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Social Media Marketing in 2017 – The Effective, Short & Simple Way



Social Media Marketing 1

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing why is it so important for their business every new entrepreneur wonders, why does it really matter that much. Did you know that if you are starting any kind of business in 2017 and you aren’t using any kind of social media you are putting yourself and your business at a massive and catastrophic disadvantage, continue reading to find out why and how you can fix that.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is everywhere around us did you know that more than 80% of the success companies mark their Social Media Marketing as in the top3 categories that made the biggest difference in becoming successful. Many wonder why does it matter that much, what kind of difference does it make. We all aware that we are living in a new digital world and that digital world has a purpose of bringing our world closer and makes a lot of things easier through new discoveries and technologies. The biggest benefit to social media marketing is increased exposure, other benefits include increased traffic, lead generation, loyal fan base creation and improved search rankings. Social Media Marketing is so effective that every new company is choosing it over the older marketing medium choices, like TV, or radio, or tabloids and other stuff.

According to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 94% of companies are utilizing social media for marketing, and 83% of them report that social media is important to them. So the real question is, is it important to your company? Absolutely yes, Social Media is something that the whole business world is a part of and with time it will only grow larger.

So on which one should you focus or avoid? Most of the companies first choice is Facebook with over 90%, second of choice in 2017 is Twitter and the third choice is Instagram, a new medium called Pintrest is getting massive attention and attraction and the last one that is still relevant is LinkedIn. Now all of these mediums also offer paid ad’s promos that would boost your results even higher. But If you really struggle at the start there are companies that offer direct SMM services, that they’ll help you out grow your platforms?

Do you want more exposure/traffic/views your way? Do you want promotion on more mediums not just Facebook? Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and many more to come.

Social Media Market

Having to grow your Social Media accounts manually is difficult once you get started so all the help that you can get to make the initial boost is just passing the great major stepping stone to even more exposure, traffic, leads etc. The great thing is that many of the SMM services providers usually offer exceptional cheap service for your social media needs. You simply can’t avoid not using them in 2017, if you want to succeed you got to be active on all fronts. One of the best SMM service providers websites are, Their services and support are remarkable.


Are you still worried how to start and grow your social media empire? Follow this little guideline and you’ll be fine.

  • Define your social media marketing goals – what do you want to accomplish (traffic generation, exposure, lead generation, product/market analysis) Determine your audience are you speaking trying to get new customers, improve your relationship with the existing, etc).
  • Create quality content and content that is engaging and determine the frequency of which to distribute content and communicate via SMM. Companies now a day post as much as possible in a day so that the there is constant activity. The biggest reason social media and blogging can fail is due to a lack of new and relevant content.
  • Create social media accounts and set up your pages. Registering for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others is free. Once created, customize your page with your logo to your liking, graphics and ‘about us’ information. Familiar yourself with how each site works and how you can grow on each platform.
  • Attract followers, fans and users to your social media outlets. Constantly promote your content between all the outlets. advertising and materials. Remember actively promote

First of all define your social media marketing goals – what do you want to accomplish (traffic generation, exposure, lead generation, product/market analysis) and determine your audience are you speaking trying to get new customers, improve your relationship with the existing, etc).

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing goals

Why you need to set social goals? The best way to track your social media goals and review them is most important to create them. Create social media goals that share the same vision with your agenda or the company agenda that you work with. This way you can keep track of the results, know how to audit, know what to change to improve and how to present your results. Create goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive. This is a common goal-setting technique called SMART.

Social Media Marketing, Description Image For The SMART Goal Setting Technique

The next thing is how to determine your target audience and their engagement. As we know at this point you can measure and see analytics through your social media pages on Facebook and Twitter for your posts. Now how do we identify them?

With Facebook Insights you measure how your business page is performing, and can provide information on how to better manage your page to connect with your customers and prospects. Besides  finding out reports on the demographics of users engaging with your page, what’s the best time to post for increased reach, and which posts perform the best and why. All these kinds of stats will help you to create the right kind of posts that your audience can engage the most with. Also in the future all these stats and reports would be of a great help if you decide to use Facebook Advertising.

Another great tool that you can use is Twitter Analytics. But why does it matter? With Twitter Analytics you now have the ability to see what your followers interests are, what are they buying, what are they searching, what’s their favorite food etc. Twitter Analytics have made it easier for companies to gauge at their audience interests and needs for their marketing needs.


When we talk about quality content we mostly think about content that is engaging, but most of all social media and blogging outlets fail cause due their lack of creating new and engaging content.


They usually forget to diversify their content, what I mean by that is to create more than just written text blogs rather add images, videos, quotes, stats, infographics, memes, gifs etc simply adding more depth to your content. The next few things that you also need to pay attention is to make your content shareable, don’t overlook keywords and come up with interesting titles. By studies done you should post at a minimum 3 times per week on your Facebook pages, with the most recommended as being 1 post per day.

Creating your social media accounts and setting up your pages can look a bit stressful if you’ve never done it before, but have no worries in this digital age everything can be thought and learned following few simple guidelines.

Social Media Market

First of all you’d like to create a new email to register your social media accounts this way it would be a lot easier for you to filter all the information that you’d be getting from these sites and make the most use of it. Which platforms are the most important? Facebook and Twitter tend to lead in this category and now a days are mandatory but the best thing would be to use all the popular ones, that way you guarantee you won’t neglect any place that you could find your potential customers. After creating your social media accounts remember to customize them to your liking, add your logo, about us and contact information more or less familiar yourself with the different features that each platform has and how you can use them to grow and fulfill your goals.

What everyone wonders is how do you attract followers, fans and users to your social media outlets. How do you find traffic?  Sharing your posts on other social media platforms, consistency and knowing your audience.

These few small tips are crucial here are several things that you need to pay attention too; follow similar minded people that would enjoy your content and find it relevant, create viral content, share frequently, provide valuable educational and informative content. You got to give value to receive value it’s that simple. Prioritize the social network where the majority of your fans are but don’t neglect your other options also, what I really want to say is if you don’t promote your content you’ll have no following but also you got to have a strategy and a approach to how you will deal with your tasks ahead. Remember promote and cross promote everywhere and on as many platforms as possible that way you can get your fans easier way to find your content and share it, discuss it, comment about it between them and their friends.

When the next time someone asks you what is so important about Social Media Marketing share with them what you’ve learned here and why does it matter.

Social Media Marketing, quote

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