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Top 3 Massage Chairs Review in 2018



Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity
Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity
Top 3 Massage Chairs Review in 2018
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Do you like to de-stress when you get home from work or do you simply want to relax your muscles without having to leave the house? The perfect solution for you is to go out and buy the best massage chair.

These incredible armchairs can give you the best massages without leaving home or spend money on a professional masseuse because with these devices you can have an experience very similar to what you could live in any spa.

Massage Chairs

© Pexels

You can enjoy a massage, Shiatsu or just a little vibration to relax those muscles that have become a bit tense after so many hours of work. You can choose the best massage chairs; we have prepared the final comparative list.

In it you can find the top 3 best relax chairs of today, which come with different configurations of massage, reclining backs and, of course, the best materials so that you have the confidence of buying items of very good quality.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity

The perfect personification of functionality, economy, and quality, the professional Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity massage chair is one of the most positive evaluations of its category on the internet. Being a professional masseur, you certainly know how important it is to have a good massage chair to be able to practice your profession and offer your services in the most effective way.

This model of rollers works from your neck to the legs and feet, going through the shoulders, back, spine, buttocks, and thighs. It comes equipped with an excellent function that is the digitalization technology, which immediately detects the shape and size of your body to adapt to perfection and know exactly where to massage and where not.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity

© Pexels

Apart from this, this electric relax chair offers 3D massage that protrudes up to 10 cm to accurately massage deep. It is also reclining for higher quality massages and has heating and music. The seat, armrest, sternum cushion and the expensive crib in the Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity massage chair can be adjusted to different levels. Each of them is suitable for the height of the person sitting in the chair.

Some professional masseurs who bought Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity chair say it works perfectly most of the time. The only flaw is informed that, although the chair supports heavy individuals, it is difficult to comfortably accommodate the tall ones even after trying to adjust the remains and the seat several times.

The literature package lacks instruction. But since the chair is already mounted, it is easy to decipher how to use it.

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Inada Sogno Dream wave

If you are thinking about bringing a massage chair, it is the perfect opportunity to have one of these at home. Why ?: not only the users but also the specialists, have found this reference as one of the best in the market and undoubtedly the one with the most elements in order to provide comfort, safety and effective rest.

Inada Sogno Dream wave chair allows a large number of positions that can be modulated with their controls and other accessories, without much effort and always keeping integrity. It has a message system with more than 40 airbags, perfectly synchronized.

Inada Sogno Dream wave

© Pexels

It also has music therapy and progressive lighting that provides all the tools to make the environment as comfortable as possible and provide warmth while you are in it. As if all this were enough, the Inada Sogno Dream wave chair has within it, the Reflex therapy system that gives the opportunity to experience the sensation of Dream wave. This guarantees total relaxation. For more details you can check from here.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

A chair completely fair in its price-quality ratio, which differs from the others, in that it, accommodates the needs of each person, performing massages completely different from each other, according to a series of chosen characteristics.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

© Pexels

The chair allows you to work for large muscle groups, making you get up from it, completely devoid of ailments caused by the usual work, exercise routine or daily life. It offers 5 automatic massage modes: full / back; waist/neck; shoulders; knead; and soft.

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In addition to 3 modes of manual massage: complete, partial and fixed points, regulated in 3 important levels of intensity that allow giving maximum quality in each section.

My name is Patricia Franklin and I am a skin care specialist. I am one of the youngest specialist in Asia who is teaching nearly about 5000 students around the world. I am the owner of where I share skin care product review with all my audience.

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Digital Marketing

A Perfect Combination Of Instagram And Email Marketing Will Drive More Sales




email marketing
A Perfect Combination Of Instagram And Email Marketing Will Drive More Sales
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For any business, it is important to drive more sales, and there is n-number of ways to achieve this feat. Proper marketing and advertising is the most crucial factor for this and what best way than using the internet it can be to promote your brand, reach out to more audience, drive more traffic and sales eventually. If you want better results, you will need to find a perfect combination of your email marketing campaign and Instagram, the in vogue platform for business promotion and marketing of a brand.

If you are an email marketer only and if you are honest then you will agree and admit that at some point of time you must have envied the reach and fan following of a social media marketer. It is quite natural, and there is no shame if you felt so because many business owners that rely on email marketing solely feels the same. Few business owners even go a step further and think that email marketing is obsolete in these modern days, which is far from the truth.

It is a myth that “Email is dead.” It is all about how you use it for your beneficial purpose. If you are strategic, you will surely get the desired results.

Start with the basics

To formulate any strategy to make any project successful, you must start with the basics. When you want to make the most out of email and Instagram together, you will need to know the fundamentals of it so that you can create a foolproof and meticulous plan.

  • Reports suggest that there are about 2.760 billion people worldwide who use email and this includes both consumers as well as businesses. The numbers, however, are still on the rise.
  • It is a proven fact that emails and social media platforms are the two faces of the same coin and both have their characteristic value, benefits, and features.

If both of these can be combined, it will surely spell wonder for any business.

In comes Instagram

One of the most useful and successful social media platforms is Instagram that has caught the attention of millions of businesses and critics. There are more than 600 million Instagram followers, and most importantly half of these users use it actively every single day making it one of the most popular social platforms of today.

Therefore, it is only wise to blend Instagram marketing into your email marketing to fuel sales. This will increase your email list as mentioned earlier as Instagram is an extremely powerful and attractive social platform.

With the ever growing popularity of Instagram, email marketers have found out a new way to promote their brands and get the best results in their marketing endeavor and highest yields.

The fascinating functionality

It seems to be very fascinating when you combine email marketing with Instagram marketing but only if you know how it functions and makes it work for you.

  • On average, half of the business owners out there do not know the ways in which they can make huge profits and reach out to more audiences through Instagram. Many have tried till now, but only a few have been successful.
  • To get more in your sales funnel you must focus on the basic process that will help you to obtain potential leads through Instagram marketing. All you have to do after that is to nurture those leads strategically to change it into effective sales.

The primary reason that most of the business brands of today have taken up Instagram as their platform for business promotion and are highly active on it is that it increases the brand visibility manifold. This further result in the higher possibility of conversion of traffic into potential customer leads and thereby acquiring increased sales.

Sign up form

The question is how you can use Instagram effectively to increase your customer base. Well, one way is to take help of professionals such as Gramista or any other that you know or to follow the simple steps.

  • The most significant step to follow to grow your email list through Instagram is by optimizing your Instagram profile. This will, in turn, help you to acquire more email sign-ups.
  • You will have to add a bulletproof form for sign-up with your Instagram bio in the designated space for the URL to optimize your email marketing flow with the help of Instagram.
  • These forms will help you to create a database of qualified leads that you can change into a loyal customer of your brand.
  • You may also take help of the numerous email marketing services to help you in building the custom sign-up forms and integrate on different platforms.
  • Make sure that there are enough slots in the forms to provide information and capture it to learn more about your Instagram leads such as their buying patterns and behavior.

You may announce some incentives to the potential customers to entice them to fill in your form. However, you must make sure that the incentives are something that you are willing to offer and will be liked by your customers as well. These incentives can be promo codes and discounts, free download, product samples, and contests as well.

Nurture your leads

You will need to post relevant content and nurture your leads. For this, you will need first to understand their preferences once you capture the leads. Know about:

  • What pages they follow
  • What are the interests
  • What are their purchasing habits and
  • What do they expect from your brand?

In the end, you must make sure that you research on each aspect of the behavior of your customers early on. Consider the following things when you research:

  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Recent Purchases
  • Buying history and

Once you know these, you will be able to push them towards a sale later gently. However, you must always make sure that you provide your leads with a great experience all the way, though making a sale will be your ulterior motive. It will keep your customers engaged and happy.

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9 Easy Ways to Turn Your Spring Cleaning into Extra Cash



9 Easy Ways to Turn Your Spring Cleaning into Extra Cash
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Spring cleaning doesn’t need to happen during the spring, but most people do it then. Cleaning the entirety of your home is a long, thorough, but tedious process which requires your full attention. That’s why most people dedicate a day or two just for spring cleaning. During this time, plenty of unused things and items appear and you end up with not knowing what to do with them. Some people throw these items away, and others gift them. However, your best bet would be to attempt to earn money with them.

There are plenty of ways with which you can earn money after spring cleaning your home, and in this article, we’ll help you understand all the methods. The thing you need to remember is that quite likely, and you won’t be earning tremendous amounts of money. However, even something is better than nothing plus, at least there are still some possible uses for them (such as the first entry in this list).

Getty Image

Get Cash at the Consignment Store

Found old clothes that you can’t wear anymore? Trousers are too large because you’ve lost weight? Whatever the case may be, instead of throwing your clothes away, take them to a consignment store.

They’ll give you some cash for your things, and you’ll leave knowing that other people will continue to wear these clothes. It’s a win-win situation – you get rid of unnecessary stuff and clutter from your home whilst also earning some cash!

Kids Clothes and Toys

Kids grow out of their clothes rather quickly and, if the clothes survive the kid (since kids can be pretty violent towards things and don’t understand the concept of caring for things until they reach a certain age), take them to a store that would re-sell them or directly sell them to other people.

Toys also fall in this category and, unless a toy is essential to your child, they might not want to play with it anymore. If this happens, take the unused toys and sell them, so other kids get a chance to play with them!

Sell Old Books

Some books will never be read any more in your home, and they’ll only take up space. People usually take these old books and place them in the attic or basement, but this isn’t good either since they’ll just become worse and worse while taking up unnecessary space.

Your best bet here is to take the books away and sell them. There are locations such as Half Price Books where you can bring your book collection and earn some cash. The amount isn’t huge, but it’s something, plus your old books will have a place to stay, and someone might read them again!

Antiques and Collectibles

Helping your parents clean out their home may also harbor some interesting items that are eligible for sale. These are often considered antiques since they’ve been purchased a long time in the past. Some people prefer to keep their antiques or collectibles because they’re either emotionally attached to them or don’t want to see them gone.

However, if your parents are okay with you selling these items, go for it! Don’t forget to let them in on a share of the sales as well since the stuff is originally theirs! eBay is one of the best places where you can sell collectibles and antiques, and they only take 10% of the value for each item.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture can be found in most homes but, guess what? They aren’t being used. Spring cleaning can fish out some of this old furniture, and if you’re sick of it taking up space, it’s time to sell it. There are a couple of acceptable websites that let you set the selling price for each furniture item, and you’ll receive around 80% of the price with each sale.

If you don’t want to do it over the Internet, we recommend either organizing a yard sale or finding a store that would accept your old furniture for a price.

Sell Your Expensive Electronics

Electronics that used to cost hundreds of dollars is now worth a lot less, but it’s still worth something. That’s why you shouldn’t just throw your old laptop away and, instead, should attempt to sell it. Again, websites such as eBay, Amazon, and others allow you to set the price yourself, but they might not be the best option.

Best Buy has a trade-in program that allows you to give them old, expensive electronics for Best Buy gift cards. If you search a bit more, you’ll find even better options!

Get Cash for Unused Gift Cards

You might have received a gift card a couple of months ago and don’t plan on spending it in that particular store (for various reasons). You’ve already forgotten about it, and during spring cleaning, you found it again. What should you do? Well, if you don’t plan on using it, why not get cash for the unused gift card?

Gift Card Granny is a great choice when it comes to ‘selling’ gift cards, and you’ll get 92% of the gift card’s cash value.


Similarly to the first and second points, any clothing item that you find during spring cleaning can get you cash. But, in this case, instead of taking your clothes to a second-hand shop, you could take a look at Thred Up which gives out free clean-out kits. You take branded clothing and pack it in bundles. Then, when you’re done organizing, send the kit back, and you’ll receive your money.

Trade-in Your Video Games

Video games are interesting in the sense that, once you’re done playing and don’t plan on playing the game in the future, you can sell them as used. They aren’t eternal and age quite fast (unless the game is exceptional and develops a cult following).

On the other hand, even games that you don’t like and won’t even finish are eligible for sale. Visit your friendly GameStop and trade in your used game for some cash.

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Best Hoverboards for Kids and Adults that Are a Hit This Season



Best Hoverboards for Kids and Adults that Are a Hit This Season
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Youngsters simply love to be on the wheels all the time. We see them moving around on their hoverboards, making these gadgets more and more popular.

Basically, they are scooters that can be self-balanced while stepping on the pads. And to control the speed you should just lean forward or backward or even twist the pads. Partly because of their simplicity and partly because of the fun they provide, they are conquering the tech market.

However, as new models appear every day, it can be tough to keep up and decide which one to buy for yourself or your kid. Don’t worry as we are here to help you out with that. In this list, we present the best hoverboards that are in for the season. Enjoy!


Hoverboards @

Tomoloo Self-Balancing Scooter

What differentiates this hoverboard from the rest is the special attention to the protection and safety of the one driving it. This is ensured through the UL 2272 Certification as well as the shell for fire-retardance.

For a more pleasant ride, it also features big wheels with tires that can handle the uneven roads and the possible holes in them. They make climbing possible at inclines that don’t exceed 30 degrees. And the fact that it has LED lights helps make the night ride as satisfying as the day one.

When it comes to controlling it, the Tomoloo offers options to turn it on and off remotely through an app on your smartphone.

However, have in mind that it’s best for the users to try the hoverboard out before purchasing it so that they can see whether it fits.

Skque X1/I

Everyone, especially kids, can easily manipulate this series of hoverboards. Mainly, this is due to the two motors incorporated in the wheels. Thanks to them, acceleration, braking, turning, and rotations are made simpler and more efficient.

The motherboard with its specific design and the gyro sensors only contribute to the satisfying ride. To accompany it, this model can connect to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can listen to songs you like on the speakers that are built-in.

As for the safety, which is a vital aspect to parents, it provides LED lights for the night and passes all certifications and regulations related to the protection of your loved ones.

Only know that if you and your kid drive this on the ground that isn’t smooth, some scratches may appear on the gadget.

Air Ride Pro

Suitable both for adults and children, this is a unique hoverboard because of the features it offers. For starters, you don’t need any keys in order to start it. You should just hop on it and it’ll start moving. The sensors for acceleration and stability allow people to maintain their balance while gliding down the streets as well as do some really interesting tricks along the way.

Moreover, the motors placed in the wheels are strong enough to take you as far as 12 miles after a single charge and stay in function for around an hour and a half after the charge.

Just be mindful that it still doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker incorporated in it.

Where to Find Them

The hoverboards are all around us nowadays. And the internet is flooded with all sorts of different models, some in a better and some in a worse quality.

Yet the popular platforms like Amazon and eBay are among the first ones people turn to. On the other hand, for all news related to this gadget, they usually visit tech blogs and sites like Petagadget, for instance, to make sure that they stay up to date with what’s going on.

Final Words

Do you or your kid own a hoverboard? Do you intend to get one? We want to hear from you!

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New Approach to Essay Writing That Swept the World



New Approach to Essay Writing That Swept the World
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Students struggle with finishing their tasks on time and getting the best possible grades all the time. And essays are a vital part of this.

No matter how hard they try, sometimes the essays are just not good for the professors, who demand more research and deeper points and discussions to be covered. Because of this pressure, often students find themselves sleeping less and being unable to focus on the other aspects of their studies. But not anymore. Nowadays, things are changing thanks to the new approach to essay writing that’s becoming very popular.

Essay Writing company

Moreover, there are companies that have experts working precisely on writing essays filled with the information professors want to read. All you should do is hire a writer from there and wait until the paperwork is in your hands.

Want to hear more about this? Here we’ll cover everything you should know and help you get your essay in no time.

Why People Need Help Writing Essays

The educational system is unfair in some instances. Students’ attention is divided between studying for their exams and completing paperwork in between in order to receive higher scores and pass the year. Not to mention that the professors always seek new ideas and creativity in the students’ writing, which can be impossible when their minds are crowded with lessons.

However, this is only the beginning when it comes to why some help in essay writing comes in handy. There are plenty more reasons that prevent people from crafting pieces they can be proud of. Aside from the lack of time that we mentioned, people sometimes struggle to understand the exact topic of the essay and the points that should be covered. This is either because they aren’t aware of the subject or there are simply not enough materials to learn from.

Then, there’s the motivation, which can often be lacking. As much as someone wants to write the sentences, they seem pointless and not worthy of them. Connected to this, some students just can’t express themselves creatively and make the essay interesting to read. This comes as a result of their wavering self-confidence and opinion that essay writing is something they can’t do even though they haven’t tried doing it.

In these cases, it’s understandable to let someone more experienced help you out and finish the job for you.

Where to Find an Accurate Essay Writing Company

We live in a time when information is a vital resource and is everywhere around us. This is especially the case with the Internet where people can find everything they are looking for by simply visiting a search engine and type their demand.

Essay writing companies can be found in the same way. Most of them have online platforms that you can visit and look around so that you get acquainted with what they offer and how much their services cost.

Things to Consider When Making Your Choice

These things demand special attention and expertise. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust anyone with this task. Instead, you should consider multiple things before making your final decision on which essay writing company to hire.

For starters, you shouldn’t overlook the time the company spent in this business. The longer they’ve spent writing essays, the better they’ll know how to craft yours without any issues. This can be seen through testimonials and reviews of other people that have been their clients. Also, it’s crucial to know who will write your piece. Are they experts in their field? Are they native speakers or close when it comes to knowing the language of your essay? How good are their grammar and spelling? These are only some of the questions you should ask.

Another vital aspect is the customer support they give. The right company should be available 24/7 to give answers to your questions.

The Process

When you compare the time and all the thinking and writing the essay on your own to having someone do it for you, it’s easy to see why people opt for the latter option. The process is, in fact, not very complex and easy to use by everyone. So, let’s take a closer look at the usual process when you hire professional help for essay writing.

The first logical step is to place an order. Often, entities who offer these services have special forms which help the individual best describe the custom writing. For instance, when you order you should specify how long it should be, when the deadline is, what level, topic, what type of writing, form, language and similar other criteria. That’ll come very handy to the individual handling your writing.

After your order is submitted, it’s reviewed and the writer that fits the particular job best is chosen. Some companies enable you to talk with some of the writers, which can help a lot to find the right candidate.

Eventually, the essay is written and the following step is quality control. It’s up to the client to see whether they’re satisfied with the final product or not. If everything is okay, the money is transferred and the whole process is finished.

What You Get

If you embark on this writing adventure all on your own, you risk making mistakes as you don’t have an expert in the field who can guide you and mentor you. That is why with a writing services provider you get professional, quality work that is going to get you a high grade and help you achieve your goal. The writers who work there have tons of experience behind them and they have been doing it with great care and attention.

When we talk about writing, one of the most important things is the writing to be original and not plagiarized. Hiring a proficient company offers you just that. The academic writers, who are employed there, start from scratch so that in the end you get a unique writing piece.

All this help is, usually, available to you every day of the week, twenty-four hours. Furthermore, the client can reach out via a wide variety of channels like email, live chatting or phone call.

With an expert writing taking care of your written pieces, clients don’t have to worry about deadlines as these guys deliver on time and very discreet and confidential about it.

A Final Word

So, what do you say about this? Do you need help to write your essays? Would you hire someone to do it for you? Tell us about your experience with this here!

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Appliances Which Turn Your Old-Fashioned Kitchen to Smart Kitchen



Smart Kitchen
Appliances Which Turn Your Old-Fashioned Kitchen to Smart Kitchen
5 (100%) 2 votes

Nowadays, technology is everywhere around us. People carry their smartphones and tablets all the time and everything is Internet-connected. So why should your house and kitchen be an exception?

All of these technological advancements led to the appearance of new trends related to turning the houses and the rooms inside them smart. In fact, more and more homeowners are inclined to have a smart house that they would be able to command with a single touch on their phone’s screen. In fact, according to a study, the number of smart homes is only increasing in the United States. In the last five years, it has risen from 4.6 million to amazing 24.5 million homes.

If you want yours to be one of them or you are simply curious to find out more on this matter, you are in the right place. Here we’ll present the details.

Smart Kitchen

© Getty Image

How to Make Your Kitchen Smart

The Internet of Things and other similar technological innovations are leading the way. At least this is the case when it comes to building bridges between people and devices.

Basically, people’s homes turn into command centers, which can receive orders remotely. Your kitchen is included in this, as well. In order to make it smart and modern, all you need is installing devices, which will be connected to your smartphone or tablet. Through them, you’ll be able to control when your lunch is ready, adjust the temperature, measure ingredients, record what’s happening in the kitchen, and a lot more. The possibilities in today’s technological era are nearly endless.

Types of Appliances

One of the main aims of the smart kitchen is reducing the time needed for a meal to be cooked. To achieve this, all appliances and devices are connected to the Internet thus giving the owners the right directions and options. For instance, people aren’t required to open the fridge’s door to see what’s inside as it’s displayed on the outside of the fridge, they don’t need to rush home to cook their lunch since they can order the cooker to start doing that while they are still at the office, they can quickly find out the best recipes for a certain meal and so on.

Add to this, the smart appliances work with voice and touch commands, meaning that they can be accessed even when the owner isn’t at home. Some of the most common types of appliances that make a kitchen smart are:

  • Ovens that can be turned on and off remotely and be controlled with the help of an app
  • Refrigerators with tablets that are built in and cameras for taking photos of the interior so that people don’t forget their grocery lists
  • Cookers with the option to adjust the cooking settings like the cooking time, the temperature as well as the time of their shut down from a smartphone or tablet
  • Coffee machines with a timer and options to set the amount of foam, strength, temperatures, and things like these
  • Blenders

To help you out, there are some sites that offer buying guides of smart kitchen appliances online, giving you a chance to pick those that satisfy your preferences and the atmosphere of your kitchen.

A Final Word

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you have a smart kitchen or do you plan to turn yours into one? Share your thoughts and ideas with us!

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