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What Level of IQ Is Tested While Recruiting?




Suggested by a German psychologist William Stern, intelligence tests have been utilized in many settings throughout history. Unlike the usual way of teaching in coaching institutes, there are special classes and teachers who help the students to practice on a daily basis so that they can develop better IQ and grow in logical thinking.

At workplaces, these tests are used to assign roles and predict the performance of a worker and department. They are also instrumental in designing a training program.

Institutions utilize them to determine the ideal candidates in a course. You can avoid failure by understanding the level of IQ tested in such process and prepare accordingly.

This article offers you some insight required.


Intelligence tests measure a range of cognitive functions including:

  • In this case, tests are conducted to determine the ability to come up with ideas and solve complex issues. Weakness in the area is present when a participant does not have a sense of direction, and often feels overwhelmed when handling tasks.
  • This can be sustained, divided, and selective. A person with perfect sustained attention is able to stay focused on a course for a long time. On the other hand, having many incomplete projects is a sign that the person has a weakness in the area

Selective attention allows a person to ignore some of the distractions in an environment and thus stay focused on finishing a task. They are said to be weak in the area when they become distracted with ease.

A person with divided attention can remember critical information when handling more than one task. An inability to multitask is a sign that the ability is not fully developed

  • Processing speed. This cognitive function allows individuals to perform tasks accurately and at a remarkable speed. When a person is the last to complete the IQ test and has many wrong answers, there is a chance that their intelligent levels not apt.
  • It is classified into working and long-term memories. The latter refers to the type of memory utilized while a person is processing new information. It can be regarded as weak when you are forced to go through directions many times and forgetting what has been said in a discussion. Long-term memory allows a person to access information that was stored in the past. The IQ tests will test whether the person can remember some of the aspects covered in their early school days.

The IQ Testing Environment

During the tests, the participant may be required to answer a range of questions to determine their speed, efficiency, and capabilities. This can be done online or in a physical environment. Supervision must be done to ensure that the participants are aware of the terms and conditions of the tests. It is also important to eliminate chances of cheating for the tests to remain valid and fair to all the participants.

Scoring In IQ Tests

The score will either be:

  • Average
  • High
  • Low

A person who gets a score of 100 is considered to have an average IQ level. This means that they are able to perform a range of functions in the workplace or in a school. Getting a high IQ score implies that a person has obtained more than 100 in the test. A genius will score more than 130 and will be assigned to handle complex duties. On the other hand, a concern is raised for person who gets an IQ low score of 70 and below. They may be taken through further tests to ascertain whether they have other mental issues.

The desired score is normally set by the company or institution. Considerations are made on the slots available and the complexity of the task at hand. You must do everything possible to ensure that you get a score above the average person.

The Use of Basic and Standardized IQ Tests

In many instances, recruiters may test the basic skills of the candidates. These include: comprehension skills, logical skills, and physics among other subjects. A participant is tested on their ability to utilize the skills that they have acquired through schooling to perform specific tasks.


Notably, the tests are likely to be generic as opposed to specific. Accordingly, it may be daunting for an employer or an institution to determine the capacity of a person to perform well in a field. It is for this reason that companies opt to seek for tests designed with the job specification in mind. Accuracy is achieved henceforth.

IQ Testing To Determine the Capacity to Solve Everyday Problems

In many organizations, IQ tests may be designed to test the ability of a person to solve problems encountered on a daily basis. Common sense values are hence tested as opposed to the proficiency in an academic field. Some of the areas tested included are:

  • The ability of a candidate to retain information. Almost all the information available to a company is helpful. An employee must retain it so that the insightful decisions are made at all times.
  • The capacity to apply mental reasoning. This will allow the workers to determine the right way forward in a situation.
  • The capacity to come up with logical conclusions. With a lot of information at the disposal of many companies, an employee must be in a position to make observations and come up with the right conclusions. It will in turn lead to effectiveness and efficiency in operations.
  • The ability to make ideal decisions. All companies require their workers to make sound decisions even when under a lot of pressure. They must also make the decisions independently and consult their peers when necessary.
  • The capacity to analyze and organize information in such a way that it can be utilized in an organization to achieve common goals. In some instances, they may be required to gather the data from the field or through a survey.

Considerations that companies and institutions make when creating IQ tests

  • Most of the IQ tests are timed. The students are required to the least time possible to answer the questions. It is opined that the most intelligent person will answer most of the questions correctly without taking time to think or research.
  • An institution may opt to administer different IQ tests depending on the age group involved. It is argued that the IQ levels decline with age and hence, younger people will be required to answer tough questions than the older recruits.
  • Type of task or course. An IQ can be designed to reflect a specific job or course demands.

Preparing for the IQ Tests

It is possible to score highly in IQ tests. Contrary to the notion embraced traditionally that intelligence is dependent on genetic factors, it has been proven that it can be improved through learning. Acquiring information on different subjects can help you to score well in the tests. You must go a step further to try different tests to get familiar with the process.

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