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Why Eating Too Fast Can prevent you from Burning Fat Fast and how you can prevent it



Chewing slowly

Sometimes we focus too much on what we eat, and about how much we eat.

Yes, we have to eat a mix of proteins, carbs and fats.

But we rarely focus on how we eat. And that’s too bad, because controlling the ingestion of food can have a profound impact on your body and health

You definitely need to eat slowly, and here are some advices to keep in mind:

1# Let the time for Your Food Signals to reach your Brain

Food Signals

When you eat fast, even if you eat a lot, you will be hungrier sooner after your meal than the ones that are eating slower


Because when foods enter your month, it sends signals to your brain.

The problem is that: if you are eating too fast, you don’t let the time for the signals to reach your brain. Don’t get me wrong: signals will be sent. The thing is that by eating slower, satiety signals come faster to your brain and you just want to stop eating sooner. Think about it if you want to lose weight fast. Check my article about how to Lose Weight Fast for Man and Women.

2# Drink more Water between Meals

Drink Water

Your stomach is not a calorie counter, but a volume one.  You can eat a lot of things without being full, and still being so much hungry.

And there’s come a little secret. You can use water (0 calorie) at your advantage. If you drink water, your stomach will perceive it as high volume foods, and will trigger a quick fullness sensation.

The same thing happens with vegetables, because they often contain more than 90% of water.


So instead of eating bread or chips… you know what you can do if you want to burn fat. Check out my written article about best Yoga Poses for Beginners.

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3# Take Small Bites and Chew Slowly

Chewing slowly

The best thing you can start to do right now, is to begin to really chew your foods, by taking only small bites of it.

Chewing slowly has a lot of advantages. It will not only help you to be less hungry, but it will also enable you to absorb and digest better all the nutrients. Read more about how to lose 10 Pounds in just 10 days.

It can take you some time to learn. It can be frustrating. But it is highly rewarding, especially if you want to have a better health and body. Never forget to share Flix Expo for more exposure.


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