Ways Men Can Wear Their Long Hair
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Top Long Hairstyles for Men That Everyone is Raving About This Year

While most hairstyles for men are associated with short hair, there are actually, even more, combinations that men can try with their long hair. Guys that have long hair have the chance to create looks, which are trendy and flexible both for their everyday activities and special occasions.

There are long hairstyles that are effortless and you can simply wash your hair and go out. But others require a bit more time and effort. In any case, the result is a modern look men nowadays have a tendency to try.

So, if you like to give this a shot yourself, in this guide we present the best long hairstyles for men. If you looking for short haircuts for women you check this article.

Ways Men Can Wear Their Long Hair

Ways Men Can Wear Their Long Hair
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Keeping your hair loose is absolutely stylish. Many men focus on growing their short hair into a medium-length one so that they can experiment with the emerging hairstyles.

Moreover, there are multiple ways to grow your hair. You can let it grow only on the top and cut the sides more regularly, grow it all at once or go for styles with fringe, undercuts and classic looks. No matter which one you go for, if you like wearing your hair long, you’ll find pleasure in it.

But to help you decide quicker, here are the top long hairstyles for men:

Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail Long Hairstyle
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This is one of the most popular haircuts men and women with long hairs attempt first. Not only that it’s practical, but it’s easy to make, too.

Also, it can be worn everywhere, no matter the season and place. At one point, anyone with long hair tries wearing it creating an original appearance that is efficient and nice-looking.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle
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In case you have straight or wavy hair, this hairstyle will look great on you. It can be simply styled by parting to the side for showing off your carefree side.

Eve though, men consider this style as one that takes up a lot of time to maintain and style, you can try making your hair fall naturally instead of braiding it or making hipster manes. To avoid any interruptions to the relaxed look, you can go for a simple one side sweeping.

Bun Hairstyle

Bun Long Hairstyle

Man buns are always hot and popular, as well. Their popularity is mainly derived from the unique appearance that they provide and the ability to wear them in more different ways.

Your bun style can be adapted in accordance with how far you like to experiment with your hair and what you want to achieve with it. For instance, there’s an option to wear it loose with hair tangling around the bun, cut the sides shorter and leave the top and the bun pronounced or even tie it higher. The possibilities are endless.

Mane Swept to the Side and Back

Mane Swept to the Side and Back
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This style works perfectly fine with thick hair. Men that have dense locks should only wash their hair, use a towel to dry it, comb it with their fingers, and apply some suitable cosmetics.

The goal here is to part the hairline to the side while flipping a big part of your hair to one side. The locks on the back should remain free falling.

Braids Hairstyle

Braids Hairstyle
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There are just so many things you can do with braids on your long hair. All locks can be braided and let to fall down naturally or only small portions of your hair can be turned into braids.

However, for creating a trendy, hipster look mixed with punk and hip-hop, you can braid certain parts of your hair close to your scalp and pull the hair to the back, tying it in a bun. Here are you may check out about fancy hairstyles for women over 50 years old.

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