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How to Leverage Instagram Analytics to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?




Needless to say, social media is home to a great wealth of information that is invaluable to online marketers. The data on social media is curated from data collection through various social media channels like Instagram that brings the spotlight on how audiences engage with, relate and share content. Monitoring and evaluating those metrics can assist you in building a great Instagram marketing strategy. The data acquired from social media can help you curate supreme quality content based on the latest trends active on several platforms, audience behavior, and the effectiveness of a business’s social media activities.

If you are looking to improve your social media marketing strategy with the help of Instagram analytics, here is a compiled list describing the best ways to achieve that:

Discover and Monitor KPIs

Prior to the beginning of your Instagram data analysis, make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of your key performance indicators or KPIs on the platform. Generally speaking, these KPIs should fall under the queue with your overall online marketing strategy for your brand. Once you have determined what your KPIs are, selecting the right tool will ensure an efficient and effective data collection and analysis. Besides, it will further help you in rationalizing the net revenue or ROI (Return on Investment) and justify the value of social media. On the other hand, identifying and managing KPIs will exceptionally effect your content creation and sharing on Instagram.

Curate Content Based on Trends and Interests

Instagram analytics provide insights into what kind of content, offerings, and promotional campaigns are toiling the most interest and buzz on the visual-only platform. When you leverage these kinds of data to target top-quality content and influencers, it will bring free Instagram likes to your posts and increase your follower growth. Make sure that you are tracking all the chatter on a routine basis including language, hashtags, and sentiments and so on.

Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

According to, core Instagram KPIs will help you in monitoring data and trigger the unique metrics. Optimize your business account on the visual-only platform and gain a strong understanding of how well your content performs on the channel. Work out on the analytics such as engagements, number of followers, link clicks and mentions, and many more to manifest the popularity of your brand.


Customize Content and Marketing

With Instagram analytics, you can earn the flexibility to personalize the content based on your buyer persona and audience profiles. Not only it helps in providing your targeted audience with a friendly experience, but it also aids in driving more engagement and content-driven conversions. It goes without saying that the modern-day consumer relates more to authentic and trustworthy brands; hence, posting useful content is more important than ever. When it comes to crafting great pieces of content that will be appreciated by the user, leveraging Instagram analytics is a relevant and reliable option.


Thanks to Instagram analytics, you can easily access social data to learn the key insights about your audience and target the major prospects. Utilize the analytics to ensure your Instagram content and overall performance justifies the ROI.

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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