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Top 3 Massage Chairs Review in 2018



Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity
Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity
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Do you like to de-stress when you get home from work or do you simply want to relax your muscles without having to leave the house? The perfect solution for you is to go out and buy the best massage chair.

These incredible armchairs can give you the best massages without leaving home or spend money on a professional masseuse because with these devices you can have an experience very similar to what you could live in any spa.

Massage Chairs

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You can enjoy a massage, Shiatsu or just a little vibration to relax those muscles that have become a bit tense after so many hours of work. You can choose the best massage chairs; we have prepared the final comparative list.

In it you can find the top 3 best relax chairs of today, which come with different configurations of massage, reclining backs and, of course, the best materials so that you have the confidence of buying items of very good quality.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity

The perfect personification of functionality, economy, and quality, the professional Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity massage chair is one of the most positive evaluations of its category on the internet. Being a professional masseur, you certainly know how important it is to have a good massage chair to be able to practice your profession and offer your services in the most effective way.

This model of rollers works from your neck to the legs and feet, going through the shoulders, back, spine, buttocks, and thighs. It comes equipped with an excellent function that is the digitalization technology, which immediately detects the shape and size of your body to adapt to perfection and know exactly where to massage and where not.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity

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Apart from this, this electric relax chair offers 3D massage that protrudes up to 10 cm to accurately massage deep. It is also reclining for higher quality massages and has heating and music. The seat, armrest, sternum cushion and the expensive crib in the Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity massage chair can be adjusted to different levels. Each of them is suitable for the height of the person sitting in the chair.

Some professional masseurs who bought Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity chair say it works perfectly most of the time. The only flaw is informed that, although the chair supports heavy individuals, it is difficult to comfortably accommodate the tall ones even after trying to adjust the remains and the seat several times.

The literature package lacks instruction. But since the chair is already mounted, it is easy to decipher how to use it.

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Inada Sogno Dream wave

If you are thinking about bringing a massage chair, it is the perfect opportunity to have one of these at home. Why ?: not only the users but also the specialists, have found this reference as one of the best in the market and undoubtedly the one with the most elements in order to provide comfort, safety and effective rest.

Inada Sogno Dream wave chair allows a large number of positions that can be modulated with their controls and other accessories, without much effort and always keeping integrity. It has a message system with more than 40 airbags, perfectly synchronized.

Inada Sogno Dream wave

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It also has music therapy and progressive lighting that provides all the tools to make the environment as comfortable as possible and provide warmth while you are in it. As if all this were enough, the Inada Sogno Dream wave chair has within it, the Reflex therapy system that gives the opportunity to experience the sensation of Dream wave. This guarantees total relaxation. For more details you can check from here.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

A chair completely fair in its price-quality ratio, which differs from the others, in that it, accommodates the needs of each person, performing massages completely different from each other, according to a series of chosen characteristics.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

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The chair allows you to work for large muscle groups, making you get up from it, completely devoid of ailments caused by the usual work, exercise routine or daily life. It offers 5 automatic massage modes: full / back; waist/neck; shoulders; knead; and soft.

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In addition to 3 modes of manual massage: complete, partial and fixed points, regulated in 3 important levels of intensity that allow giving maximum quality in each section.

My name is Patricia Franklin and I am a skin care specialist. I am one of the youngest specialist in Asia who is teaching nearly about 5000 students around the world. I am the owner of where I share skin care product review with all my audience.

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7 Benefits of digital signage for your offline store



digital signage
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There are a few statistics that every retailer should pay attention to in 2019:

digital signage

1) Report by Boom-town revealed that 44% of retail store customers said that they had a positive experience in stores that make technology a priority, it made them more prone to come back to the store and recommend the brand in the future.

2) Another survey showed that 64% of consumers do not mind retailers saving purchase history and personal preferences if more personalization is offered.

3) And finally, a report by statista clearly showed that the preference for shopping online vs in-store decreases with age. Meaning that the numbers for Generation Z and Millenials are 56% and 67% accordingly, 41% goes to baby boomers and only 28% of seniors enjoy online shopping.

To sum up, for the offline store retailer this means it’s time to fully embrace digital signage. It is high-technology, innovation, personalization and the best attraction for the Gen-Z and Millenials all wrapped in one. Scroll down for a list of DS benefits for your offline store, 7 of them.

Increase foot traffic. The benefits of professional digital signage software begin with significantly boosting foot traffic and attracting new customers. Retailers have a few options when it comes to inviting the traffic in with DS: advertise the store throughout the mall and on the outside screens, lure customers in with beautiful window displays and/or use Beacon or BLE support and send out targeted information to your customer’s smartphones.  Our suggestion: do it all! Nowadays shopping malls are decked with digital signage displays and are ideal for reminding shoppers about your store and guiding people right to your doors. Beautiful eye-catching visuals in your windows will literally stop people in their track: 8 out of 10 US customers have entered the store because of a storefront or window display. Additionally, if your windows are facing the street, the newest screens have sunlight adjustment technologies, so your window displays will be perfectly visible even on the brightest of the days.

Rule with your DS App. This one is a no-brainer: great DS software comes with a better digital signage app. For the last year, we’ve been working with Kitcast TV DS software provider, we’ve switched to their soft because we’ve started using Apple TV’s and, surprisingly enough,  there aren’t a lot of great options of DS for Apple. Kitcast app is perfect for managing our network of screens across multiple locations. We can easily create gorgeous visuals, control, and schedule the content to play automatically anytime and anywhere with just a smartphone.

Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with DS. Any retailer can immensely better the shopping experience for customers with great digital signage software. There are things you can do to make your customers feel cared for: use DS displays or tablets for Q&A and quick Internet search option, use digital catalogs of your products so, if there is an item that is missing in a particular store it can be immediately ordered online, offer in-store navigation, clearly advertise items that are on sale, etc. Entertain your customers – digital signage displays shine in places where there is a lot of waiting time. Display news headlines and weather forecasts, play cartoons for kids, advertise your stores latest collection – whatever it is –  taking that extra step to lessen perceived waiting time will be highly appreciated.

Personalize your customer’s experience. People will go to extreme lengths to get rid of any ads online, online advertisement is so hated that people will pay for the ads to be permanently blocked.  Strangely enough, the complete opposite can be said about the offline shopping. Customers actually welcome you getting to know them, saving information and being offered opinions and recommendations. 63% of consumers have expressed strong interest in personalized recommendations and they are even ready to share their data in exchange for store credit, coupons, loyalty points or special offers. Digital signage software can analyze and process such information to the point of being able to provide precise product recommendations and creating overall engaging and personalized shopping experience by giving customers in-store purchase suggestion based on the previously made purchases, on their profiles and even online browsing history.

Boost sales. All of the above mentioned, of course, is successfully used to boost sales, though in-store advertisement is one of the best ways to increase impulse purchases. People love offline shopping because they can actually interact with an item they like, they can purchase the item then and there, they can ask for additional info and try on clothes, accessories or cosmetics, smell perfumes, sit in a chair, etc. There are no delivery fees, a rather uncomplicated return policy – all great points for the brick and mortar shopping. That is why advertising your product throughout the stores with DS, especially at the POP is a great idea for boosting sales.

Analyze the data. You can easily integrate your DS displays with analytics tools. The ability to scientifically predict what appeals to your clients, their preferences and overall shopping behavior based not on informed assumptions and guesses, but rather on data collection is vital for anyone working in retail.   

Be bold. Be creative. Digital signage brings beauty and creativity in tech form to the offline retail market, which is highly important for getting two the biggest populous generation –  Gen Z and Millenials – off line and into the stores. Digital mannequins, virtual fitting rooms, smart try-on mirrors, interactive screens, virtual and augmented reality, mesmerizing 4G screen walls and much more is easily achievable with digital signage software.   

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Key Tips On Setting Up Your Right at Home Franchise



working from home
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Starting your very own franchise business doesn’t always mean that you will need to have a physical commercial space as well. For those of you who prefer to stay within the convenience of your home but still earn an income, the good news is that you can become a franchise entrepreneur without leaving your house. To get yourself ready for this process of investment, here are some of the critical tips on how you can start your right at home franchise:

  1. Ask yourself first: Is working from home the right match for me?

Working from home may be an attractive idea, however, it is a setup that is not for everyone. So before you get too excited about starting a home-based franchise, assess first if it really is for you. Do you have your own space at home to work undisturbed? Are your children still entirely reliant on you that working uninterrupted at home is close to impossible? Remember that unlike working from home as an ordinary employee, you will need to dedicate more time and effort to your home-based franchise as its success is in your hands.

working from home

A home-based franchise business is not something that you can work on a freelance basis. You have to give your full time and effort into managing the same. You shouldn’t expect your home-based franchise business to grow if you are only planning to work on it on the side.

As an added bonus, read through this top investing course for franchise owners to learn more about the same before jumping right into the act of investing.

  1. Factor in your interests when choosing a business to franchise.

When you are gearing towards starting a home-based franchise business, you should factor in your interests first. Running a business is not going to be an easy task, but if you love what you do, you will enjoy every moment of it. Hence, you have a higher chance of being more productive with your day-to-day operations at home, as you always feel motivated and inspired to achieve your business goals.

There are varied home-based franchise opportunities for you to choose from, which include:

  • Home repair and home cleaning services
  • Travel agency
  • Bills payment

There is no better substitute to being your own boss, but you must also stay happy while doing the same, or else your business venture will only be on the road to failure.

  1. Research on franchise opportunities that you can choose from.

After you have factored in your possible options based on your interests, now is the time for you to start your franchise research process. Undeniably, the Internet is going to be your best reference. However, you can also take recommendations from the following:

  • Franchise brokers
  • Friends or family who have also ventured into home-based franchising
  • Franchise expositions or fairs

The more options of businesses for you to choose from, the better as you will also enjoy a higher chance of finding the right franchise business for you. Do not limit yourself to too few opportunities lest you end up panicking that you, despite all this planning, still haven’t found the right home-based franchise business.

  1. Spend time to talk and meet with the franchise company that you will possibly choose.

When you have already narrowed down your options, do not make a final decision haphazardly as well. Remember that you will be putting a lot of your hard-earned money into your home-based franchise business. Hence, you have to make sure that you really are investing in the right choice. Take some time to talk and meet with the franchise company that you are leaning towards investing in. Lay your cards on the table, and ask questions like the following:

  • Will you offer training and start-up assistance?
  • How often will you check on how we are performing as franchisees?
  • Will you be giving franchisees with continuous education and training?
  • Is early termination possible? In case of unforeseen circumstances, what are the rules?
  • How often can the franchise deal be renewed?

It is crucial that you ask all these questions and more so that you do not come into any confusion later on with matters that you did not foresee to discuss at the onset.

  1. Prepare your home.

Because you will be working from home, you will no longer need a physical office or a commercial area. However, you will still need a home-based office. While you are working on all your franchise documents and agreements, you should also take the time to prepare your home for this significant addition in your daily life. If you don’t have a home office yet, then now is the time for you to start creating one.

Take cues from apps like Pinterest for home office ideas, such that you are also creating a space that should be conducive to working and productivity.


With these tips in mind, the most important thing for you to remember is this: starting a home-based franchise is going to be just as tricky as all the other franchise businesses that you may begin. There is no easy way to start your franchise business or to get ahead of the same. However, now that you have these tips to guide you, you’ll no longer feel daunted and confused with how to go about setting up your home-based franchise business.

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The Benefits of Extra Firm Mattresses



firm mattresses
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For many people, extra firm mattresses are the ideal choice. Once you understand the benefits that these mattresses offer, you can decide whether or not they are a good fit for your body type and your sleeping habits.

Mattresses that are rated as firm or extra firm do a good job of keeping your body aligned while you sleep, helping to support your back. In terms of posture, these mattresses keep your spine from bending too far in one direction or the other, which is something that happens commonly on mattresses that are too soft. You could also consider a firm mattress topper.

Extra firm mattresses are a particularly good choice for people who have large body frames or who weigh a lot. Unlike softer mattresses, they provide enough support that the body won’t sink down into the mattress, helping to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. Sinking too far into a mattress can throw the spine out of alignment, leading to pain and discomfort. Most people who have smaller frames or who don’t weigh a lot can get by with a mattress that is slightly less firm.

Stomach sleepers can benefit from extra firm mattresses, as well. The front of your body doesn’t have many pressure points, meaning that you don’t have to worry too much about experiencing pain or discomfort when sleeping on one of these mattresses. If you sleep on your back or on your side, on the other hand, you may want to go with a firm or medium-firm mattress rather than an extra firm mattress. These slightly softer mattresses are less likely to create pressure points on your shoulders or hips.

Partners who sleep together can also benefit from choosing an extra firm mattress. Because the mattress stays flat when you are laying on it, neither of you will wind up rolling to the middle of the bed, helping to ensure that you both stay on your separate sides. Motion transfer is also decreased, meaning that you don’t have to worry as much about bothering your partner when you roll over, move around, or get up out of bed.

Mattress Firmness and Back Pain

People with pain in their lower backs usually do best with medium-firm or firm mattresses. These mattresses are firm enough to provide support but not so firm that they create uncomfortable pressure points. For relieving back pain, medium-firm mattresses are generally ideal. They help keep the spine aligned, providing much-needed relief.

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6 Notable Benefits of Employing Interim Managers



Interim Manger
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An interim manager can be the best option for companies that need an experienced, highly qualified employee but luck the capacity to take on such an individual on a full-time employment basis. The interim position is more of a stop-gap solution when there are limited resources that can cater to the empty spots in the management department during a particular period. It is a short-term solution during that transition period that helps avert an impending crisis.

Change in any business often comes with a shift in available knowledge, skills, and expertise. Such a stint can cripple the company’s growth and sustainability. For help in recruiting your ideal interim manager visit SSQ Legal search.

Does the employment of an interim manager have its downsides?

Some of the concerns and drawbacks of employing an interim manager include:

  • The political implications of involving external individuals in oversight positions.
  • The managers level of commitment to help the business grow.
  • The cost of employing such a professional; the wages for interim managers range between £15,000 and £60, 0000 per month.

While the downsides associated with employing an interim manager may dissuade a company from considering such a move, the benefits of using such a professional in a short-term period are profound, and they include:

Interim Manger

  1. Comparatively Affordable

If you take into account how much it costs to employ managers permanently in today’s economic times, then the rates of the interim manager seem reasonable. In most cases, the terms of payment will be only for the days worked without the inclusion of pension payments, employee tax, NI payments, and leave pay. Moreover, the terms of employment can see the manager recruited on a project to project basis or working part-time. Furthermore, the employment period can be under 3 – 9 months which is meant to help reduce costs.

  1. Speed

It is easier to find a qualified individual to hire for an interim managerial position than to find one with the requisite expertise and qualification to hold such a post on a long-term basis. Being able to find a hire such a manager is essential, especially when faced with time constraints as the business undergoes significant change. The interim manager will be an important resource that helps the company grasp the challenges ahead and ensure operations are on-going.

  1. A Fresh Perspective

Bringing in an external resource can be value-addition to the company because the interim manager can bring in a fresh perspective ow things are done. The manager can be objective about what is the best thing for the business during the transition period giving unbiased contribution without seeming as an opposing element to the incumbent management.  From experience, the best move when employing an interim manager is to encourage the existing teams to welcome the new employer into the business and not views the manager as a threat but a vital addition that will aid in achieving specific goals.

  1. New Talent

With the interim managers, the company will be employing fresh talent and can help drive the wind of change in the organization and make a difference. Most interim managers are hired at board level and will often work closely with the board to help ensure there is a smooth transition.

  1. Self-Driven

The interim managers, being independent self-driven operators, are often committed to delivering as per their mandate. They do this because they know that their future as professionals relies heavily on their ability to perform as expected and their successes sang in their referrals to new clients. As such, these short-term managers will go all out to deliver.

  1. Substantial ROI

In as much as hiring an interim manager has its benefits, gaining notable returns on such an investment is pegged on recruiting the right professional for such a position. The transition period is one that can spell crisis for most companies, and thus the cost of failure in the delivery of change can be profound. The interim managers can be an answer to averting such an outcome. Moreover, these managers can be employed to handle different scenarios for the success of the business.

The Verdict

The use of an interim manager is quickly gaining favour among many in the corporate sector as an effective and positive means of achieving the business objectives by being able to acquire highly, specialized individuals with the necessary leadership skills during times of crisis.

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Samsung A8 Plus Case Study: A brief review



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There’s little question that Samsung’s Galaxy A8 and A8 plus look to well-balanced incorporates a premium style. With a firm performance all whereas keeping in mind an inexpensive tag that technically has replaced the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 – look to deliver on all aspects. (Samsung A8 plus back cover Recommended).


Samsung’s going for premium appearance here, and at that, it succeeds. The glass body shimmers within the night that is strikingly totally different in comparison to the element a pair of XL. The glass back felt somewhat sticky, that keeps it from slithering out, however makes it fingerprint and sweat-intensive.

You’ll feel totally immersed in what is on screen due to the eternity Display’s eighteen.5:9 ratio. Themajor show for Galaxy A phones so far, it proposes a good horizontal read, providing a surprising intermediate expertise.

As a standalone show, the Galaxy A8+ incorporates a nice one. It matches the 5T in terms of colors, however the 5T’s show appears additional equally lit than the Galaxy A8+. The latter is slightly dark close to the perimeters and simply slightly variable resistor overall. You will, however, see this only if you compare the 2 devices side-by-side.

Taking attractive photos on the Galaxy A8 and A8+ is as straightforward as sound the shutter. The dual Front Camera innovates selfies and wefies, golf stroke the most specialise in you and your friends therefore you may capture moments throughout a brand new approach. And with the rear 16MP camera, the surrounding scene will taken off bright and clear, too.

As we’ll see later, the Samsung doesn’t pack the maximum amount school as those phones either. However, it will have IP68 water-resistance. None of the Moto G6 phones, or the opposite rivals at this worth, have such finest water protection.

You can drop the Galaxy A8 in water to a depth of 1.5 metres, and leave it there for half-hour, while not it inflicting harm. Whereas this feature isn’t doesn’t notably sit high on my list of priorities once most phones area unit designed to handle rain, if you lead quite an outside life, than it should sway you.

Over a day’s usage, you move 12-14 hours of battery life on every charge. Whereas that is spare, it’s never stellar. The Galaxy A8+ supports Samsung’s adjective quick charging though, thus you’ll get a fast high up with associate hour’s value of charge that produces the phone last a full 24 hours. It charges from 10 to 100 percent in below associate hour.

The Crust Samsung A8 plus cover bumper associated an ultra-slim titled clear case area unit good for displaying the first look. And safeguarding of your smartphone. Specifically designed for Crust Samsung A8 and cowl could be a tight protecting case. This safeguards your smartphone from Scratches, Fingerprints, Abrasion, Specks of dirt, and Collisions.

The Samsung A8 and cowl case minimizes the chance of harm from shocks and drop. And is anti-shock wet proof, wear resistant. For precise style, the laser-cut technology used for a transparent gap permits to interference-less access all the ports and buttons.

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