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How to Maintain a Healthy Office Lifestyle



office lifestyle
How to Maintain a Healthy Office Lifestyle
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You’re probably aware by now that working in an office is ruining your health.

From sitting at a desk, to poor eating habits, to disrupting your sleep, that 9-to-5 is having some pretty frightening effects.

But most people don’t have the option to pick up and find some other way to make a living.

The solution, then, has to be making that office life as healthy as you can.

Difficult? Certainly. But not impossible.

Read on to see a few ways you can make your office lifestyle work better for your health.

Stand up

In terms of your physical health, sitting down for extended periods of time is one of the worst things for you.

You’ve heard this already, I’m sure, but considering how severely detrimental sitting is for your health, it always bears repeating.

Since the chances are high that you’re sitting all the time, one solution is as simple as getting on your feet more often.

Recommendations range from standing every 8 minutes to getting up for 2 minutes at least twice an hour, but the bottom line here is that the more you can stand, the better.

Upgrade your furniture

To continue that point, if your desk doesn’t allow you to stand while you work, you need a new desk.

It’s difficult to go straight from using a sitting desk all day to standing, so an adjustable desk (along with an ergonomic chair for when you have to sit again) may be the best route.

Yes, this costs more than zero dollars, and yes, ergonomic chairs take some setting up.

But your back might be the most important area of your body to keep healthy, and it’s the one at the greatest risk in an office.

The investment is worth it.

Bring your lunch and hydrate

Eating out for lunch every day tends to be unhealthy for both you and your wallet.

And bringing your own isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Depending on your available time on a given day, you can throw leftovers in a Tupperware container or make a sandwich and bring it with a piece of fruit.

Don’t get a soda to drink, either. Water is your best friend.

Take a reusable bottle of water to work and enjoy the innumerable benefits of staying hydrated, including brightening your mood, staving off headaches, and even keeping you alert and awake.

Fix your sleeping habits

A quick, but crucial note: Sleep is monumentally important, and your office job could be hurting your sleep patterns if you’re not getting enough daylight.

The above is a matter of making sure to get outside or near a window often enough, but sleep health in general starts at home.

Make sure you have a regular wake-up time – one thing that helps is having a motivating reason to get out of bed.

You might try working out with a friend every morning to help solidify that wake-up time, as you motivate each other to get out of bed.

If you’re changing your habits, get a friend to change with you

More broadly than getting out of bed, though, making healthy changes in your lifestyle in general is easier if you have a friend (or friends) doing it with you.

Talk to some of your coworkers and see if they’d be interested in doing any of the above.

Check in with each other about how often you’ve been standing, or about what you brought for lunch that day.

Not only does it help you make changes, but it means even more people are getting healthy at the same time.

So while this list certainly isn’t exhaustive, hopefully making a couple of successful changes, either by yourself or with coworkers, will lead you to a better work lifestyle in general.

For more healthy pitch so stay connect with Flix Expo.

Isaac is a recent convert to standing furniture and is a Director at, an online marketing agency.

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Health Benefits Of Stationary Bike Exercise



Health Benefits Of Stationary Bike Exercise
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Aerobic exercise helps to increase the blood flow and this will make the oxygen and nutrients readily delivered into the muscles, and by this means you can achieve a better health.

Indoor cycling vs outdoor cycling:

A stationary exercise bike is a form of aerobic exercise by cycling on it you can easily burn of the fat, tone your body and live fit. It is easy on your knees, hip, and spine since it has low impact.

aerobic exercise

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This is all about increasing blood circulation and getting your heart rate up. The methods for accomplishing this can be through cycling, swimming, and jogging.

Swimming would be the most preferable because it is also a low-impact type of exercise. The downsides are nobody is a perfect swimmer and quite a few people have their swimming pool and hiking out to a gym or public pool could be a job.

Running is the worst kind for the vast majority of people. It is a kind of exercise that can be notorious for a knee, ankle, hip and back damage. Running is not the ideal type of practice for people who are more weight, never exercised before or have any physical problems that are moderate.

Though cycling is the best and low-impact method of workout cycling outside can lead to great harm and results in painful joint.

Employing a stationary exercise bicycle indoor can be the perfect way of doing exercise such as aerobic and is preferable for many people. Furthermore, there is the convenience variable, a cycle may be used and placed anywhere and at any time in the home, you can even place it before the television and do the exercise happily.

The two chief exercise bikes are:

Upright and recumbent bikes

Uprights appear to suit many people and have been in existence for decades. For people suffering from back pain or problem in motion, and heavyweight working with the upright is not a better option, a recumbent version is the best to opt for in such cases.

Under specific circumstances, the upright bike is best such as people who have spinal stenosis leaning ahead in this exercise bicycle makes them feel comfortable. From relaxation, with a static cycling exercise have some advantages for a workout. It’s been proven that cycling at a reclined posture is much more ergonomic (the applied science of equipment design for greater physical benefits) and induces the abdomen muscles to relax making breathing more natural which consequently contributes to a much better cardiovascular exercise.

Cycling in a stationary exercise bike makes it possible to brink the leg in line with the heart which helps in maintaining low blood pressure and assists an overall workout that is safer.

Reclined cycling tends to produce and relaxed workout, which is advantageous to the adult people that are currently getting on in years or have not done much exercise.

Final point:

Riding a stationary exercise bicycle is safer than using any other sorts of workout equipment. It is likely to slide and fall on other equipment such as a treadmill. Losing the balance is possible while exercising on an elliptical trainer.

So it is always best to choose a recumbent exercise bike as it is safe to use and leave all your worries about falling, sliding, imbalance and so on.

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What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like In Early Pregnancy?



morning sickness in early pregnancy
What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like In Early Pregnancy?
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Morning sickness is one of parts of pregnancy. While some women have to suffer intense morning sickness, others do not experience it at all. During morning sickness, a pregnant woman often feels nauseous, vomits, and tired. Although these symptoms are rarely serious, they can be extremely unpleasant. In this article, we will discuss the topic “What does morning sickness feel like in early pregnancy?” and give you how to fight the condition.

Why Does A Pregnant Woman Have To Experience Morning Sickness?

morning sickness in early pregnancy

morning sickness in early pregnancy, ©

Nothing is happier than having a baby; however, pregnancy is said not to be comfortable. Prepare to welcome your baby; the nine-month period can be the hardest period in your life to get through. You will experience many physical changes and discomfort, including morning sickness, which can be clear in the early stages of pregnancy.

Several discomforts and physical changes including especially morning sickness can occur during the early stages of the pregnancy. Morning sickness usually goes with nausea gravidarum which is associated with hormonal imbalances which happen during pregnancy. There are various causes of morning sickness such as low blood sugar (known as hypoglycemia), estrogen imbalance, hormone increase, and a spike in HCG level (human chorionic gonadotropin). Below are discomfort and physical changes during morning sickness you should consider.

What does morning sickness feel like in early pregnancy?

Nausea and Vomiting

If you put the question “What does morning sickness feel like in early pregnancy?”, The answer of more than three-quarters of pregnant women is nausea and vomiting.  Nausea and vomiting are the common signs of pregnancy, especially in the early three months. Nausea and vomiting are linked to hormone imbalance known as progesterone. The hormone can relax the uterus, making you grow dizzy in the morning after waking up. In addition, during your pregnancy, you have a heightened sense of smell. You will be sensitive to meals included garlic or fish, for example.

Another reason for nausea and vomiting in morning sickness is stress. Most pregnant women have to experience the changes which they have to get through, which makes they get stressed.  Stress is also caused by hormonal imbalance.

Additionally, vomiting in the mornings can be caused by a sensitive stomach during pregnancy. The gastrointestinal tracts are more painful this time.


Heartburn is also another answer to the question “What does morning sickness feel like?”. A pregnant woman will get a burning sensation from the lower throat to the chest. Heartburn probably happens during the third trimester. In this period, your uterus will grow larger and put more pressure on the intestine and stomach, and the esophagus, which causes acid reflux.


Diarrhea is also one of the common signs of morning sickness though not most pregnant women experience the sign. Medically, diarrhea is known as a loose and watery bowel movements. There are various reasons for diarrhea during pregnancy including virus, medications, bacteria, and intestinal parasites. Along with those reasons mentioned above, also, diarrhea can be caused by the changes in your diets. Diarrhea can also be the result of prenatal vitamin supplement in the pregnancy.

Stomach Cramps

In some cases, morning sickness can include stomach cramps. Abdominal pain or stomach cramps can be caused by several reasons, including the enlarged uterus. In addition, progesterone slows down digestion, leading to a stomachache.

How to fight morning sickness at home?

Morning sickness will go away without treatments in most cases. However, there are some tips you can apply to alleviate symptoms. Below is a suggestive list of ideas which can help to minimize morning sickness.


Tiredness surely makes nausea worse, so rest is vital.

Fruit juice

If you feel tired and nauseous, try to drink a glass of fruit juice you love. It can be apple juice or grape juice. This tip provides you with vitamins and other sources of energy which can boost your immune system as well as keep vomiting at bay.

Enough nutrition

Keeping enough nutrition is very important during pregnancy, for early pregnancy morning sickness you should choose the way of eating which suits you. To avoid nauseously and vomiting, you should eat what you want, when you can, but little by little to help the body manages it. Below are key points you need to consider to feel healthier.

  • Eat small amounts of food little by little
  • For pregnant, those with morning sickness, eat a midnight snack to avoid an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Avoid oily foods
  • Some women choose to eat plain biscuits in the morning to keep vomiting and stomach cramps away.
  • Eat more dark fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy
  • Do not forget to drink liquids frequently

Ginger supplement

many pregnant women choose to enjoy a cup of warm ginger tea with honey to feel better when the body is going to vomit. The effect of ginger juice in reducing nausea symptoms has been proved in many studies.

When should you see the doctor?

As mentioned above, morning sickness is not a disease and often go away without any treatments. However, in some severe cases, morning sickness can be dangerous if it cannot be treated soon. So, see your doctor when you get the following symptoms:

  • Unable to keep fluids
  • Being too tired and nauseous
  • Prolonged eating disorders
  • Vomiting too much (about ten times or more a day)
  • Signs of dehydration (such as dry mouth or dry skin)
  • Weight loss of about 6.5 lbs (equivalent to 3.0 kg) or more in a week

Final thoughts

In conclusion, if you wonder “what does morning sickness feel like?”, The answer to the question is terrible. The article will give you things you have to experience for having a bay as well as some suggestive treatment you can apply to get better for you and your baby when you are experiencing morning sickness. Hope you guys stay healthy and happy when preparing to welcome your newborn.

Stay connect with Flix Expo for more health information.

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Types of Services You Can Expect from A Foot Clinic



Foot Clinic
Types of Services You Can Expect from A Foot Clinic
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There is more than a pedicure to be associated with your foot cleanup. Just cutting the nails in their accurate sizes and coloring the nails is not what can help in making your feet look attracting. You need to add some other services to it, which can only be availed if you catch up with a reputed foot clinic. People often get confused with the clinic for their feet to that of parlors. These clinics are solely dedicated to feet and trained podiatrists are hired for covering these services.

Foot clinic

© top10bestlist

Here, the services are not restricted to make your feet look attractive, but the services are associated with the complete health of the feet. Whether you are suffering from any rashes or going through painful feet, it is time to get your hands on the best clinic in town. This might cause some research for the first timers, but it is worth the time you dedicate to this service.

Basic foot care to purchase:

Once you have visited the reliable foot clinic, you will come across many services. It is always mandatory for you to choose the best service among the lot. For that, going through the available options is what you should do.  You can always start with the basic services, you are about to receive through these clinics which are listed below:

#1. Ingrown nails:

This is always considered to be a common condition, where the side or corner of the toenail grows right within the soft flesh. This might result in redness, pain, swelling, and infection, if not taken care of time.  Such ingrown nails mostly affect your big toe and can be treated in such clinics without going through an operation.

© top10bestlist

#2. Corns and calluses:

Hardened and thick layers of skins are mostly termed as calluses and corns.  These are mostly developed when your skin tries to protect itself from pressure and friction. Some of the treatments available for such instances from foot clinic are footwear advice, painless debridement, modification for preventing re-occurrence and sometimes, orthotics.

#3. Fungal or thick nails:

Nail fungus is another most common scenario, faced by podiatrists. It starts as a yellow or white spot under fingernail or toenail top. When this fungus starts to go deeper, the fungus may discolor your nail, crumble and thickens at the edge. It can affect more than one nail if not all.

#4. Plantar warts:

Plantar warts are primarily defined as grainy and hard growths, which can easily develop anywhere on feet’s bottom. These are primarily caused due to human papilloma virus, which can easily enter your body through cuts, weak spots or breaks on feet’s bottom. Some of the treatments involve killing the infected virus, leading to complete resolution.

© top10bestlist

Call the experts for help:

Sometimes, skin infections can take a serious turn and you have no other option but to visit a foot clinic when it is associated with your feet. This kind of infection takes place because of fungal or bacteria growth. The treatment is rather different, which can only be diagnosed after a thorough testing of the patient’s feet. Always remember that any kind of wrong treatment can make this infection worse and you don’t want that. So, always contact the right team for help in this regard.

Advanced foot care:

The comprehensive practice from reputable foot clinic will cover all sorts of foot related issues. Right from verruca management to wart ones, you can contact the team for checkup, advice and even some routine care and maintenance. There is special care allotted for diabetic patients and some others, associated with high-risk care from the same centers. For more useful information stay connect with Flix Expo.

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How Yoga Helps in Reducing Stress



How Yoga Helps in Reducing Stress
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Stress is a part of human life and we just cannot avoid it. Also, let’s face the fact that a little bit stress is quite helpful in realizing the comfortable and happy moments of life. However, when the stress goes far beyond a limit, that is when the real issue begins and it certainly sucks. Prolonged stress can affect you in a lot of ways that can be emotionally, physically or mentally and you might even start facing health issues that are chronic and dangerous for you.

Now, we all have been reading for a while now that exercise is the way out of every situation specially when it comes to health and stress, well obviously exercise is the way out of it but when it specifically comes to stress then trust me the one outlet of releasing stress through the body is yoga. A massive yoga can be a life saver for you and it can benefit you in ways that you can never even imagine.

The reason that you are reading this article is probably because you are someone who wants to study and dig deep to find out how stress can be reduced by yoga. Take a look the 5 yoga poses for beginners.

Well, here we are to help you as always and today in this article we are going to tell you 5 basic reasons that connect yoga and stress release.

So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you!

1- It relaxes the body


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When you are in stress, your muscles and all your body tissues start to get tensed and stiffened, it’s normal and this is the reaction of your body to prolonged stress and yoga is the ultimate way out of relaxing your body. Certain postures of yoga can have a very deep effect on your body and it can make you feel calm and relaxed like nothing else. Particularly the child pose and other bends and inversions can help you in it the most and you will definitely feel the difference for yourself.

2- Relaxation of your mind


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Often in stressful conditions, one fails to focus on one single thing and the mind starts working and over-thinking to a point of frantic and this is where you need something that can help you maintain your focus and concentration.

You also need some sort of of tool that can help you relax the nerves of your brain and provide it enough oxygen that you can stay calm and cool. Well, there is no other better option than meditation to do that because the one life saver for relaxing your mind is yoga. The best part about yoga is that if you continue to practice it every day, there will come a point that you will feel calmer and cooler internally.

3- Release of the emotional energy


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There are a lot of factors that add up to the stress that you are going through and it is not only the stressful condition, in fact the negative thoughts, fear, anger, guilt and over-thinking is what add a lot to your stress.

We mostly bring out our emotional pressure by shouting at people, fighting with them and getting angry at small things but you the best way to release that emotional energy if through yoga. Yoga can help you in the best possible ways to calm you down and make you feel relaxed, you might not know but hips and shoulders are known to be those points that release the emotional tension. Practicing yoga can be the best thing that you can do to yourself.

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There are a lot more ways to calm yourself down, bring patience within yourself and lessen the stress of daily life, you just have to make some research and you will find out plenty of stuff that will put your life on the track of comfort and ease. If you genuinely want to improve your health then we suggest you read the benefits of red tea and trust me you will know how beneficial it is for someone who really wants to stay healthy and improve his or her life standards.

This is it for now. Stays connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more tools to release your stress.

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Planning On Vacations? Consider Fitness Retreat This Time



Sleeping a Girl
Planning On Vacations? Consider Fitness Retreat This Time
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Holidays are here, and you might be planning a vacation. So, where does your quest for a perfect holiday destination end this time? A beach, or somewhere where you can spend your free time lounging around and getting a break from all the worries?

This is usually an ideal vacation for most people. However, you should give some thought to whether this vacation is going to be beneficial for you? Just think a while about your lifestyle. Think about the amount of exercise you do every day or rather the lack of it. Have you faced your mirror any soon? I am pretty sure yes. Did you feel like losing some weight? You are probably right.

The lifestyle we follow today has made us lazy and smug. We hardly manage or rather say make the mind, to take out time and do any exercise on a daily basis. This is because we have made comfort a major habit of our life and like to get things done automatically and at the click of a button. Today, most everything is automated, and almost all work gets done by sitting in one place.

Sleeping a Girl

© nervemedia

Such an environment has made people least bothered about doing exercises and physical work. A simple question for you now, is this sort of lifestyle is going to improve the quality of your life? Not really!

If you were planning to head towards Bali this time, then how about coming back from the vacation like a new man or woman who has rediscovered his/her motivation in life? If this is what pleases you, then weight loss retreat in Bali is what you should consider as your vacation idea this time. This type of vacation is a combination of a holiday and a workout plan.

health retreat

I can pen down various advantages of health retreat. However, you would want to know how it will help you to improve your quality of life. Like any other fitness camp, health retreat in Bali will be making you do exercise on a daily routine.

Additionally, rest assured that you will be having a relaxing vacation. Bali has some exotic locations, and imagine doing yoga, meditation, and another form of exercises facing the impressive beauty of nature all around. Along with your fitness retreat, you can explore the thrill of Bali by doing rock climbing, swimming, and bathe under a waterfall.


© shutterstock

With all the enjoyable and physical activities that will keep the fun factor alive in your vacation, you will also be under a nutritional diet that will help you reduce weight effectively. A health retreat in Bali to take care of all your needs will allow you to make your holiday one of a kind.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and head towards the Bali fitness camp to get a new inspiration in your life. For more information stay connect with us on Flix Expo.

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