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Top Ways to Keep Your Possessions Secure




To modern humans, homes aren’t just shelters from the elements, but stylish and comfortable havens that provide us with a safe retreat after a typically hectic day at work. It is everyone’s priority to keep our homes secure but with busy modern lives, it’s easy to become a little careless with our valuable possessions. However, just a bit of mindfulness can go a long way in keeping your belongings safe and secure.

There are obvious risks involved with keeping a lot of cash, valuable artwork and jewelry in the house but it’s also impossible to keep it all locked away in storage or bank safe. Here are several ways you can keep your precious things in the house but still feel they’re safely hidden away.

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Install a security system

The best way to achieve overall home safety is by installing a home security system. To keep all your possessions safe, whether it’s jewelry, cars or cash, you need to protect your home from burglary and theft. 

A high-quality home security system in combination with motion sensor lights and security cameras is an excellent deterrent for potential burglars and what is great is that this type of surveillance system isn’t as expensive as it used to be. It’s also quite simple to install and it provides a sense of safety for the entire family knowing all angles are covered and that there’s video evidence for the police in case anything happens.

Keep possessions in a secure place

When burglars target a house, the first thing they typically look for is a security safe as they know this is where people store their most precious and valuable possessions. Unfortunately, many average home safes are easily broken into so to prevent this from happening, you need to think outside the box and your safe. It only takes a bit of creativity and ingenuity to come up with the right solution and the best location for your safe cabinet.


Each house layout is different and the right safe location is different for everyone but whatever you choose, it must give you an adequate protection level that will prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your possessions. 

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Safely store your weapon

This is particularly important if you have firearms in your home. Many homeowners choose to keep a gun in the house for additional protection but for everyone’s safety, especially for children’s, it must be safely stored away, unloaded and locked in a security handgun safe, separate from ammunition. Children are very resourceful and can easily find your gun if it’s simply tucked away in a place you deem safe, plus, even small children aged 3 are able to pull the trigger. Therefore, if you insist on having a firearm in your home to protect your family and possessions, keep it safely locked away and be creative when it comes to its location – it doesn’t have to be a typical safe place such as in a wardrobe or in a wall behind a painting. Sometimes keeping things in obvious places can be the best protection! What matters most is that it’s safely locked and secured and easily accessible to you!

Improve the protection of your home

There are a few additional simple things you can do to improve the protection of your home. You can start documenting all your valuables, consider getting comprehensive home insurance that will cover all its contents including your car, use built-in security features for your computers, mobiles, and tablets and register your most valuable items. As far as the cash goes, the most practical and safest way to secure it is to keep it in the bank. If you lose your cash in theft, chances are it’s gone forever. By keeping it in the bank, you can at least minimize the risk of it being stolen in a home burglary. 

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Hide your tracks

Furthermore, you can also make your home a less tempting target. Don’t make it easy for passers-by to see through your windows and mind what you throw in your rubbish bin outside your home – if potential thieves see you have discarded boxes and containers of expensive goods, they’ll know you have valuables in your home. Do what you can to hide your tracks!

It’s similar for when you go out and about or traveling. Avoid wearing flashy and expensive jewelry and keep your wallet and mobile in a fastened bag in front of you. Don’t flash your card around when you use the cash machine or when paying, and the same goes for your mobile when you talk in the street. 


Having a safe and secure home is a top priority for all families but there are always certain risks. It’s not an impossible task but it will take some time, effort and adjustments along the way to turn your home in a safe living environment for you and your family and to protect the things you worked hard for. Hopefully, simple tips listed here can be a good starting point and can help you improve your family’s safety and well-being.

Derek Lotts is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. He writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and business. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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