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The intuitive hunch or a spidey sense



spidey sense

There are a number of terms that can follow the term intuitive. It includes feeling, thinking, behavior etc.  Intuitive hunch or Spidey sense is another term that can be added to the list.  Now, What is this spidey sense? It refers to you an extraordinary ability that makes you sense imminent danger. This intuitive hunch that warns you of imminent danger has come to be called as spidey sense owing to the most popular comic or animation character, the Spiderman.

Spiderman and his spider sense

Spidey sense or the extra awareness that helps spiderman to be aware of the danger and give him a chance to respond to the danger. The Spiderman character is portrayed as one who does all that he can to avoid danger. But the response such as fight happens outside his consciousness level, yet. The response is made irrespective the nature of threat which may include an invisible object, flying projectiles etc. This ability of peter parker who is otherwise an ordinary individual to turn into spiderman and respond to the danger is what the scientists seem to call as precognitive awareness. The precognitive awareness that is of short-term duration to avoid danger is called the spidey sense or precognitive ability or even instinctive hunch.

What is the use of precognitive ability?

Through precognition, it is possible for you to see things that might happen in the future quite earlier. The precognitive events or circumstances are usually perceived by the individual in their dreams. This could be explicit or could be subtle in the form of symbols. Though, it is difficult to understand a precognitive dream, with practice or help from a qualified and trained professional you would be able to recognize the markers that are in relation with the future events and then use the information obtained from the dream and do what you can to prevent something wrong from happening.


Types of pre-cognitive dreams

The types of precognitive dreams include early warning dreams and early opportunity dreams.

Early warning dreams

This refers to dreams with content relating to a number of things that could happen like losing a job. Breaking up of a relationship, a car accident etc. your first reaction would be to ignore it as you do not want to face any of this unpleasant situation. But, if only we consider what the early warning dream is conveying it could be very vital in helping you make decisions that can actually prevent such unpleasant things from happening.

Early opportunity dreaming


This refers to happy dreams that would help you figure out the practical action that you have got to take to move decisively towards achieving the positive things that you dreamt of. These dreams are considered to be nourishing to the soul.

The Auto-reflex spider sense

Apart from the precognitive abilities, another thing that is associated with spidey sense is the tingles a person experiences when he is conscious which is termed as Auto-reflex spider-sense.  The auto-reflex spider sense refers to the fight or flight response you might exhibit when you face danger. This refers to the instinctive responses you make when you detect something that is dangerous.

Owing to the various aspects that have been highlighted you can conclude that spidey sense is a useful, effective and a reactive tool that helps in adaptation and reacting to imminent danger instinctively.


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