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Rainbow Pikachu Pokemon Go




I’m sure everyone has seen, or at least heard of, the new phenomenon called Pokemon Go. It seems like everywhere you look, people are walking around with their phones out, looking for pokemon. I have to admit, I’ve been caught up in the craze myself.

One of the things that I’ve been most excited about is finding a rainbow Pikachu.

There’s a new Pikachu in town, and he’s sporting a rainbow coat! The Rainbow Pikachu is the latest addition to the popular mobile game Pokemon GO, and players are already scrambling to add this rare creature to their collections. This colorful little guy can be found by completing Special Research tasks, which are available through the in-game shop.

Once you’ve completed the tasks, you’ll have a chance to encounter and catch the Rainbow Pikachu. This cute critter isn’t just for show – he’s got some serious power behind those sparkling eyes. The Rainbow Pikachu comes equipped with Surf and Thunderbolt, two moves that are sure to help you take down your opponents.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a Rainbow Pikachu, make sure to keep him safe – he’s definitely one of a kind!

Pokemon Go Rainbow Cards

The Pokemon Go Rainbow Cards event is a special, limited time event in which players can collect seven different colored cards. These cards can be used to trade for rare and powerful items, including the much sought-after Shiny Mewtwo. In order to get all seven cards, players will need to complete various tasks and challenges.

The event will last for two weeks and will end on September 2nd.

Rainbow Pikachu Pokemon Go


Is There a Rainbow Pikachu in Pokemon Go?

No, there is not a rainbow Pikachu in Pokemon Go. While Pikachu is one of the most popular and easily recognizable characters in the Pokemon franchise, it does not come in a rainbow form in Pokemon Go. However, there are other colorful Pikachu variants available in the game, such as Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu.

How Do You Get Shadow Pikachu?

There are a few ways to get Shadow Pikachu in the Pokemon games. One way is to trade for it with another player who has one. Another way is to find it in the wild in certain areas of the game.

The third way is to win it from a tournament or competition.


Why is There a Rainbow in Pokemon Go?

When you look up at the sky on a sunny day, you might see a beautiful rainbow. But have you ever wondered why rainbows exist? In Pokemon Go, there is a rainbow that occasionally appears in the game.

While it might just look like a pretty decoration, there is actually a scientific reason behind its existence! Rainbows are created when sunlight shines through water droplets in the air. The sunlight reflects off of the inside of the droplet and bounces back out.

This creates an optical illusion of a curved line of colors in the sky. Red light waves are the longest wavelength and blue light waves are the shortest wavelength. When all of the different wavelengths mix together, we see white light.

However, when sunlight passes through water droplets, the different wavelengths refract (bend) at different angles. This causes each wavelength to separate into its own color band which we see as a rainbow!

Are Pikachus in Pokemon Go Rare?

No, pikachus are not rare in Pokemon Go. In fact, they’re quite common – you have a good chance of finding one while walking around your neighborhood or local park. The best time to find pikachus is during the daytime, when there’s plenty of sunshine to help them recharge their batteries.

My 2 Year Hunt For The Rainbow Pikachu Is Finally…


Pikachu, everyone’s favorite electric mouse Pokemon, is now available in a new form: rainbow Pikachu! These special Pikachus can be found in the wild and will be available for a limited time. Be sure to catch one while you can!

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