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Spring 2022 Fashion: Raise the Heat on Date Night with These 8 Outfits



Let’s face it; if you’re getting a date that’s not on Zoom or Tinder, you are one of the few lucky ones. As we make our way into an almost post-pandemic world, the dating world will eventually shift to where it once belonged – the real world. And you know what that means? Going through the dread of choosing the right outfit! First dates are awkward as it is and add the strain of looking perfect, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in the clothing department with our latest and trendiest outfit ideas because when you dress right, you can focus on other more important things. So, are you ready to leave that lucky person speechless with your date outfit? 

Lace tops and polished shirts: 

Never underestimate the elegance and sexiness of laced and polished tops. Why? This is because a good top can go a long way, especially if you pair it with your favorite bottoms. You don’t always need to look sultry for dates; elegance would do just fine as well. So, go for ruffle shirts or satin tops with puffy sleeves and partner them with curve-hugging black skinnies or your go-to straight jeans. You can work with everything from cropped wrap tops to ruched poplin shirts. 


Solid color maxi dresses and skirts: 

Maxi dresses or skirts are a simple yet flattering choice for a date night. If you are a gorgeous curvy babe who doesn’t feel welcomed in tight shorts, femme maxi dresses should be your go-to outfit. So why do we love plus size long maxi dresses? It is because they look exquisite, chic, and comfortable to wear. So, what are your options? You can work with one-shoulder maxi dresses paired with sultry heels and a cropped jacket, or you can opt for a well-fitted halter neck long maxi that looks fabulous with a hairdo, simple jewelry, and statement heels. 

Fishnet stockings and leather jacket: 

If your whole vibe during date night is supposed to be sexy and bold, you should definitely go for fishnet stockings. You can balance the sexy element by pairing the stockings with combat boots and a slim black leather jacket. You can also partner fishnet stockings with knee-high boots, shorts, and a cropped cardigan. Cutouts are also hot this season, so you can also go for sultry cutouts, a miniskirt, and ankle boots. 

Carefree midi dresses:

Many fashion trends are making their way into spring 2022, but if you want to rock a trend that’s good for date night, then it’s a midi dress. While 2022 will be all about ‘the shorter, the better,’ longer-line dresses are having their moment to shine in romantic settings. A carefree floral print sleeveless midi or puffer-sleeved yarned-dyed midi dress will set the tone just right for a romantic dinner for two. You can try other variations like cutwork embroidery midi with a plunging neckline, neutral pumps, and studs. 


Sweater and slim long skirt/jeans: 

Cable knit sweaters, vests, and cardigans have made a name for themselves since 2020. So, if you are having a particularly chilly night out with someone special, we recommend you pair your favorite sweater with a curve-hugging long skirt. You can wear skirts with dramatic slits to add that sexy element. However, if you are going for a completely classic and elegant look, partner a bold colored sweater with a slim long skirt, pointy shoes, and a statement handbag. Do you simply want to dress cute? You can also pair an oversized turtleneck with a high-waist short skirt, combat boots, and you’ll definitely steal the show. 

Satin slip dress: 

When you clad yourself in a halter neck satin slip dress on a date night, you’ll be turning a lot more heads than just your date’s. Slip dresses are a staple date night outfit that makes you look desirable without trying too hard. You can achieve an elegant look with slip dresses, especially if you pair them with lace, bows, and vintage chockers. Otherwise, you can wear them with strappy heels or over a turtleneck with a pair of Converse. It doesn’t get much hotter than a slinky slip dress and heels. 


Fitted jumpsuits: 

Jumpsuits on date night? Heck, yes! Ever heard of catsuits? Well, if your only mission on date night is to pump up the temperature, then why not? But if you are going for a subtler approach, you can definitely go for retro jumpsuits with a chunky belt, statement lips, and a simple hairdo. You can even experiment with dramatic cutouts or even go sleeveless. These pair of onesies offer an endless array of outfit inspiration and ideas. You can go black, which would look sexy as hell, or you can rock a girl-next-door look with floral or coordinated jumpsuits. 

Printed mini dresses: 

Want to pull off something daring? Try lingerie-inspired mini dresses. You can give off major hot-girl vibes if you go for a bustier bodice and balance the hotness with subtler prints and colors. You can try a leopard print mini dress with knee-high boots, a hot pink dress, or even a denim mini dress. If you want to come in with a sweet vibe to your date, try floral mini dresses paired with either combat boots or white sneakers. 


Even though we’ve gotten used to the whole ‘online dating’ thing during the pandemic, but if you are stepping out into the real world, we recommend you up your outfit game. Many hot trends are making their way into spring 2022, some of which we think would raise the heat on your date. So, take inspiration from our carefully chosen outfit ideas from above and have a blast! 

Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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