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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in 2017 – The Effective, Short & Simple Way



Social Media Marketing in 2017 – The Effective, Short & Simple Way
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing why is it so important for their business every new entrepreneur wonders, why does it really matter that much. Did you know that if you are starting any kind of business in 2017 and you aren’t using any kind of social media you are putting yourself and your business at a massive and catastrophic disadvantage, continue reading to find out why and how you can fix that.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is everywhere around us did you know that more than 80% of the success companies mark their Social Media Marketing as in the top3 categories that made the biggest difference in becoming successful. Many wonder why does it matter that much, what kind of difference does it make. We all aware that we are living in a new digital world and that digital world has a purpose of bringing our world closer and makes a lot of things easier through new discoveries and technologies. The biggest benefit to social media marketing is increased exposure, other benefits include increased traffic, lead generation, loyal fan base creation and improved search rankings. Social Media Marketing is so effective that every new company is choosing it over the older marketing medium choices, like TV, or radio, or tabloids and other stuff.

According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 94% of companies are utilizing social media for marketing, and 83% of them report that social media is important to them. So the real question is, is it important to your company? Absolutely yes, Social Media is something that the whole business world is a part of and with time it will only grow larger.

So on which one should you focus or avoid? Most of the companies first choice is Facebook with over 90%, second of choice in 2017 is Twitter and the third choice is Instagram, a new medium called Pintrest is getting massive attention and attraction and the last one that is still relevant is LinkedIn. Now all of these mediums also offer paid ad’s promos that would boost your results even higher. But If you really struggle at the start there are companies that offer direct SMM services, that they’ll help you out grow your platforms?

Do you want more exposure/traffic/views your way? Do you want promotion on more mediums not just Facebook? Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and many more to come.

Social Media Market

Having to grow your Social Media accounts manually is difficult once you get started so all the help that you can get to make the initial boost is just passing the great major stepping stone to even more exposure, traffic, leads etc. The great thing is that many of the SMM services providers usually offer exceptional cheap service for your social media needs. You simply can’t avoid not using them in 2017, if you want to succeed you got to be active on all fronts. One of the best SMM service providers websites are, Their services and support are remarkable.

Are you still worried how to start and grow your social media empire? Follow this little guideline and you’ll be fine.

  • Define your social media marketing goals – what do you want to accomplish (traffic generation, exposure, lead generation, product/market analysis) Determine your audience are you speaking trying to get new customers, improve your relationship with the existing, etc).
  • Create quality content and content that is engaging and determine the frequency of which to distribute content and communicate via SMM. Companies now a day post as much as possible in a day so that the there is constant activity. The biggest reason social media and blogging can fail is due to a lack of new and relevant content.
  • Create social media accounts and set up your pages. Registering for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others is free. Once created, customize your page with your logo to your liking, graphics and ‘about us’ information. Familiar yourself with how each site works and how you can grow on each platform.
  • Attract followers, fans and users to your social media outlets. Constantly promote your content between all the outlets. advertising and materials. Remember actively promote

First of all define your social media marketing goals – what do you want to accomplish (traffic generation, exposure, lead generation, product/market analysis) and determine your audience are you speaking trying to get new customers, improve your relationship with the existing, etc).

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing goals

Why you need to set social goals? The best way to track your social media goals and review them is most important to create them. Create social media goals that share the same vision with your agenda or the company agenda that you work with. This way you can keep track of the results, know how to audit, know what to change to improve and how to present your results. Create goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive. This is a common goal-setting technique called SMART.

Social Media Marketing, Description Image For The SMART Goal Setting Technique

The next thing is how to determine your target audience and their engagement. As we know at this point you can measure and see analytics through your social media pages on Facebook and Twitter for your posts. Now how do we identify them?

With Facebook Insights you measure how your business page is performing, and can provide information on how to better manage your page to connect with your customers and prospects. Besides  finding out reports on the demographics of users engaging with your page, what’s the best time to post for increased reach, and which posts perform the best and why. All these kinds of stats will help you to create the right kind of posts that your audience can engage the most with. Also in the future all these stats and reports would be of a great help if you decide to use Facebook Advertising.

Another great tool that you can use is Twitter Analytics. But why does it matter? With Twitter Analytics you now have the ability to see what your followers interests are, what are they buying, what are they searching, what’s their favorite food etc. Twitter Analytics have made it easier for companies to gauge at their audience interests and needs for their marketing needs.

When we talk about quality content we mostly think about content that is engaging, but most of all social media and blogging outlets fail cause due their lack of creating new and engaging content.

They usually forget to diversify their content, what I mean by that is to create more than just written text blogs rather add images, videos, quotes, stats, infographics, memes, gifs etc simply adding more depth to your content. The next few things that you also need to pay attention is to make your content shareable, don’t overlook keywords and come up with interesting titles. By studies done you should post at a minimum 3 times per week on your Facebook pages, with the most recommended as being 1 post per day.

Creating your social media accounts and setting up your pages can look a bit stressful if you’ve never done it before, but have no worries in this digital age everything can be thought and learned following few simple guidelines.

Social Media Market

First of all you’d like to create a new email to register your social media accounts this way it would be a lot easier for you to filter all the information that you’d be getting from these sites and make the most use of it. Which platforms are the most important? Facebook and Twitter tend to lead in this category and now a days are mandatory but the best thing would be to use all the popular ones, that way you guarantee you won’t neglect any place that you could find your potential customers. After creating your social media accounts remember to customize them to your liking, add your logo, about us and contact information more or less familiar yourself with the different features that each platform has and how you can use them to grow and fulfill your goals.

What everyone wonders is how do you attract followers, fans and users to your social media outlets. How do you find traffic?  Sharing your posts on other social media platforms, consistency and knowing your audience.

These few small tips are crucial here are several things that you need to pay attention too; follow similar minded people that would enjoy your content and find it relevant, create viral content, share frequently, provide valuable educational and informative content. You got to give value to receive value it’s that simple. Prioritize the social network where the majority of your fans are but don’t neglect your other options also, what I really want to say is if you don’t promote your content you’ll have no following but also you got to have a strategy and a approach to how you will deal with your tasks ahead. Remember promote and cross promote everywhere and on as many platforms as possible that way you can get your fans easier way to find your content and share it, discuss it, comment about it between them and their friends.

When the next time someone asks you what is so important about Social Media Marketing share with them what you’ve learned here and why does it matter.

Social Media Marketing, quote

 If you are interested in finding out the 11 Social Media Management Tools That Can Achieve Your Business Goal, click bellow.

11 Social Media Management Tools That Can Achieve Your Business Goal

Keep watching on Flix Expo for more insights.

Who am I? My name is Stefan, I'm a freelance content creator, digital marketing and e-commerce consultant. I'm the guy who guides and helps out people how to run a successful business on the internet.

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Digital Marketing

The Secret of Link Building Strategies That Works For Every Major Search Engines



Link Building Strategies
The Secret of Link Building Strategies That Works For Every Major Search Engines
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This is how it works. Content is the king and Backlinks are the queen in this case, they are the important things who gives web resources and help with search engines ranking priority. Their value is where they are linking from, its relevant content or just a link!!!

A backlink as a reference is comparable to a citation, source and other thing is an evidence that where exactly gets introduced about the matter of anchor text. The reference is suggested to a web page where it is described in order and estimated how important the page is.

If you build just a link in a page it will be value less from search engines eyes, that’s not my word, you can try yourself! 😀

There are thousands of ways that you can build quality backlinks for your site, but how is the question! If you are hungry about building more backlinks within short time then you will be at loss more than if you created quality content links which are relevant.

How to define and build quality backlinks???

Link Building Strategies

Everybody questions what’s their importance – What’s so special about Backlinks building and why!

Let’s figure out what type of link building strategy work for us!

Internal Link Building strategy

Internal Link Building strategy

If you are a blogger you must know about the internal link building how powerful for increase search traffic. It’s a technique that you can use free for ever and most well-known websites using.

How to get them?

# Internal link

Basically, an internal link will take you to a web page on the same domain.

# External link

And external link will take you to a web page on different domain.

Here is the article about the best SEO tools that work for your online journey

Let’s figure out them by an example:

 External and Internet Link Building

Link#1 is an external link which takes you to Moz pro website

Link#2 is an internal link which takes you to Alex written article about 11 social media management tools.

The most effective part is if you add your homepage link on every post and pages.

# Benefits of Internal Link Building

Internal linking is the part of share authority from one page to another page. The value is search optimization, usability and conversion optimization.

Exactly they pass “Page Authority” from one page to another that earn page authority for free. If you decide about hire an SEO company for every page ranking then the cost will be millions of dollars. But internal linking helps you to discover your content on Google and other major search engines for free.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

The best effective way to increase followers and build quality backlinks by guest blogging, in fact blogging is critical. But the most important part of search engine ranking if your post frequently and deliver quality content that’s useful and the 1st part of SEO (search engine optimization).

# Benefits of blogging:-

  • Generate traffic to your site from another site
  • Grow demand of your service
  • Earn quality and relevant backlinks
  • Attract new customer
  • Google to discover your content
  • Increase domain authority and trust flow metrics
  • Increasing your brand marketing
  • Building a strong link profile

There are thousands of quality blogs and magazines accept free guest post that you can easily engage with them by post valuable articles. If you are newbie in this field you may start from my guest blogging list.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting

Best way to get quality backlinks and traffic to your site by commenting blogs post and build out a natural link profile. But there are thousands of spams comments build every day.

# How to get high quality backlinks!

  • Dofollow or nofollow doesn’t matter, comment should be quality and relevant
  • Blogs post should be related to your site
  • Place your comments on high page authority posts, not only domain authority
  • Put comments on zero spam score and high traffic blogs
  • Find blogs which blogs Alexa rank under 100k
  • Find CommentLuv blogs, where you can get 2 backlinks from each comment if you are a blogger, when posting comments on other blogs post to show your recent article.

# Benefits of Blog Commenting

  • It helps you to build good relationship with other blogs owner
  • It helps you to generate traffic to your blog
  • It helps you to earn click-through backlinks
  • It helps you to increase search engine rank
  • Getting more subscribers by quality comments

Forum Link Building

Forum Link Building

Forum is one of the most viewable platforms in the world where you can build good relationship with the forum users by posting informative answer or topics and the most effective link building strategies that deliver traffic and subscribers.

If you want to build just a backlink on forum it will be value less, even you will be banned from the forums if you create spam post.

Building a good relationship by placing informative comments you will gain huge traffic to your blog from various countries.

# What type of forums & comments will work for increase backlinks and traffic!

  • Comment should be informative and ofcourse relevant
  • Don’t try to promote link, place link if require
  • Join on high authority and quality forums, which have huge traffic
  • Quote with comments, the most important part of forum link building

Take a look how to place quote with comment on a forum post:

Quote with forums comments

© Forums SEO Chat

Social Engagement (Social Media Marketing)

Social Engagement

I hear about social bookmarking is the backbone of SEO, but who really cares about the thing? If you take care your blog only you will be loss your followers and subscribers who can provide you really good backlinks and the backlinks will assist you to improve your search traffic. The most important part of increase social media marketing

# How to get quality backlinks from social media sites!

  • Put comments on your friend post
  • Put comments on your friends of friend post
  • Add like to your friends and friends of friend post
  • Engage with your friends by placing comments and reply with useful information
  • Follow your friends of friend and engage with them by placing useful comments

# The benefits from social media sites!

  • Increase traffic to your blog by getting followers
  • Increase search traffic
  • Earn white hat backlinks
  • Index fast your blog post
  • Improving your link popularity
  • Increase link juice

Take a look a social engagement on Google+

Social Engagement

OMG! 31 comments, 584 likes and 14 reshare on Google+.

Links from Yahoo & Quora Answers

Yahoo Answers

© Yahoo!

The places to share knowledge and better community in the world, where you can get quality backlinks and huge amount traffic everyday if you can engage with them regularly. And the most viewable platform in the world Yahoo! and Quora.

If you take care only dofollow backlinks you will loss your blog posts rank very shortly, if you don’t believe please try yourself 😛

Top 31 White Hat Link Building Strategies

Link Building

  1. Create high quality content that useful for everyone, you don’t need to build backlinks for your articles, your blog traffic will share your content if your content is really useful.
  2. Create backlinks from education websites
  3. Create eye catching images and submit them on image share sites to build backlinks
  4. Write eBooks and share on Amazon to build authority backlinks
  5. Convert your blog to android app and submit on Google play, Amazon, iTunes and other free android app submission sites, they will assist you to increase your brand marketing.
  6. Create Google chrome, Mozilla browser extension and submit them to earn backlinks for your site
  7. Engage on Google groups to provide relevant answer on their question and put your site link if require
  8. Join on Blog directories to share your content to generate backlinks and traffic to your blog
  9. Create eye catching logo and submit on logo directory to link back to your site
  10. Create informative infographics that delivers useful information and link back to your blog
  11. Submit your RSS feed on RSS directory
  12. Create quality articles and share on most well known article directories like Ezine, hubpages, ehow and etc
  13. Create videos and upload them on YouTube including your site link with description
  14. Create your own community on Yahoo groups, where you can earn huge quality backlinks
  15. Create how to guides and submit them on PDF sharing sites
  16. Create presentation and submit on slideshare with your blog link
  17. Create Google maps and add your office location including your website activities with link
  18. Submit your article to Google news
  19. Create newsletter and send to your blog subscribers.
  20. Submit your site on local citation sites
  21. Get edu backlinks from scholarship page
  22. Offer free guest post on your website to increase your website link sharing
  23. Get backlinks from link roundups
  24. Convert your blog to Podcasts and submit it on iTunes
  25. Create webinars and promote it
  26. Create useful articles and submit them on most well-know buffer sites with your blog link
  27. Put comments on GuestBook with your blog link
  28. Create microblogs on microblog include articles and link
  29. Create a Wiki page with your own blogs post link
  30. Create a audio related to your blog and share it on audio sharing websites
  31. Use social locker plugin if you are WordPress blogger and share your guides using this plugin, this plugin will offer likes or tweet to visible your guide to your blog readers, where you can earn more social backlinks when they want to get your guides.

By these way you can gain thousands of quality backlinks to your blog without any break down search engine rank.

And if you make plan for discover and build your competitors backlinks for your site you can start with Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs. Their search engines will assist you to find out your competitors backlinks easily when you subscribe as premium account.

You can start from Open Site Explorer simply by placing your competitor sites:

Open Site Explorer

© Moz

Or you can start from Ahrefs using site explorer:


© Ahrefs

Have a good luck and enjoy your online journey with us on Flix Expo. Looking for more useful information? Then like our Facebook page or subscribe to get daily articles to your email inbox.

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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Tips How To Grow Your Page in 2017




Social Media Marketing
Facebook Tips How To Grow Your Page in 2017
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Facebook Tips

These Facebook tips will help you run an effective Facebook Page. They would make sure you understand how to do a better job.

Facebook Image, Facebook Tips

Learn how to engage your followers with simple and short Facebook Tips, build your audience and grow your Facebook fan page quickly to turn it into a powerful promotional tool. These simple and short Facebook Tips will show you.

Fan Interaction

Facebook tips and their importance. When fans usually post on your wall or comment on your posts, a simple interaction with them goes a long way. What you want is to encourage positive interactions and discourage negative ones.  Always be respectful and professional.


Facebook Image, Facebook Tips

Diversify Your Posts

What you really want to do when you are considering a posting strategy is to avoid spam & spamming, don’t just randomly post all kinds of updates that will flood your fans timelines and make them hit the “unlike” bottom.

Find a balance, see when your fans are most active at what periods of the day and what kind of content types are they most interested in. Finding  the right time and the right content to post is a sure way to grow your Facebook fan page.


Facebook Image, Facebook Tips

Promote Everywhere

Another great tip to grow your Facebook fan page is promotion. Promote it everywhere. There is no shame in promotion everybody is doing it, promote it on your other Social Media accounts, promote it on your website, promote it in Facebook groups, between your friends and their friends. Make use of your social circle that’s what promotion is all about so promote!

Facebook Image, Facebook Tips

Ask interesting questions and share their answers

You can use this tip to ask all kinds of interesting questions and share and pin the best comments and ideas. Your Facebook audience usually likes to share them with their friends if they are unique and interesting.

Facebook Image, Facebook Tips

Hold engaging giveaways

Start with creating engaging giveaways that are related with your Facebook fan page can boost your growth immensely. How? For people to join your giveaway you can set rules like they have to write the names of 5 other friends, share it with them and like the giveaway post and image and write their own name to join the giveaway.

Facebook Image, Facebook Tips

Using paid advertising is a great way to get more people that share the same or similar interest to your Facebook page. One option is trying out the “boost a Facebook page or a post”. This is definitely worth the money for the exposure that you’ll get. Another option is using a SMM service like that will help you grow your Facebook page.

Please check out, you won’t be disappointed social media management tools or the best 4 tips how to grow your twitter on Flix Expo.

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Digital Marketing

11 Social Media Management Tools That Can Achieve Your Business Goal



Social Media Management
11 Social Media Management Tools That Can Achieve Your Business Goal
4.7 (93.68%) 19 votes

Social media management tools is the key of increase web presence and activity to whole world, that can save your time to do job manually, exactly what you’re looking for!

Social media is a vital part of people’s lives. Everyone uses it during the whole day, making it a beneficial way for individuals and businesses to present themselves and their products or services to the public. But becoming visible and well-known on these platforms requires a lot of time and effort.

For this reason, there are certain tools for managing your social media accounts. Their purpose is to improve your whole presence online and increase your social activity. That way, users aren’t obliged to do anything manually and occupy their time with that.

Despite the fact that all tools have something that differentiates them from the rest,such as their interface or some specific features, they will finish the job they are designed to do. You should only make sure that the tool you decide to use is appropriate for your strategy.

So, we’ll look into the top tools for social media management now.

01. Buffer


Image ©

This tool works for almost all social media platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. It operates like a planner, allowing you to schedule posts for publishing during the whole day.

Moreover, the dashboard is easy to utilize as all features are clearly shown. This gives people a chance to set their own schedule and even track the analytics. Also, you can get the app and use Buffer on other devices while you’re on the go, as well.



Image ©

Its long name being ‘If This Then That’, this tool puts the users in a privileged position by giving them the opportunity to create their own actions and plans known as recipes. Then, the tool finishes them by itself. Nothing should be done manually. The number of recipes that you can make isn’t limited, so you can use IFTTT on multiple social media channels.

There are applets, as well, that can be connected to various devices. They are the ones dealing with all the tasks people ordered.

03. TweetDeck


Image ©

As the name suggests, TweetDeck is a tool for the social media platform Twitter. In the past, it worked for more platforms, but Twitter made it their own. The only complaint from people is that this tool works only on desktop computers.

The tool provides a lot of options when it comes to managing your Twitter posts and profile. With it, you can track everything that’s happening, follow and participate in multiple hashtags as well as communicate with other users. Also, users can manage more than one account.

04. SpredFast


Photo ©

Actually, SpredFast is aimed at people that are obsessed with numbers and analytics. This is because the tool performs a lot of data analysis successfully and correctly. It incorporates a bit more than a simple social media strategy, which makes it suitable for larger businesses with big audiences and frequent online tasks.

Actually, it collects all data from multiple platforms in order to present graphs and similar techniques and show you how many people are engaging with your content and whether the target audience is properly addressed.

05. Sprout Social


Photo ©

This tool comes as a trial for a limited time and then it needs to be paid from $60 up per month depending on which features you want to unlock. In any case, you can optimize it to match your business’ needs.

What captures the users’ interest is the option connected to customer service. Aside from the ability to post on many social platforms at the same time, Sprout Social takes care of the businesses’ customers and provides you with chances for increasing the engagement with them.

06. SocialOomph


Image ©

You can keep track of your social media profiles on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, RSS feeds and more. Some of the features that are available for use by all individuals and businesses include exploring keywords, scheduling posts and tweets, shortening URLs, and making a lot of profiles on different platforms.

There’s a free and professional version. The free one incorporates a lot of helpful features that do the job, but in some instances, they have certain limitations. If you don’t want those, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership.

07. Meet Edgar


Image ©

Many tools out there focus on publishing and scheduling posts for users, but MeetEdgar aims at discovering evergreen posts and reposting them again. This is a rare option, which contributes to the tool’s popularity among users.

It’s suitable for a lot of social platforms and its main goal is increasing the web traffic. By posting evergreen posts once more, it allows users to attract new visitors to their profiles and pages.

08. Everypost


Image ©

Everypost specializes in sharing multimedia posts for you. It works across nearly all platforms, starting from Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter to Tumblr and Pinterest.

It enables users to communicate and team up with other members, receiving the needed analytics from the tool. That way when you post visual content you can also track how it fares with your audience. Only mind that the free version has some restrictions, but there are other plans with more features and options, so you can pick whichever suits your budget.

09. Hootsuite


Image ©

The various options that this tool offers together with the accessibility on almost all social media platforms makes Hootsuite one of the most popular social media apps among users.

While there’s a free version, you can also use the enterprise and pro plans that have even more features available. In any case, users can manage more social media channels at the same time, including Facebook profiles or professional pages, LinkedIn, Twitter and such. There’s also the opportunity to track the keywords analytics of your posts and scheduling your future posts without paying for that.

10. Social Flow

Social Flow

Image ©

If you really want to make a step forward and make your social media presence count than this is the right tool for you. It’s mostly utilized by big businesses that have a lot of followers and customers that increase the whole engagement.

The tool’s specialty is taking advantage of the gathered data so that you can lead your social media strategy in accordance with the people’s needs and preferences. Moreover, it tells people when their visitors are the most active so that they can publish their posts then as well as help them lead commercial campaigns based on their social aims.

11. Tailwind App

Tailwind app

Image ©

Visual content that can be posted on social media is this tool’s main interest. More specifically, it can be used on Instagram and Pinterest.

There it analyzes the hashtags, your posts as well as help you schedule some of them for later publishing.  Tracking down trends and dealing with your promotion are some of the features, too. So, both small businesses and enterprises can find appropriate plans.

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