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Top Things You Need If You Are Traveling With Your Dog



Traveling With Dog

Do you have a dog? If you do, then you are aware of how special these creatures are. It’s not in vain that they are referred to as people’s best friend.

Moreover, most dog owners want to spend all their time with their furry friend by their side. And this includes traveling. Especially, during long journeys when things can get lonely and you may not have who to talk to, dogs are there to fill in the void. Their presence is more than enough for many to fight the loneliness. However, the truth is that dogs are slightly complicated passengers since they require some special things to be carried with you as soon as you decide to embark on a journey. This is the case mainly when you go to other countries.

Don’t worry as we have you covered. Here we’ll explore the top things you should bring with you on an epic trip with your dog. Enjoy!

Traveling With Dog

Leash and Collar

Understandably, when your dog suddenly finds itself in a foreign territory, the surroundings become interesting to it. All the different smells and colors can make it wander off and cause you troubles. That’s why it’s always handy to have a leash and a collar with you. They’ll keep your little friend safe and allow you to control where it goes.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of nice-looking collars that’ll make the dog look fancy. You can even find tags with the dog’s name on them. This both enhances its appearance and its safety.


You shouldn’t be overlooked, as well. You can show how much you love your dog by getting a customized dog necklace, a ring or bracelet. The Internet has some really good stores selling these authentic pieces.

Dog Bags

Connected to the previous one, while your doggie runs around exploring the new places, it may leave something behind it. Since you’ll have to pick it up, it’s advisable to carry small bags with you at all times.

They can be attached to the collar so they won’t bother you or occupy additional space. This spares you from thoroughly searching for them in your crowded backpack every time you are out. Not to mention that unlike the plastic ones that were made earlier, the new and more compact doggie bags are less heavy.

Records of Vaccination

Records of the shots your dog has been given should be easily reachable, so an option is to put them in the bag that contains all of its stuff. You’d be surprised to find out how important these records are. For starters, when boarding for the night, they can be useful to prove that it’s safe for your pet to travel.

Before you commence your journey, make sure you check if the country or place you’re visiting has any specific vaccination requirements. Because if you want your dog to be granted entry, it has to be up to date with these shots.


Pet-Friendly Hotels

A pet policy may not be publicly displayed when you’re booking some hotels. Even when you’re doing all the booking, it’s good to have an open eye for these things. If no such thing is mentioned, get in touch with them – whether through email or giving them a call.

It’s nice to double check with the hotel once again before you embark on your trip. That way you prevent being in a situation when you’ll be facing a brand new policy of the hotel for not allowing pets on the premises.

Water and Dog Food

To evade any troubles, it’s best to bring as many of your puppy’s favorite food and treats as possible as any foreign food may bring stomach issues.

Moreover, cooking for your cute furry friend is also a possibility. If you opt for that, buy food beforehand and pack together with your stuff. You wouldn’t want to risk running from supermarket to supermarket in your vacation destination and losing time.

Your puppy is used to drinking the water from where it lives. That’s why it’s a smart idea to take some water supplies with you. Even bottled water can come in handy in some situations.


Blanket or Bed

In order to be energetic and happy, your dog needs as much sleep as you. And what’s better for that than its favorite blanket or doggie bed? Yes, dogs actually tend to connect with their stuff, so when yours sees that you’ve brought its sleeping gear, it’ll be more relaxed and rested during the journey.

The option for it to sleep in your bed is, of course, open but in this case, you can take familiar sheets, too.

Safety First

Seat belts and similar restraints for your doggy’s safety can mean a lot when traveling. What’s more, some countries and states made it mandatory for pets to have seat belts on, so you may have to check that as well before you go.


Your dog may feel nervous and on edge when he/she is far away from home. Toys can prove to be a viable solution. Take lots of toys that will comfort him/her and at the same time remind them of home and that everything is okay. Even scents that feel familiar to puppies can have a bigger soothing effect. Chew toys are a plus, too.

A pro tip – If you want to take the fun to the next level, you may even bring yours and your dog’s favorite CD or music playlist.


A Final Word

Your dog is your best friend and your perfect travel companion. But in order for it to accompany you on your trips, you should bring certain things we mentioned above with you and be mindful of them. Thanks to them you’ll be able to relax more knowing that your doggie is well taken care of and happy. We hope we helped you make your checklist and start packing all the necessary stuff. Good luck and tell us all about your journeys with your furry little friend and your future traveling plans!

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