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Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe, Insanely Delicious and Tasty Pizza



Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

Before we get to the Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe we can all agree that pizza is among the top3 type of favorite food to almost everyone in the world!

If you happen to live in the United States, it’s statistically likely that you’ll eat around 6000 slices of pizza over the course of your life. Ain’t that an amazing pizza fact!

It has been found that the word “pizza” dates back over a thousand years—it was first mentioned in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997 CE. We know now for sure that pizza is enjoyable comfort food that people have been enjoying for a long long time. This Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe has been made world wide famous by Dominos. Take a look for my previous tutorial about Memphis BBQ Chicken Recipe.

Cooking pizza isn’t difficult at all, like cooking other things what’s important is versatility. You can put and use all kinds of stuff for your pizza like different kinds of cheese, different kinds of meat, mushrooms, onions, peppers, all kinds of veggies some even put pineapple on their pizza and like it. That’s what makes it fun, you can improvise and it will still taste delicious.

This is the recipe


Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza

Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

Memphis BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe Ingredients:


1 package. (2-1/4 tsp) active dry yeast

3/4 cup warm water

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar


2 cups bread flour or you can use all-purpose flour

2 Tablebspoon olive oil plus you can use  more of it for the coating


8 ounces of chicken breast, get it cooked and shred it or cut it thinly

3 ounces of gouda smoked cheese, shred it and use it that

3 ounces. mozzarella, shred it or put small chunks of it


1/2 cup BBQ sauce, divided for later use

1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced


  1. In a small bowl mix the yeast in water,just let it rest until it gets fluffy ,for approximately 5 minutes.
  2. In a large bowl combine these ingredients ( sugar, flour,salt). Add the yeast and oil, and mix it by hand for around 20-25 times or until everything is well incorporated. The trick is to add a little bit of extra flour when it’s (too sticky) or water when it’s (too dry) if necessary, after that form into a small ball, coat it with oil on all sides and place it neatly in a clean bowl. Cover it and let it rest and rise for 20-30 minutes or until doubled in size.
  3. In the meanwhile be ready to place the pizza stone on a middle stand and allow it to preheat in the oven for 400 degrees, for around 15 minutes, least 10 minutes.
  4. Once the dough is ready and has doubled in size use how much would you prefer to make your pizza either small,medium or a large one after that roll it out and transfer it to a pizza board-stone. Let it for a bit rest.
  5. In a medium size bowl toss the chicken around with 2-3 tablespoons of BBQ sauce. Spread the remaining BBQ sauce over the pizza dough, leave a clear space for the border for the crust. Top it up with chicken, cheeses, and red onion.
  6. Put it on the pizza stone and let it bake itself for 20-25 minutes or until it the crust turns golden and the cheese is bubbling and juicy, after that allow it to cool down a bit before you eat it and serve it.

Here is a video how to cook a pizza of this kind.

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