoy Pluto TV two different ways. You can either get on demand movies where you can stream your favorite movies, or you can use the website as a live TV streaming services that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online for free. If you have a computer and Internet or a TV that you can connect to the Internet, your all set. You can use your mobile device for this too.



© 123Movies

With 123Movies, you can find the top movies in theaters and watch them for free online. You can browse through your favorite genres such as comedy, drama, kids movies, family type movies for everyone to enjoy, action, adventure and more. They have so many movies that you might not be able to watch all of them through the whole week. Just choose which free movies you want to watch online and start watching them. That is all there is to it!



© crackle

Crackle is a free movie and TV episode channel that allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online. Using Crackle is so easy too. If you have a streaming device such as a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV stick, you can get Crackle for free. It is usually included with the streaming devices so get searching and get to watching your favorite movies and TV shows without any problems.



© Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a great website that lets you watch free movies online. They are a great site to watch free movies online because they have a place that streams free movies to their website constantly called Screen Media Ventures. Because they have Screen Media Ventures constantly adding new movies, you will never run out of the best free movies to watch. Sitting down and enjoying these movies with your family is a great past time to have and become accustomed to on a daily basis or at least every weekend.



© Viewster

Viewster is a great way to watch free movies online every day or even just on the weekends when the whole family is together. Although you may have to watch a few commercials during the movie, it is worth it to be able to watch free movies online. The free movies on Viewster are a mixture between old favorites and new ones you may have never heard of before. Using Viewster is a great way to get the whole family together, turn off the cell phones and enjoy a free movie online together.



© Pexels

YouTube isn’t just for watching cute cat videos or for watching people do tricks on skateboards, but did you know you can watch free movies on it as well? Yes, that’s right! You can for free! Just use your computer, mobile device, or Internet connected TV and you can watch all the free movies and TV shows you want on this streaming site. YouTube is one of the most popular sites there is to watch free movies or TV shows online by yourself, with friends, or with your entire family.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

© Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a little different than the rest. This just means that some movies will need to be rented but they can be streamed on the site for free. However, they do have thousands and thousands of movies to watch by yourself or with friends and family. You can use Tubi TV to stream your favorite movies for free or rent them to watch another time with your loved ones.

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

© Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a little bit different as in they only have a handful of free movies at a time to watch. However, the difference between this website is that they allow you to watch free silent movies if you are into that. If you enjoy classic movies with stars such as Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne, and more, you will love Classic Cinema Online.



© Retrovision

Retrovision allows you to watch a lot of free movies online including adventure, comedy, action, horror, and much, much more. Visit Retrovision for many different free movies to watch online on a daily basis or even enjoy with your friends and family on the weekends.


With all of these free ways to watch movies online, you can enjoy your movies and TV shows online. Some show ads and some don’t. However, all of these websites are mostly free to use for you and your whole family to enjoy together. Although some do cost to rent movies, it is still a good thing because it costs less than going to a movie theater or renting them from a DVD store. Also some allow you to stream movies online to watch on the websites. Some of these sites even let you download movies to watch later. All it takes is an Internet connection, a computer or an Internet connected TV, or a mobile device and you are on your way to enjoying free movies online.

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