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Pasta Salad Recipe, Simple, Easy And Delicious Tuna Recipe



Pasta Salad Recipe

A Pasta Salad Recipe usually is prepared with one or several different types of pasta, chilled and most often tossed and mixed in a vinegar, oil and mayo based dressings.

The meal usually is an appetizer or a main dish who is often served as a spring or summertime meal but furthermore can be served and throughout the whole year.

The pasta dishes can be simple as macaroni mixed with mayo dressing, seasoning or several different kinds of pastas put together with vinaigrette with a variety fresh, preserved or cooked ingredients.

The ingredients use tends to vary from region to region, restaurant to restaurant and seasonal availability.

Pasta Salad Recipe

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Most popular ingredients used in these Pasta Salad Recipes are:

  • spices
  • herbs
  • veggies
  • cheeses
  • legumes
  • meats

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While in the USA most widely used ingredients used in Pasta Salad Recipes are:

  • brocolli
  • chick peas
  • cucumbers
  • carrots
  • olives
  • peppers
  • parmesan
  • feta
Pasta Salad

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Simple Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe

This is a simple, delicious recipe who is meant to be made quick and easy and not be time consuming at all.

Simple Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe Ingredients and Directions:

  • twelve ounces of macaroni or pasta of your choosing
  • twelve ounces of sliced tuna
  • cup of celery chopped
  • mayo, Greek yogurt (optional)
  • salt, pepper

Cook pasta for 8 to 12 minutes. First of all drain your cooked pasta also grab a plate sized portion and combine the pasta with the sliced tuna and chopped celery, put salt and pepper. If you want your dish to be more chunky and heavy in taste add a spoon of mayo and mix. If you prefer your dish to be more light and uplifting also try adding a spoon of Greek yogurt and mix. Put more mayo or Greek yogurt or both if you want it to be more creamy. You can experiment in addition and try to finally find which would seem like the perfect balance therefor making this especially fun and delicious experience. Take a look for Best Chili Lava Fries Recipe which you can learn easily.

Here is a video link that showcases how you can cook a recipe similar to ours.



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