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Chili Lava Fries Recipe, The Best Recipe To Enjoy Your Fries



Chili Lava Fries Recipe
Chili Lava Fries Recipe, The Best Recipe To Enjoy Your Fries
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Before we get to the Chili Lava Fries Recipe we can all agree that fries are simply amazing. People all over the world enjoy them in all kinds of forms and ways. This snack is the ultimate choice to surprise and share it with your friends. Few of the forms that people enjoy consuming fries are: crinkle cut, waffle cut, curly, standard, garlic, sweet potato fries are just few of many. There are over 34 ways how to cook your fries, so many options!

Despite it’s name “French Fry” it’s believed that they originated from Belgium. According to local Belgian lore it’s believed that the poor villagers living in Meuse Valley used to eat small fried fishes they caught in a river near by during the warmer period. In the winter  the villagers were forced to look for other food alternatives.

Voila! Here comes the potato! The villagers turned to this plant and they started experimenting and slicing it and frying it much in a similar way that they used to prepare their fried fish. This is the origin of the fries!

French fries are the most popular side dish in the world. Fries are being enjoyed eaten with a lot of different kind of dips and seasonings. Most popular are ketchup, mayo, vinegar.

In Belgium the people there eat their fries with cooked mussels or with a fried egg on top. In addition The United Kingdom fries are famous for a national popular dish that its named “fish and chips.” Another way people there eat the fries in a way that they are wrapped in pita bread with chicken in the Middle East. Most of all fries are popular In Canada, fries are used in a nationally famous dish called poutine, a dish consisting of french fries and cheese curds, topped with brown gravy.

The Chili Lava Fries Recipe is meant to surprise or wow your special ones! Or you can cook em and enjoy them yourself also. Also you can check out my previous article about how to cook Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Lets start how to cook chili lava fries

Chili Lava Fries Recipe

Chili Lava Fries Ingredients:

  1. ½ bag (about 400g) frozen fries or wedges
  2. one Tbsp oil
  3. ¼ kilo grounded up beef
  4. one Tbsp soy sauce
  5. one can chili beans
  6. ⅛ tsp cayenne powder (use paprika for non-spicy variation)
  7. 100 g cheese sauce or melt cheese
  8. ½ cup grated Mozzarella cheese

Chili Lava Fries Recipe Instructions For Cooking:

  1. Put the fries or wedges in a single layer on a baking sheet. Pay attention you need to bake them in a preheated oven at 200°C for around 25 minutes, turn them halfway through cooking, until they get crispy and golden.
  2. Carefully heat oil in a skillet set over medium heat. After add the ground beef and stir it constantly until the clumps brake up to fine ground then season it with soy sauce. Cook it until it becomes brown. Then add the chili beans and cayenne powder and cook it for around 5 minutes or until the sauce from the beans gets reduced into half.
  3. Remember that you need to place the cooked fries or wedges on an oven-safe dish and get the cooked chili and sprinkle with grated Mozzarella then add the cheese sauce over the top of the cooked french fries.
  4. Don’t forget that you need to bake it for around 15 minutes so that the mozzarella cheese becomes gooey or it looks like bubbling lava. First of all enjoy eating them while they are hot and fresh!

Watch this video if you wanna follow up with the cooking process or just follow the video.

Want more insanely delicious cooking recipes? Look no further! Check out my previous article about how to get read Memphis BBQ Chicken, never forget to share your friends and family about Flix Expo for more delicious foods recipes.

Who am I? My name is Stefan, I'm a freelance content creator, digital marketing and e-commerce consultant. I'm the guy who guides and helps out people how to run a successful business on the internet.

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Tastiest Christmas Dinner Ideas That’ll Make Your Holidays Special




Christmas Tree Cupcakes
Tastiest Christmas Dinner Ideas That’ll Make Your Holidays Special
4.9 (97.5%) 8 votes

Food plays an essential role during the Christmas holidays. It gives a special touch to the whole atmosphere, making everyone’s night special. Whether it’s an office party or a gathering at home, people always want to fill their table with the most delicious meals that’ll steal the show.

Out of all foods out there, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to include in the Christmas dinner, though. Starting from the appetizers and the main course to the dessert, there are a lot of dishes to consider. For this reason, here we gathered the tastiest Christmas dinner ideas.

So, gather your family and friends around the table and start celebrating!

The list of Tastiest Christmas Dinner Ideas

Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Salad

Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Salad

© Food to Glow

There’s nothing like the cauliflower salad to kick things off, especially since it’s winter. The cauliflower is one of the vegetables that are easy to modify and include in many meals, so people have a lot of options when it comes to cooking this salad.

However, those who truly love to explore different tastes should try the roasted cauliflower and kale salad. Aside from the cauliflower, you can add golden raisins, feta cheese, pistachios as well as pine nuts and serve it cold to the guests.

You can see the full recipe here.

Apricots and Mustard-Topped Ham with Vegetables

Apricots and Mustard-Topped Ham with Vegetables

© Kudos Kitchen by Renee

This ham is perfect for people, who prefer a lot of juicy flavors on the table. Topped with mustard and apricots and cooked with the bone in, it’s a delicious addition to any holiday dinner.

You can add roasted vegetables around it for a complete experience. Check out for more delicious foods that will make your holidays special.

Here’s the full recipe.

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

© Damn Delicious

Your dinner on the Christmas night can’t pass without baked sweet potatoes. They’re great both for vegetarians and for all those that want to try a lighter meal.

Just load them with cinnamon, marshmallows, brown sugar, and pecans and there you have a delicious treat for the present.

Add to this, it’s very easy and quick to make.

Pastry Pipes

Pastry Pipes

© TripAdvisor

Another simple dish that serves as an appetizer is the pastry. For Christmas, people tend to make it in the form of decorated pipes to mark the holiday.

You can fill the breadsticks with parmesan, sour cream, and cheese. Then, order them all on a plate and enjoy.

Pork Loin with Stuffing

Pork Loin with Stuffing

© What’s Gaby Cooking

Meat is a strong addition to your dinner. For Christmas, many cooks decide to take on pork meat and do something original with it. You can do the same.

Herb stuffing can at the same time make it original as well as extremely juicy and tasty. Just what you need for your family dinner! Add to this, pecans can, too, find their spot in the stuffing to add a special tone to the whole meal. Some even enjoy with cranberries.

Anyhow, this original dish is poised to dominate the impressions afterward. If you’re up for it, learn how to prepare it here.

Casserole of Green Beans + Sausages

Casserole of Green Beans + Sausages

© Zestuous

It’s time for a new, riskier and more Christmas-y version of the widely-popular casserole.

Beside the green beans, take your cooking skills to the next level by adding a bit of tasty Italian sausage into the mix. You’ll definitely see the results.

Find the recipe here.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

© Goodtoknow

Treat your loved ones with a sweet dessert during the dinner. And the cupcakes in the form of Christmas trees are an awesome idea. Even the famous cook Martha Stewart prepares them.

You can easily make them yourself by dressing up the cupcakes with a cheese frosting topping that resembles a tree. For the full recipe head here.

Stuffing with Apples and Walnuts

Stuffing with Apples and Walnuts

© Food Network

People usually prepare this stuffing one day before Christmas and then serve it on the table during the night. It’s very easy to make and swallow, making it one of the favorite holiday dishes.

It consists of dried fruits like apricots, raisins or figs mixed with apples for an extra sweetness. For more details about the preparation, consult the full recipe.

Eggnog Pudding

Eggnog Pudding

© Make Life Lovely

This pudding brings back the flavor of the traditional one but with a modern twist, which makes it desirable to all generations.

It is comprised of eggnog, gingers snaps, and brandy, so it’s not hard to cook at all. Just take a look at the recipe and serve this delicious dessert as a special conclusion of the evening.

Keep watching on Flix Expo or our Facebook page for more foods ideas.

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Pasta Salad Recipe, Simple, Easy And Delicious Tuna Recipe




Pasta Salad Recipe
Pasta Salad Recipe, Simple, Easy And Delicious Tuna Recipe
4.7 (93.33%) 6 votes

A Pasta Salad Recipe usually is prepared with one or several different types of pasta, chilled and most often tossed and mixed in a vinegar, oil and mayo based dressings.

The meal usually is an appetizer or a main dish who is often served as a spring or summertime meal but furthermore can be served and throughout the whole year.

The pasta dishes can be simple as macaroni mixed with mayo dressing, seasoning or several different kinds of pastas put together with vinaigrette with a variety fresh, preserved or cooked ingredients.

The ingredients use tends to vary from region to region, restaurant to restaurant and seasonal availability.

Pasta Salad Recipe

© Pinterest

Most popular ingredients used in these Pasta Salad Recipes are:

  • spices
  • herbs
  • veggies
  • cheeses
  • legumes
  • meats

Here is my Delicious Memphis BBQ Chicken Recipe.

While in the USA most widely used ingredients used in Pasta Salad Recipes are:

  • brocolli
  • chick peas
  • cucumbers
  • carrots
  • olives
  • peppers
  • parmesan
  • feta
Pasta Salad

© Pinterest

Simple Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

This is a simple, delicious recipe who is meant to be made quick and easy and not be time consuming at all.

Simple Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe Ingredients and Directions:

  • twelve ounces of macaroni or pasta of your choosing
  • twelve ounces of sliced tuna
  • cup of celery chopped
  • mayo, Greek yogurt (optional)
  • salt, pepper

Cook pasta for 8 to 12 minutes. First of all drain your cooked pasta also grab a plate sized portion and combine the pasta with the sliced tuna and chopped celery, put salt and pepper. If you want your dish to be more chunky and heavy in taste add a spoon of mayo and mix. If you prefer your dish to be more light and uplifting also try adding a spoon of Greek yogurt and mix. Put more mayo or Greek yogurt or both if you want it to be more creamy. You can experiment in addition and try to finally find which would seem like the perfect balance therefor making this especially fun and delicious experience. Take a look for Best Chili Lava Fries Recipe which you can learn easily.

Here is a video link that showcases how you can cook a recipe similar to ours.

Share the recipe to your friends and family if you liked it and check out Flix Expo for more delicious foods recipes.

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Dog Treats Recipes, Your Dog Will Love You For These Treats




Dog Treats Recipes
Dog Treats Recipes, Your Dog Will Love You For These Treats
4.8 (95%) 4 votes

These Dog Treats Recipes will make your dog look at you and love you and worship you like a god. Even if you are a terrible cook your dog always respects you whenever you share your food.

These Dog Treats Recipes will make your dog lose it’s mind from all the different tastes and smells! Dogs absolutely love hanging out in the kitchen, watching what’s cooking.

Today I’m gonna share few Dog Treats Recipes that will make your dog a lot happier dog, these are all healthy recipes that will promote well being for your dog and use five ingredients or less to make.

Dog Treats Recipes

But before we’ll start with these simple recipes lets mention several awesome facts about dogs.

  1. Did you know that dog’s sense of smell is 10.000 times stronger than us, humans.
  2. Your dog would use piece of your clothing to comfort himself when you are not around.
  3. The famous Star Wars director George Lucas modeled the Ewoks after his home day.
  4. Dogs can hear 4 times the distance from humans.
  5. The USA is the country with the highest population of dogs on the planet, over 75 million.

Now let’s get back to our simple Dog Treats Recipes

Dog Treats Recipes

Simple Chicken Dog Treats

Get a piece of chicken and after that you’ll need to dice it enough to use it or put it in a cup, furthermore get a half cup of cooked rice and 3 tablespoons of rice flour, tablespoon of parsley, and one egg. If you don’t happen to have any chicken meat lying at home you can use any other meat just dice it up and use it as a substitute.

Five ingredients, cooking time is around 20 to 30 minutes.

Simple Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treats

Everyone needs to eat veggies even our lovely dogs, luckily dogs love and enjoy eating sweet potato. For this dog treat recipe you’ll need a sweet potato,  cinnamon, turmeric and coconut oil. This recipe is a great way for you and your puppy to get all the benefits that veggies offer.

Four ingredients, cooking time is around 30 minutes.

Simple Peanut Butter Treats

Dogs absolutely love peanut butter. You can’t go wrong with this easy dog treat recipe what you’ll need are two cups of flour, half a of cup peanut butter and two eggs. Furthermore mix the ingredients all together until they are combined. Add water until it becomes wet and gooey so that you can roll it out as dough.

Three ingredients plus water, cooking time is around 20 minutes.

Watch this video if you want to learn about how to cook for your dog!

Check this delicious recipe that you won’t regret cooking about Chili Lava Fries Recipe!

In conclusion these treats will make you dog a lot happier. A looooot happier! Stay connected with us on Flix Expo.

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Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe, Insanely Delicious and Tasty Pizza




Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe
Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe, Insanely Delicious and Tasty Pizza
4.8 (96%) 5 votes

Before we get to the Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe we can all agree that pizza is among the top3 type of favorite food to almost everyone in the world!

If you happen to live in the United States, it’s statistically likely that you’ll eat around 6000 slices of pizza over the course of your life. Ain’t that an amazing pizza fact!

It has been found that the word “pizza” dates back over a thousand years—it was first mentioned in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997 CE. We know now for sure that pizza is enjoyable comfort food that people have been enjoying for a long long time. This Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe has been made world wide famous by Dominos. Take a look for my previous tutorial about Memphis BBQ Chicken Recipe.

Cooking pizza isn’t difficult at all, like cooking other things what’s important is versatility. You can put and use all kinds of stuff for your pizza like different kinds of cheese, different kinds of meat, mushrooms, onions, peppers, all kinds of veggies some even put pineapple on their pizza and like it. That’s what makes it fun, you can improvise and it will still taste delicious.

This is the recipe

Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza

Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe Ingredients:


1 package. (2-1/4 tsp) active dry yeast

3/4 cup warm water

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 cups bread flour or you can use all-purpose flour

2 Tablebspoon olive oil plus you can use  more of it for the coating


8 ounces of chicken breast, get it cooked and shred it or cut it thinly

3 ounces of gouda smoked cheese, shred it and use it that

3 ounces. mozzarella, shred it or put small chunks of it

1/2 cup BBQ sauce, divided for later use

1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced


  1. In a small bowl mix the yeast in water,just let it rest until it gets fluffy ,for approximately 5 minutes.
  2. In a large bowl combine these ingredients ( sugar, flour,salt). Add the yeast and oil, and mix it by hand for around 20-25 times or until everything is well incorporated. The trick is to add a little bit of extra flour when it’s (too sticky) or water when it’s (too dry) if necessary, after that form into a small ball, coat it with oil on all sides and place it neatly in a clean bowl. Cover it and let it rest and rise for 20-30 minutes or until doubled in size.
  3. In the meanwhile be ready to place the pizza stone on a middle stand and allow it to preheat in the oven for 400 degrees, for around 15 minutes, least 10 minutes.
  4. Once the dough is ready and has doubled in size use how much would you prefer to make your pizza either small,medium or a large one after that roll it out and transfer it to a pizza board-stone. Let it for a bit rest.
  5. In a medium size bowl toss the chicken around with 2-3 tablespoons of BBQ sauce. Spread the remaining BBQ sauce over the pizza dough, leave a clear space for the border for the crust. Top it up with chicken, cheeses, and red onion.
  6. Put it on the pizza stone and let it bake itself for 20-25 minutes or until it the crust turns golden and the cheese is bubbling and juicy, after that allow it to cool down a bit before you eat it and serve it.

Here is a video how to cook a pizza of this kind.

Keep watching on Flix Expo for more cooking stuffs.

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Memphis BBQ Chicken Recipe, Finger Licking Good Food




memphis bbq chicken recipe
Memphis BBQ Chicken Recipe, Finger Licking Good Food
4.8 (96.67%) 6 votes

The Memphis BBQ chicken recipe that is typical of the style that Memphis is famous for is finger licking good. What is really important about Memphis style barbeque chicken is the lack of used sauce.

memphis bbq chicken recipe

This BBQ chicken oh my god! While the BBQ sauce may look like it’s mandatory the recipe  most if it’s to be considered barbecue, everyone in Memphis would gladly disagree. The main action and the only truth is that it’s all about the rub in Memphis. Rub rub rub rub!

If you love the smokey scent of BBQ you’ll surely gonna love this recipe. This BBQ chicken is extremely moist, extremely delicious and extremely tender. For additional enjoyment you can pair the BBQ chicken with creamy potato salad or roasted potato salad.

This is the recipe

Memphis Style Barbecue Dry-Rubbed Chicken

BBQ Chicken

This dry rub keeps the chicken extremely moist, tender and delicious.


For The Rub On The BBQ Chicken:

  • 6 Tbsp sweet paprika
  • 3 Tbs dark brown sugar
  • 2 tsp chili powder
  • 2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp dry mustard
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp salt

For The Sauce:

  • 2 tbsp yellow mustard
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar


  1. In a small bowl, combine these things (brown sugar, chili powder, sweet paprika, smoked paprika, ground black pepper, dry mustard, onion powder, salt and cayenne) don’t forget to taste. Transfer half of the rub to a shallow dish & reserve.
  2. First pat the chicken dry with paper towels and coat it over and under the skin with the rub. Transfer it to a plate and place it in the refrigerator, covered, for an hour.
  3. Set the heat on the grill to a medium-low heat. In a small bowl, whisk together these condiments  (vinegar, teaspoon of salt, mustard).
  4. After the chicken gets put on the grill bone-side down  covered in rub, you should turn it occasionally, until it’s cooked through, for around 40 minutes.
  5. Brush the chicken with the vinegar mixture. Serve with the creamy or roasted potatoes if desired.
  6. If you really don’t have the time you can check out this video:

Keep watching on Flix Expo for more cooking stuffs.

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