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How to Get a Free Amazon Gift Card Online The Right Way

Amazon is one of the most popular websites for online shopping. Whenever they want to buy something, people tend to go there and search for it. No matter if it’s something related to your home, a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, the chances are big that you’ll find it there.

For this reason, getting the free Amazon gift card online is a real pleasure for shoppers. If you’re one of them, then rejoice. Here we’ll cover the best ways to score this gift card and buy everything without paying a dime.

Right way to get free Amazon gift card

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk
© Amazon

Amazon itself has a system for earning money and gift cards by completing easy tasks. Anyone can sign up to the Mechanical Turk and start working.

The jobs are named HITs and they include actions like editing documents, hunting for typing mistakes as well as transcribing information and documents. All earnings can be quickly added to your bank account or transformed into a free gift card with which you can buy Amazon products without paying for them.

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards
© Slick Deals

Microsoft users have an opportunity to earn points and later redeem an Amazon gift card with their account. All they should do is stay logged in to their account wherever they go.

Basically, you’ll get points for things you do every day like searching on Bing, buying something from Microsoft’s store or use Microsoft Edge to go online.Note that the points from Microsoft Rewards can’t be redeemed for cash. But you can get a free gift card or free subscription whose worth doesn’t exceed $5 after you gather around 5000 points.


© Search Engine Land

Did you know that you can get Amazon gift cards by using Bing? That’s right; the popular search engine has a feature called Bing Rewards that’s designed especially for that.

To be more precise, when you search on Bing, you get points which are immediately loaded on your account. These earned points can be easily transferred into gift cards for shopping on Amazon.

Add to this, when you do a pre-determined number of searches per month, you can get some bonus points.


© MyPoints

MyPoints is a site that offers points when you complete a certain activity. Some of the activities you can do to earn MyPoints include:

  • Reading emails,
  • Playing games,
  • Answering surveys,
  • Watching videos,
  • Shopping online,
  • Searching the web,
  • Discovering content and many more.

After you get those points, you can redeem them for an Amazon gift card. They have cards ranging from $10, $25, and $50.

If you’re interested to learn more you can find out more about how it works here.


© Ibotta

There’s an app for cashing in Amazon gift cards – Ibotta. After you download the app, you can earn cash back on some featured grocery items, which you, in fact, already buy like eggs, milk, bread etc.

Simply transfer what you earned in Amazon gift cards and you have your deal.

Take Surveys

Take Surveys
© Swagbucks

The Internet is full of websites that give users certain benefits after they fill out a survey. One of these perks is the free gift card for shopping on Amazon. You can redeem it upon a completion of a number of surveys. They aren’t tough at all, consisting of questions related to a brand, product, service or your experience with doing something.

Some of the most famous sites that offer this are:

You can find even more opportunities for completing surveys and earning gift cards and cash here.

Have you tried any of these ways for getting an Amazon free gift card? What did you buy? Share your thoughts with us. And stay on Flix Expo for more deals and freebies.

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