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Make Office Snacking A Fun And Fixing Tool For Reduced Productivity




There is a very common term that is often used in the snacking industry: fun snacks. Well, there is nothing funny here but the entire concept is to make office snacking a fun time and a healthy habit. This will not only enhance the overall health of your employees but will also enhance your business productivity if you find it to be declining pretty steadily over the past few months.

Yes, no matter how surprising it may sound to you, a proper and better office snacking can improve the overall productivity of the business. This is an easy fix to this complicated issue and since it is all about satisfying the palate and preferences of your employees along with taking care of their health, it is considered to be the ‘fun way’ and not the ‘funny way.’

Proper snacking habit will also impact the work culture of the company. It will change for the better and at the same time, healthy office snacking will offer you a low-cost solution of your issues with productivity.

According to several types of research conducted by the Center for Disease Control, there is a significant effect and adverse impact of poor health condition and obesity. According to their statistics, these health conditions are costing the US companies more than $225 billion each year due to lost or low productivity.

Effects on businesses


There are several businesses that are at a loss and do not know how to cope up with this situation or what necessary actions to take that will eliminate such inevitable probabilities. However, there are several wellness programs but there are a few specific concerns about these such as:

  • With most of these programs, the ascription is at best murky
  • On the other hand and at its worst, these programs can be invasive
  • At the same time, these programs can prove to be overbearing providing negligible or negative results.

At this juncture, you must know that there is nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional indulgent in fun snacks but making it a habit can prove to be harmful in several ways such as:

  • It can have deleterious effects on your business productivity and purpose
  • It can reduce the quality of life of your employees and
  • It can even reduce the morale of the employees.

As an employer, you will certainly not want these to happen and affect your business productivity and the level of performance of your employees. As a result, you will surely look for newer and better low-cost methods to encourage healthy snacking habits, to improve the behavior of your employees, and to enjoy long term and dramatic business advantages.

A win-win situation

When you get all of these simply by changing the snacking habits of your employees, it will put you in a win-win situation all around.

  • It will improve the health and well-being of your employees as well as the employees will benefit more from the better support for their health.
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of less absence, improved productivity, and low insurance premiums if you offer healthcare benefits to employees and several other societal benefits from such improved public health conditions.

In other words, it is your employee health that will provide far-reaching effects. It is all due to the quality of diets of your employees and their lives that will determine the success of your company. Therefore, as an employer, you should help them to make a better and healthier choice at the office where they spend the majority of the waking hours by providing healthy and nutritious snacks.

The effects of food choice

There will be a significant positive effect of food choice on your employees as it is for anyone as eating healthy food is always healthy. However, there are several people who do not know and will be highly surprised knowing how much variance a healthy diet can make.


To name a few ways food choice that can impact your company’s productivity and employees’health it can be said that:

  • A poor diet will lead to increased absences: This does not need much explanation as it makes a perfect sense that if employees do not eat well they will fall ill and skip work. This will lead to loss of productivity and money as well.
  • Diet choices will affect focus and brain function: Food choices will affect the workplace even if the employees are healthy. If the employees are hungry most of the time or eat poorly, they will lose their focus and tend to get distracted frequently and more easily. This will not only affect your business productivity but will also make them grumpy at times. This is called the “glucose memory facilitation effect.”
  • Afternoon slump: This is the dizziness which is experienced by almost all workers especially between 1 and 3 p.m. One feels sluggish, sleepy, have blurred vision, and also have trouble in concentrating. Other symptoms include feeling moody, experiencing stomach and headache. During this time most workers are found gathering in the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee in need of some caffeine.

However, all these effects are also a result of fast dehydration in the employees that is caused due to skipping meals or eating too much sugar or too many carbs. You can combat these issues easily and effective making water and healthy snacks more accessible to your employees. This is the most effective and low-cost way to keep your employees happy, awake and more productive.

Help to eat healthily

You can help your employees to eat healthy foods is a great way in your office. Research shows that workplace interventions help a lot in this respect that involves educating them about the changes in the environment and how it can significantly influence the eating habits of your employees. To make a change and to facilitate healthy eating habits in your office you can host healthy potlucks and even lead by example. Make sure that there is a wide variety of healthy snacks for your employees to choose from.

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